Bird hires Uber’s former head of finance and director of corporate development

Bird, the scooter sharing startup founded by former Uber VP of International Growth Travis VanderZanden, has brought on a couple of former Uber employees to the flock. Joining as Bird VP and Head of Finance, is Dennis Cinelli,

The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

There was an incredible media glare this week on the Kleiner Perkins sex discrimination trial and its negative outcome for Ellen Pao, but all the news about equality in tech was not nearly as negative. One of the most significant victories for women in tech came this week from Google,

Guillermo del Toro is making a stop-motion Pinocchio movie for Netflix

Guillermo del Toro, the Academy Award-winning director of “The Shape of Water” (not to mention “Hellboy,” “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Pacific Rim”) is making a new version of “Pinocchio” for Netflix. I’d thought that after del Toro’s awards victory earlier this year,

Uber’s head of corporate development resigns

Less than one month after the Wall Street Journal reported allegations of sexual misconduct by Cameron Poetzscher, Uber’s head of corporate development, Poetzscher has resigned, according to the WSJ. Uber has confirmed Poetzscher’s resignation to TechCrunch.

The future of photography is code

What’s in a camera? A lens, a shutter, a light-sensitive surface, and, increasingly, a set of highly sophisticated algorithms. While the physical components are still improving bit by bit, Google, Samsung,

Richard Branson steps down as chairman of Virgin Hyperloop One

Richard Branson has reportedly stepped down from the chairman role of Virgin Hyperloop One. In a statement, cited by Reuters, Branson said that the company would require a more time than he could devote to the company. “At this stage in the company’s evolution,

Ford expands self-driving vehicle program to Washington, D.C.

Ford is bringing its autonomous vehicles to Washington, D.C.,the fourth city to join the automaker’s testing program as it prepares to launch a self-driving taxi and delivery service in 2021. Ford will begin testing its self-driving vehicles in the district in the first quarter of 2019. 

A look at the Android Market (aka Google Play) on its 10th Anniversary

Google Play has generated more than twice the downloads of the iOS App Store, reaching a 70% share of worldwide downloads in 2017, according to a new report from App Annie, released in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the Android Market, now called Google Play.

Cowboy, the Belgian e-bike startup, raises €10M Series A

Cowboy, the Belgium startup that’s designed and sells a smarter electronic bicycle, has raised €10 million in Series A funding. Leading the round is Tiger Global Management, with participation from previous backers Index Ventures, and Hardware Club. The new capital will be used to scale operations,

How this Kazakhstan internet giant built success on ideas from Russia and China

The advantage of entering an emerging market is that the market still has a lot of empty space to fill, and as a startup you can be the first player. Kazakhstan might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of overseas expansion. However,

Facebook mistakenly deleted some people’s Live videos

This time instead of exposing users’ data, a Facebook bug erased it. A previously undisclosed Facebook glitch caused it to delete some users’ Live videos if they tried to post them to their Story and the News Feed after finishing their broadcast.

YC-grad Papa raises $2.4M for its ‘grandkids-on-demand’ service

Alexis Ohanian's Initialized Capital and Ashton Kutcher's Sound Ventures participated in the round for the Y Combinator graduate.

3D Companies Push the Gaming Industry Forward With New Alliance

Soon you won't simply play your video games — you'll be your video games.That's the idea behind immersive 3D and gesture-based games that put the player deep into the action, a trend that some in the video-game industry are trying to nurtureSee also:

The FCC Won't Delay Its Net Neutrality Vote After All

Despite a plea from one of its commissioners and much of the public to delay the decision, the FCC will forge ahead with its widely criticized plan for net neutrality—though the plan hardly seems neutral. Chairman Tom Wheeler explained the logic in a letter to over 150 tech companies,

[图]6寸2K屏联想VIBE Z2 Pro曝光 全金属机身

2K屏智能手机无疑是下半年的业界潮流,作为国产品牌领军人物的联想自然不会错失机会,也准备推出一款配有2K显示屏的高端旗舰来抢占市场。日前,微博上曝光的联想全金属旗舰新机VIBE Z2 Pro便由于配有6.

Businesses really need to get their mobile apps right given decreasing attention spans

Some new research has emerged which shows folks becoming less tolerant of problematic apps as time goes on.Read more:





苹果再扩音频团队 我们到底可以期待什么?

苹果公司继续扩大其数字音频专家团队,数字信号处理专家(DSP)Dana Massie 最近加盟了苹果团队,成为 SoC 音频工程师。

【资源】DigitasLBi乐必扬发布 2015年中国社会化与数字营销趋势报告


Tinder Partners With Zedd To Offer His New Album For $3.99

Tinder is launching a new partnership with musical artist Zedd to offer his upcoming album, True Colors, for an exclusive price of $3.99. Not unlike past partnerships with artists like Jason Derulo,


携程网宕机事件还在持续,截止28号晚上8点,携程首页还是指向一个静态页面,所有动态网页都访问不了。关于事故根源,网上众说纷纭。作为互联网运维老兵,尝试分析原因,谈谈我的看法。 By 智锦

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