Online rental business ideas: The ultimate list of the most profitable business

If you are planning to explore opportunities in e-commerce rental business here is your ultimate list of most popular rental business ideas.

Lessons from Seoul’s Two Sharing Economies

As a Fulbright grantee, I spent part of the last year researching the sharing economy in Seoul. One of my main findings? Korea actually has two. The first is small-scale, hyper local and socialist in flavor. The second is the polar opposite of the first, and encompasses Airbnb and Uber,

Airbnb And The Problem Of Data

Housing activists, San Francisco policy makers and Airbnb in the midst of another showdown over short-term rental regulation that will stretch into next month and potentially into the November election. The debate centers on enforcement,

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Microsoft?

It’s great at business software and technology, but Microsoft still struggles to make coherent consumer products. The problem seems ingrained and cultural, starting with its constant reversion to ecosystem plays and through to its increasingly bizarre user interfaces.

Public and Private

For about a decade from Facebook’s founding in February 2004 to Twitter’s IPO last November, the tech industry’s most visible successes were in social networking, or purely web or mobile-based software products.But today,

How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)

The Santa Clara Valley was some of the most valuable agricultural land in the entire world, but it was paved over to create today’s Silicon Valley.

Australia government hit by major cyberattack

Behind this 'unprecedented' attack is a state actor, the government claims.

Vodafone switches on UK's first 5G airport

Superfast network could let travellers download a full TV series in six minutes.

UK doesn't need to ban Huawei from its 5G

Any potential risk can be mitigated, NCSC claims.

Facebook heavily criticised by UK parliament report

Social media giant labeled as "digital gangster".

Before the breach: Five tips for upgrading data security

By implementing five steps, you not only can help prevent a data breach from happening in the first place, but better protect your data if you are one of the unlucky victims affected.

Making tech to last – towards a future of planned durability

When it comes to your next technology refresh, be it monitors, phones or printer-scanners, make sure you partner with a company that gives value to its devices by making them last longer.

Four ways how education industry benefits from virtual reality

Here is a look at how VR contributes to the education industry.

Apple extends European operations with Dialog deal

The $600m deal will see Apple getting patents, workforce and offices in Europe.

Huawei boosts AI computing power with new Atlas launch

The platform, named Atlas Intelligent, is powered by Huawei's Ascend chip series, and counts modules, cards, boards, edge stations, and appliances.

Google launches G Suite security alert centre for businesses

New security service is now officially available to all enterprise users.

杭州前端阿里线下聚会(上) - likelight

有幸在好友的介绍下参加阿里举办的杭州前端线下交流会,半天下来收获还是不少。写篇文章总结一下,为了防止字数过多,所以将一篇文章通过上中下来写,减少每篇的字数。 在2.

CSDN引进跨平台开发工具Xamarin 为C#开发者服务

全球最大中文IT社区CSDN宣布与知名跨平台开发工具Xamarin正式达成合作关系,CSDN引进能用C#高效开发出iOS、Android 与Windows的Xamarin,为中国移动开发者提供更好的跨平台解决方案。



小米手机扫银行卡可读交易记录 网友:我没输密码


Swift入门篇-基本类型(3) - 甘超波

一:元组格式 变量或常量关键字 元组变量 = ( 变量,变量, …)说明: 1:

中移动取消iPhone 6专属套餐 补贴不超50%

10月17日,国行版的iPhone 6将在各大渠道正式开卖,作为主力销售渠道的三大电信运营商将拉开又一轮iPhone用户的抢夺战,不过中国移动至今仍没有公布iPhone 6合约套餐引起了外界的高度关注。  


沈阳2015年4月8日电 /美通社/ -- 旨在推动商业可持续发展的高峰论坛“2015中国绿公司年会”将于4月20-22日在辽宁沈阳召开。

Objective-C Autorelease Pool的实现原理


没想到这么一个不专业的回答得到了大家的认可 。谢谢各位的抬举,补充一下,您要是到了诸城恐龙博物馆,就可以亲手触摸恐龙化石,当然是采取了保护措施的。不专业,但碰巧接触过恐龙化石装架,我来说说。

求二叉树的深度算法 - HOU_JUN

算法的思想: 采用二叉树的后序遍历非递归算法。由于后序遍历非递归算法使用一个栈实现,每次都会在一条路径上走到最底层才向上访问,再向右访问。因此,记录下栈在遍历中的最大值,即为二叉树的最大深度。

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