Saudi ally calls for Uber boycott over response to Khashoggi’s vanishing

Uber is facing calls for a boycott of its app in the Persian Gulf, a region that has poured billions of dollars of investment into the company’s ride-hailing business in recent years: 

Mozilla adds website breach notifications to Firefox

Mozilla is adding a new security feature to its Firefox Quantum web browser that will alert users when they visit a website that has recently reported a data breach.

Airtable, maker of a coding platform for non-techies, raises $100M at a $1.1B valuation

If data is the new oil, you might think of apps are the cars that need it to move. Now, a startup that has built a platform to let everyone — not just those with technical expertise — make and drive their own “cars” has raised a significant round of funding to grow its business. […]

Google’s annual Thanksgiving report tells you the best times to avoid traffic jams

Google has released its annual Thanksgiving traffic and search trends report, created by analyzing data from last year’s holiday season. It breaks down the best and worst times to travel by state and also throws in information about when popular places, like grocery and liquor stores,

Ezra raises $4M to diagnose cancer with MRIs, not painful biopsies

1 in 41 men will die of prostate cancer. But sticking a needle through your rectum into your prostate to screen for cancer brings along a ton of bacteria and terrible side effects like pain, infection, urinary trouble, and even erectile dysfunction.

Bitcoin and the crypto market is once again crashing hard

It’s not been a pretty year for anyone who owns Bitcoin, but the last 24 hours has been a period to forget as the cryptocurrency dropped below $100 billion in market cap for the first time in more than a year. You have to go back to the end of October — the 29th to […]

Lies, damn lies, and HQ2

There are few things certain in our world except for the uplifting tendencies of technology. I’ve spent the past few years trying to prove this to myself, at least, by interviewing hundreds of thinkers on the topic. I’ve come to a singular conclusion: when tech moves into a city,

Snap up a spectator ticket to Startup Battlefield Africa 2018

Don’t miss your chance to bear witness as a cohort of sub-Saharan Africa’s exceptional entrepreneurs launch their early-stage tech startups to the world. Startup Battlefield Africa 2018, our premier pitch competition, takes place on 11 December in Lagos, Nigeria.

Palm returns as an ‘ultra-mobile’ smartphone

I shared images I shot of the Palm device with a few co-workers ahead of this morning’s unveiling, and they were downright giddy. The new “ultra-mobile” device (a term us old people used to use to refer to something closer to a netbook) is a hard thing to contextualize without a picture,

Truphone, an eSIM mobile carrier that works with Apple, raises another $71M, now valued at $507M

Truphone — a UK startup that provides global mobile voice and data services by way of an eSIM model for phones, tablets and IoT devices — said that it has raised another £18 million ($23.

Did you score tickets to Startup Battlefield Africa 2018?

In just about two months, the TechCrunch crew will head to Lagos, Nigeria to host the day-long, action-packed Startup Battlefield Africa 2018. Come join us and watch the founders of Africa’s best early-stage tech startups compete for the glory,

空客拟生产电动发电机飞机 首架原型机2030年问世






Great Dane is determined to sleep in a tiny dog bed

If he fits, he sits — even if he doesn't.A spotted Great Dane tries to get comfortable on a ridiculously tiny dog bed. After circling around a few times, he finally plops down, satisfying squishing it under his enormous haunches.Maybe he should just sleep on the couch, or his owner's bed.

入手一部iPhone 6 64G,升级以后竟然只有16G!

小编在网上看到这么一则消息,有网友在某宝入手iPhone 6 64G后发现,原来是16G设备改的,之后就与商家取得联系,但是,聊天内容让这位网友哭笑不得。。。



Smule CEO Defends The Company’s Lawsuit Against Former Employees

Is Smule being a bully? Or is it just mounting a reasonable defense of its intellectual property?In a nutshell, those are the questions I was trying to answer during interviews with Smule CEO Jeff Smith, and with Mike Allen and Mark Godfrey, the former employees being sued by the company.





MWC 2016 : Sony Mobile 一口氣推出 Xperia Ear 、 Eye 、 Projector 與 Agent 等智慧產品

Sony 在 MWC 記者會除了介紹 Xperia X 系列手機外,還公布一系列 Xperia 智慧周邊產品,包括 Xperia Ear 智慧耳機, Xperia Cam 智慧相機, Xperia Projector 智慧投影機以及 Xperia Agent 智慧助理,不過後三者仍處概念階段,僅有 Xperia Ear 確定屆時會與 Xperia X 系列手機推出。閱讀全文

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