Online rental business ideas: The ultimate list of the most profitable business

If you are planning to explore opportunities in e-commerce rental business here is your ultimate list of most popular rental business ideas.

Lessons from Seoul’s Two Sharing Economies

As a Fulbright grantee, I spent part of the last year researching the sharing economy in Seoul. One of my main findings? Korea actually has two. The first is small-scale, hyper local and socialist in flavor. The second is the polar opposite of the first, and encompasses Airbnb and Uber,

Airbnb And The Problem Of Data

Housing activists, San Francisco policy makers and Airbnb in the midst of another showdown over short-term rental regulation that will stretch into next month and potentially into the November election. The debate centers on enforcement,

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Microsoft?

It’s great at business software and technology, but Microsoft still struggles to make coherent consumer products. The problem seems ingrained and cultural, starting with its constant reversion to ecosystem plays and through to its increasingly bizarre user interfaces.

Public and Private

For about a decade from Facebook’s founding in February 2004 to Twitter’s IPO last November, the tech industry’s most visible successes were in social networking, or purely web or mobile-based software products.But today,

How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)

The Santa Clara Valley was some of the most valuable agricultural land in the entire world, but it was paved over to create today’s Silicon Valley.

AI fails: why AI still isn’t ready to take your job

Howard Williams, marketing director at Parker Software, explores how recent artificial intelligence mishaps show that AI still isn’t ready to take our jobs just yet.

A GDPR storm is coming – are you prepared?

If you aren’t GDPR compliant you’re likely to be in some serious trouble in the next few months.

Amazon to add 1,000 UK jobs

Northern England, namely Manchester, is getting its first Amazon office.

Apple reportedly set to ditch Intel for Arm hardware

If it happens, it will happen in 2020 or 2021, new reports claim.

Scrutiny on the data supply chain

In the data supply chain, businesses within the financial services space need to understand and to audit what happens to the data across the process.

BlackBerry vs Facebook – a David vs Goliath conundrum

Earlier this year, BlackBerry sued Facebook in the US for infringement of multiple patents, relating to various aspects of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram.

Know your audience – the people behind the data

Developing a deep understanding of customers behaviours and preferences is the key to unlocking your data potential says Stuart Robb, CEO and founder of Equiniti Data.

Apple extends European operations with Dialog deal

The $600m deal will see Apple getting patents, workforce and offices in Europe.

Huawei boosts AI computing power with new Atlas launch

The platform, named Atlas Intelligent, is powered by Huawei's Ascend chip series, and counts modules, cards, boards, edge stations, and appliances.

Google launches G Suite security alert centre for businesses

New security service is now officially available to all enterprise users.

Kim Scott的管理学:源自她在Google、苹果、Dropbox、Twitter和Square等公司的工作经验

编者按:本文来自First Round Review,他们准备的文章既讲故事,还同时向创业者提供可操作的建议,以助力打造优秀的公司。那是2000年的一天,Kim Scott,Juice Software的创始人和CEO,日程表上头条大事就是:给产品定价。

UBM:独立游戏梦,IGF China 作品征集进行时

上海2014年5月30日电 /美通社/ -- 3月25日,第六届中国独立游戏节IGF China 2014游戏作品征集盛大启动。两个月来,已经陆续收到来自中国大陆、香港、台湾、澳大利亚、印度、菲律宾等亚太国家和地区的独立游戏作品。

12 Unique Apple Watch Bands We Want on Our Wrists

Tim Cook calls the Apple Watch the most personal device the company has ever createdWe'd like it to be a bit more personalThe new Watch, which starts at $349, is highly customizable, with a variety of different bands, from leather, to stainless steel to fluoroelastomer.

Apple Pay服务的设置方法及部分功能曝光(大量细节图)

据MacRumors曝光的一份备忘录显示,美国连锁药店Walgreens将于本月18日启动Apple Pay支付服务,并且不排除其他商家也会在同一时间启用Apple Pay。随后,9TO5MAC又进一步曝光了一系列与Apple Pay有关的设置方法、交易细节和相关功能。


中国悠季瑜伽联合创始人将适于旅行中的便捷瑜伽课程带抵威斯汀健康潮,为中国商旅人士提供更多健康体验 北京和上海2014年11月26日电 /美通社/ -- 威斯汀酒店及度假村宣布中国悠季瑜伽联合创始人尹岩,成为品牌亚太区健康生活大使之一,参与威斯汀品牌健康潮活动 -- 这一投资总额高达9000万人民币的全球品牌活动将引入一系列创新全球合作项目和计划,深入展现威斯汀品牌的六大健康要素,旨在提升全球各地威斯汀酒店的宾客与员工们的身心健康状态。

How High-Tech Temporary Tattoos Will Hack Your Skin

Molly McHugh writes with this story about sensors that can be attached to temporary tattoos to monitor various medical information.


4G TD-LTE商用正进行得热火朝天之时,国产3G标准TD-SCDMA最近却被置于风口浪尖。

手机用量应用程序 Moment:低头族是时候抬起头来了!

这款新的 iOS App Moment 就是一款帮用户跟踪和控制手机使用频率的应用。通过它用户可以看到自己每天在手机上所耗费的时间。付费版还可以帮用户控制家人小孩的手机使用频率。



Mysterious Culprit That Killed 7 Million Pigs Finally Revealed: It Was Tote Bags

Yes, reusable tote bags may be good for making us feel smug in the grocery store check-out. But the USDA just traced a deadly virus that has killed millions of pigs to an unlikely culprit: tote bags. Not feeling so good about that tote bag now, are you?Read more...

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