G2 crowd, a business software marketplace, raises another $55M at just under a $500M valuation

G2 Crowd, a platform that lets businesses search for, compare reviews and pricing for, and then buy software and other IT services — it likes to refer to itself as the “Amazon of business software” — has raised $55 million in growth funding to continue expanding its business.

Guillermo del Toro is making a stop-motion Pinocchio movie for Netflix

Guillermo del Toro, the Academy Award-winning director of “The Shape of Water” (not to mention “Hellboy,” “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Pacific Rim”) is making a new version of “Pinocchio” for Netflix. I’d thought that after del Toro’s awards victory earlier this year,

Uber’s head of corporate development resigns

Less than one month after the Wall Street Journal reported allegations of sexual misconduct by Cameron Poetzscher, Uber’s head of corporate development, Poetzscher has resigned, according to the WSJ. Uber has confirmed Poetzscher’s resignation to TechCrunch.

The future of photography is code

What’s in a camera? A lens, a shutter, a light-sensitive surface, and, increasingly, a set of highly sophisticated algorithms. While the physical components are still improving bit by bit, Google, Samsung,

Richard Branson steps down as chairman of Virgin Hyperloop One

Richard Branson has reportedly stepped down from the chairman role of Virgin Hyperloop One. In a statement, cited by Reuters, Branson said that the company would require a more time than he could devote to the company. “At this stage in the company’s evolution,

Ford expands self-driving vehicle program to Washington, D.C.

Ford is bringing its autonomous vehicles to Washington, D.C.,the fourth city to join the automaker’s testing program as it prepares to launch a self-driving taxi and delivery service in 2021. Ford will begin testing its self-driving vehicles in the district in the first quarter of 2019. 

A look at the Android Market (aka Google Play) on its 10th Anniversary

Google Play has generated more than twice the downloads of the iOS App Store, reaching a 70% share of worldwide downloads in 2017, according to a new report from App Annie, released in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the Android Market, now called Google Play.

Cowboy, the Belgian e-bike startup, raises €10M Series A

Cowboy, the Belgium startup that’s designed and sells a smarter electronic bicycle, has raised €10 million in Series A funding. Leading the round is Tiger Global Management, with participation from previous backers Index Ventures, and Hardware Club. The new capital will be used to scale operations,

Instagram tests tapping instead of scrolling through posts, first in Explore

The effortless way you fast forward through Stories could be coming to more of Instagram . A screenshot from user Suprateek Bose shows Instagram “Introducing a new way to move through posts — Tap through posts, just like you tap through stories.

Improbable brings its massive multiplayer platform to Unity game engine

As battle royale games like Fortnite pit more players against each other, studios are starting to realize the potential of bringing a massive online audience together at one time. This ambition has always existed, but Improbable, a well-funded startup aiming to enable these vast online worlds,

Why missing Saudi journalist’s Apple Watch is an interesting, but unlikely, lead

Police investigating the missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi are searching for his Apple Watch to obtain his health and location data before his disappearance. But that may prove impossible, according to new details learned by TechCrunch. The Saudi-born U.S.

新式灭火器概念:可灭火 还可充当防护盾

设计师June Young Kim和Ji Min Lee为我们带来了一款全新的灭火器概念,这款产品相比于传统的灭火器可谓十分“强悍”,它的盾牌式设计,可以为救火人员在应急灭火时提供一个安全的防护隔绝功能,灭火器瓶体的背嵌设计同时合理地平衡了灭火过程的双手用力。

iOS 7.1.2发布 修复邮件附件加密问题

今天苹果公司正式发布iOS 7.1.2正式版(版本号 11D257)。本次更新幅度并不大,主要修复了电子邮件附件加密的问题。此外iOS 7.1.2还改进了iBeacon的连接性和稳定性,以及一个与条码扫描器等第三方配件之间的数据传输漏洞。

你好,C++(21)只要天还没黑,就一直在工地干活-4.3.1 while循环:只要…就一直… - 你好,C++


Monsters Practice Mind Control In the New Pixar Joint Inside Out

Here's the first full trailer for Pixar's 2015 monster movie, Inside Out. We've seen bits and pieces of it teased out, but this is the first real preview. It looks good! Read more...

Build 2015发布会简要回顾:Windows 10把iOS/Android"都吃了"


Twitter Just Made A Bulk Troll-Banishing Tool That's Actually Useful

Twitter has a troll problem that’s never going to go away , but its most recent tool is the smartest thing Twitter has done to help users deal with abuse. You can now share lists of users you’ve blocked with other people getting harassed. Read more...



Amazon Debuts Dedicated Mobile Apps For Its Dropbox Competitor, Cloud Drive

Amazon has quietly expanded its Cloud Drive service – a competitor to Dropbox, Google Drive and other online file hosting services – to mobile platforms, with the release of dedicated apps on iTunes, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.

Amy Schumer, 'Game of Thrones' are the top-searched Emmy nominees

Although the Emmy nominations just came out Thursday morning, a few actors and shows are already finding themselves at the top of one list: the most searched Emmy contendersA new map and stats from Google indicate that Amy Schumer's having quite the weekend,


《Resource Revolution》一书在美国出版后迅速登上了美国亚马逊的热销榜,《纽约时报》给出的评价非常简短,但却是3位作者观点和态度的高度概括:“If you’re feeling down about the world, the book,Resource Revolution:

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