Facebook mistakenly deleted some people’s Live videos

This time instead of exposing users’ data, a Facebook bug erased it. A previously undisclosed Facebook glitch caused it to delete some users’ Live videos if they tried to post them to their Story and the News Feed after finishing their broadcast.

IDC: Asia-Pacific spending on AI systems will reach $5.5 billion this year, up 80 percent from 2018

Spending on artificial intelligence systems in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to reach $5.5 billion this year, an almost 80 percent increase over 2018, driven by businesses in China and the retail industry, according to IDC. In a new report,

Digital Ocean’s Kubernetes service is now generally available

Like any ambitious cloud infrastructure player, Digital Ocean also recently announced a solution for running Kubernetes clusters on its platform. At KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe in Barcelona, the company today announced that Digital Ocean Kubernetes is now generally available. With this release,

‘Game of Thrones’ season finale sets record as HBO’s most-viewed episode ever

Despite disappointing many longtime fans of the show, the “Game of Thrones” series finale set a new record for HBO as the most viewed episode in the network’s history. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the episode reached 13.6 million viewers during its initial airing on Sunday night,

Blockchain blockchain Malkovich blockchain

I spent much of last week at blockchain conferences, and I’m about ready to never hear the word again. This despite the fact I’ve been supporting decentralized software, as a counterweight or at least alternative to the growing power of governments and megacorps, for years now.

Postmates workers want minimum delivery guarantees and at least $15 per hour

IPO-bound Postmates is under fire right now after making some changes to its payments structure for its delivery workers. Organizers at Working Washington say these changes can reduce pay for typical jobs by up to 30 percent. Up until this past weekend,

GM’s car-sharing service Maven to exit eight cities

GM is scaling back its Maven car-sharing company and will stop service in nearly half of the 17 North American cities it operates in. A spokesperson who confirmed Maven was shutting down in some cities, without identifying the location or number that will remain,

Snap appoints new execs as it aims to keep 2019 momentum

Snap has another appointment in the apt saga of the its ephemeral CFOs. Four months after losing its CFO Tim Stone following a reported “personality clash” between Stone and CEO Evan Spiegel, Snap has promoted its VP of Finance Derek Andersen to the role, the company said Monday.

YC-grad Papa raises $2.4M for its ‘grandkids-on-demand’ service

Alexis Ohanian's Initialized Capital and Ashton Kutcher's Sound Ventures participated in the round for the Y Combinator graduate.

Grado takes the wraps off their first pair of wireless headphones

Legacy open-backed headphone maker Grado is taking their classic design into the future with the small Brooklyn company’s first pair of wireless headphones. The GW100s have a familiar look but integrate bluetooth tech and volume controls. They go for $249. Grado headphones are a favorite of mine,

Copyright compromise: Music Modernization Act signed into law

Musicians are celebrating as the Music Modernization Act, an attempt to drag copyright and royalty rules into the 21st century, is signed into law after unanimous passage through Congress.





Yahoo's Diversity Record Is Almost as Bad as Google's

Silicon Valley has traditionally fought off questions about the diversity of its workers, even claiming the numbers were a "trade secret." But following Google's lead , Yahoo revealed for the first time ever that its global workforce is 37 percent female. Read more...

谷歌疑似宣传图泄密 新版本安卓状态栏改变

到现在为止,谷歌在这几个月中陆续介绍了Android系统UI设计的一系列变化。在本月底即将召开的谷歌I/O大会上,谷歌即将推出全新一代Android 5.0操作系统,据悉新版操作系统将会采用全新的UI设计。

Google confirms (almost) all Project Ara modules will be hot-swappable

Except for the CPU and display modules, Google has confirmed that users will be able to switch components at any time and will be able to purchase them from a Google-Play style store.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Raspberry Pi Sales Approach 4 Million

Eben Upton's reboot of the spirit of the BBC Micro in the form of the Raspberry Pi would have been an interesting project even if it had only been useful in the world of education. Upton wanted, after all, to give the kind of hands-on,

Gmail 5.0:最好用的电子邮件全新升级

Google Gmail凭借先进而独到的理念,仍不愧是最好用的电子邮件服务,而且还在不断地更好用。今天,全新的Gmail 5.0 for Android终于发布了!和版本号相同的Android系统一样,Gmail 5.

微软下代Windows Phone或将突破小屏束缚

威智网11月30日消息,根据外媒 WMP 报道称,在微软官方最新发布的招聘信息中发现,微软未来可能会将 Windows Phone 系统的用户界面推广到更多的系统平台之上,而其中新覆盖的设备将包括平板电脑。  

微软或在12吋iPad Pro前开售新Surface Pro

尽管苹果官方暂未证实 iPad Pro 的存在、也没有透露该产品的确切发布日期,但近期仍有报道称,苹果已将 iPad Pro 的发布时间推迟到了今年 9 月份。

Cute, cranky dog in a cast is Amazon's new pitchman for Prime delivery

Amazon Prime is using the irresistibility of sad puppy-dog eyes to sell its delivery service to BritsIn a new one-minute spot, a Maltese puppy hobbles along a park path in a leg cast, gazing longingly at the able-bodied canines literally running circles around him.

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