Truphone, an eSIM mobile carrier that works with Apple, raises another $71M, now valued at $507M

Truphone — a UK startup that provides global mobile voice and data services by way of an eSIM model for phones, tablets and IoT devices — said that it has raised another £18 million ($23.

Sustainable Ocean Alliance nets $1.5 million donation from Benioffs

Healthy oceans are on the minds of Marc and Lynne Benioff, and they showed it today with a $1.5 million donation to the Sustainable Oceans Alliance, a new non-profit attempting to promote and incubate conservation-focused startups.

Desktop Metal just raised another $160 million

Desktop Metal announced this morning that it’s raised $160 million. That Series E brings the Burlington, Massachusetts-based metal 3D printing company up to a whopping $438 million.

Blippar finds life after death as former investor buys assets to relaunch AR startup

Blippar seems to have avoided a total collapse following its dramatic descent into administration after it failed to pull together an emergency funding deal. One of the AR startup’s main investors, Candy Ventures,

Facebook agrees to do more to tackle scam ads after celebrity defamation lawsuit

Facebook has agreed to plough more resource into combating the use of its advertising platform by scammers, saying it will do more to tackle scam ads that use well-known public figures to try to trick consumers. It plans to launch a dedicated scam ad report button in the UK,

Lumigo scores $8M seed to help manage serverless operations

Lumigo, an Israeli startup, announced a healthy $8 million seed round today, as it emerged from stealth to help companies monitor serverless architecture. Investors included Pitango Venture Capital, Grove Ventures and Meron Capital. The company was started by a couple of ex-Checkpoint execs,

Adobe acquires Allegorithmic, makers of the Substance texture tools

Adobe today announced that it has acquired Allegorithmic, the French company behind the Substance tools for creating textures that are widely used by AAA game creators, as well as visual effects artists, animators and designers. Over time,

Anchorage emerges with $17M from A16z for ‘omnimetric’ crypto security

I’m not allowed to tell you exactly how Anchorage keeps rich institutions from being robbed of their cryptocurrency, but the off-the-record demo was damn impressive. Judging by the $17 million Series A this security startup raised last year led by Andreessen Horowitz and joined by Khosla Ventures, 

Did you score tickets to Startup Battlefield Africa 2018?

In just about two months, the TechCrunch crew will head to Lagos, Nigeria to host the day-long, action-packed Startup Battlefield Africa 2018. Come join us and watch the founders of Africa’s best early-stage tech startups compete for the glory,

It’s official: London-based Stride.VC raises £50M seed fund

Stride.VC, the new VC fund from Fred Destin, formerly a partner at Accel, and Harry Stebbings, producer of the “The Twenty Minute VC” podcast and ex-Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Atomico, is being officially unveiled today, confirming most of the details of my earlier report.

Penta, the German challenger bank account for SMEs, raises €7M Series A

Penta, the German fintech startup that offers a digital bank account targeting SMEs, has raised €7 million in Series A funding. Backing the company once again is Inception Capital, with total funding now at €10 million since Penta was founded in May 2016. Launched in Germany in December,

SharePoint2013 以其他用户登录和修改AD域用户密码 功能 - dz45693

sharepoint默认是没有修改AD密码 和切换 用户的功能,这里我用future的方式来实现。

SkyOrbiter UAVs Could Fly For Years and Provide Global Internet Access

Zothecula writes The internet has become a critical means of communication during humanitarian crises and a crucial everyday tool for people around the world. Now, a Portuguese company wants to make sure everyone has access to it.

eBay和PayPal将拆分 伊坎和马斯克笑了


More Than 200,000 Photographers Have Participated In EyeEm’s “Missions” For Brands

Whenever a new social network or online community springs up, it seems pretty inevitable that brands will eventually try to build a presence there. Naturally,

设计师超酷概念:一个保护套让你的iPhone变身iPod Classic

不知道大家是否还怀念已经停产的带Click-Wheel的iPod Classic播放器?意大利设计师Claudio Gomboli设计出了一款概念iPhone 6保护套,可以让你的iPhone摇身一变成为经典iPod Classic音乐播放器。

如何实现一个php框架系列文章【4】url路由管理 - yyluming

直接通过url参数访问业务模块($app)中控制器($ctl)里的函数($act) 我们支持3种路由模式 普通模式 _a=$app, _u=$ctl.$act 最简单的方式,专注实现业务$act函数,不需要再写额外代码 为什么参数名前面要加下划线就不解释了 easy模式 _easy=$app.$tp


即使你从来没有听说过 Li-Fi,你现在也可以知道它到底是个什么东西。Li-Fi(Light Fidelity)是一种新型无线网络连接技术,它是主要通过可见光频谱来实现无线数据的传播。这项激动人心的技术最早出现在 Harold Hass 教 ... ...

The 'real' Mad Max dies just before 'Fury Road' wins six Oscars

The Australian man known as the "real" Mad Max died just before the film cleaned up at the Academy Awards. Max Aspin, Mel Gibson's master stuntman in the 1981 film Mad Max II: The Road Warrior, died on Feb. 24.SEE ALSO: 'Mad Max:

angular2系列教程(八)In-memory web api、HTTP服务、依赖注入、Observable - lewis617

大家好,今天我们要讲是angular2的http功能模块,这个功能模块的代码不在angular2里面,需要我们另外引入: index.html 这是官网的例子,包含两个程序: 第一个程序可以实现http的get请求,获取英雄列表,也可以实现http的post请求,新增英雄。 第二个程序可以实现输入关

HTC Vive 已被 iFixit 拆解,比 Oculus Rift 好修

Oculus Rift 已经被 iFixit 拆过了,现在是时候看看它的最大对手 HTC Vive,在易修度这件事上到底有几斤几两了。虽说两款产品主要都是围绕内部的两块 OLED 屏幕来打造,但在设计上的不同取向,拆开来看看还是蛮有趣的。比如说,尽管两边都选择了菲涅尔透镜(Fresnel lens,镜片能做到更薄),但 Vive 是靠旋钮调整屏幕距离来配合眼距,而 Oculus Rift 则是选择了变换镜片相对面部高度的做法。此外,iFixit 还指出 Vive 手柄上触控板的设计,跟 Stea...

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