Intelligent availability - The recurring advantages

By embracing an agile approach, built on a foundation of what can be called “intelligent availability,” organisations can dynamically provision analytics in a virtually limitless list of heterogeneous environments to satisfy countless business use cases.

Microsoft’s New Office App, Sway, Is Now Open To Everyone

Microsoft’s Sway, an online tool for creating presentation-documents, is now generally available to the public. Previously, a waiting list was in place. That Sway has taken down its rope line isn’t surprising. What is perhaps slightly unexpected,

So What Were Those Secret Flying Wing Aircraft Spotted Over Texas?

So what exactly were those mysterious "flying Doritos" booking it high over the Texas Panhandle, and more recently, Wichita, Kansas? Nobody may be able, or willing, to give you a definitive answer,

AI fails: why AI still isn’t ready to take your job

Howard Williams, marketing director at Parker Software, explores how recent artificial intelligence mishaps show that AI still isn’t ready to take our jobs just yet.

A GDPR storm is coming – are you prepared?

If you aren’t GDPR compliant you’re likely to be in some serious trouble in the next few months.

Amazon to add 1,000 UK jobs

Northern England, namely Manchester, is getting its first Amazon office.

Apple reportedly set to ditch Intel for Arm hardware

If it happens, it will happen in 2020 or 2021, new reports claim.

Scrutiny on the data supply chain

In the data supply chain, businesses within the financial services space need to understand and to audit what happens to the data across the process.

BlackBerry vs Facebook – a David vs Goliath conundrum

Earlier this year, BlackBerry sued Facebook in the US for infringement of multiple patents, relating to various aspects of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram.

Know your audience – the people behind the data

Developing a deep understanding of customers behaviours and preferences is the key to unlocking your data potential says Stuart Robb, CEO and founder of Equiniti Data.

Using network performance management and diagnostics to lower disruption

There are four areas on which to focus your NPMD solution to meet these requirements:

Online rental business ideas: The ultimate list of the most profitable business

If you are planning to explore opportunities in e-commerce rental business here is your ultimate list of most popular rental business ideas.

Apple extends European operations with Dialog deal

The $600m deal will see Apple getting patents, workforce and offices in Europe.

微信绑定用户纳入信用卡考核指标 微信银行竞争激烈


AMD 更新 Never Settle Forever 方案遊戲,且 R7 入門遊戲顯卡亦可受惠


深入世界每个角落 苹果获沙特营业许可证

据周三的报道称,苹果已获授权在沙特阿拉伯经营零售、市场营销和研究业务。  威锋网援引沙特投资总局( SAGIA )内部消息和沙乌地阿拉伯报纸 Al Eqtisadiah 的报道,苹果将以“苹果沙特阿拉伯”的名义运作。  

Comcast Customer Service Rep Just Won't Take No For an Answer

RevWaldo writes: The Verge and other sources report on how AOL's Ryan Block ultimately succeeded in cancelling his Comcast account over the phone,

Kobe Bryant to pass Michael Jordan in scoring by stealing all his moves

If he scores 31 points against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night, Kobe Bryant will pass Michael Jordan to take sole possession of third place on the NBA's all-time scoring list. If he doesn't do it Friday,

Python调用Matlab2014b实现混合编程 - Vonng


可期待透明化的开始菜单在未来Windows 10预览版中出现

在上周推出的Windows 10 Build 9926预览版中,微软为我们带来了成堆的新功能:Cortana,新开始菜单,延续性等等特性。

Apple Watch即将可以预约取货

“消费者的积极反馈远远超出了苹果的预期,他们对 Apple Watch 的喜爱让我们感到震惊。由于初期的预订量大大超出了苹果的供应能力,目前我们仍然只授受在线预订,而且这一情况预计会持续到 6 月份。



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