Celonis brings intelligent process automation software to cloud

Celonis has been helping companies analyze and improve their internal processes using machine learning. Today the company announced it was providing that same solution as a cloud service with a few nifty improvements you won’t find on prem. The new approach,

Original Content podcast: On ‘Guava Island,’ Donald Glover mixes music and politics

It was hard to know what to expect from “Guava Island.” Last year, Donald Glover and Rihanna filmed the mysterious project with director Hiro Murai (who’s also directed multiple episodes of “Atlanta” and the music video for “This is America”,

From lab-grown meat to fermented fungus, here’s what corporate food VCs are serving up

We put together a list of venture funds operated by some of the larger food and beverage producers, covering literally everything from soup to nuts (plus lunch meat and soda, too!).

Acquisitions, more than IPOs, will create Africa’s early startup successes

Africa has made its global IPO debut. Pan-African e-commerce company Jumia—a $1 billion-valued company—began trading live on the NYSE last week. The stock offering made Jumia the first upstart operating in Africa to list on a major global exchange.

3 fixes for Netflix’s “What to watch?” problem

Wasting time every night debating with yourself or your partner about what to watch on Netflix is a drag. It burns people’s time and good will, robs great creators of attention, and leaves Netflix vulnerable to competitors who can solve discovery.

Startups Weekly: Zoom CEO says its stock price is ‘too high’

In this week's newsletter: More IPOs, Boston Dynamics dog-like robot makes its debut and Ro raises $85M.

Notes from the Samsung Galaxy Fold: day four

Apologies for skipping day three. This kept me extremely busy yesterday. Though the Galaxy Fold remained a constant companion. Before you ask (or after you ask on Twitter without having read beyond the headline), no it’s hasn’t broken yet. It’s actually been fairly robust, all things considered.

Boston Dynamics showcases new uses for SpotMini ahead of commercial production

Last year at our TC Sessions: Robotics event, Boston Dynamics announced its intention to commercialize SpotMini. It was a big step for the secretive company. After a quarter of building some of the world’s most sophisticated robots, it was finally taking a step into the commercial realm,

Saudi ally calls for Uber boycott over response to Khashoggi’s vanishing

Uber is facing calls for a boycott of its app in the Persian Gulf, a region that has poured billions of dollars of investment into the company’s ride-hailing business in recent years: 

Palm returns as an ‘ultra-mobile’ smartphone

I shared images I shot of the Palm device with a few co-workers ahead of this morning’s unveiling, and they were downright giddy. The new “ultra-mobile” device (a term us old people used to use to refer to something closer to a netbook) is a hard thing to contextualize without a picture,

Truphone, an eSIM mobile carrier that works with Apple, raises another $71M, now valued at $507M

Truphone — a UK startup that provides global mobile voice and data services by way of an eSIM model for phones, tablets and IoT devices — said that it has raised another £18 million ($23.





Aleris 镇江厂获航空板生产的 Nadcap 认证

中国镇江2014年6月24日电 /美通社/ -- Aleris 今天宣布,该公司位于中国镇江的全新轧制厂获得了 Nadcap 认证,这是生产航空铝板的行业标准并且是进入主要飞机制造商 Qualified Product List(合格产品列表)的先决条件。



3 simple changes to get more from your team

When we boil it down, "company culture" is just a sexier way of saying "management style". The startup management style has proven to improve business processes, but how are you supposed to do it?Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/23/3-simple-changes-to-get-more-from-your-team/

Marnie the Dog thrashes hardcore for National Metal Day

Marnie the Dog is a metalhead with more tongue than Gene Simmons.The adorably lopsided Shih Tzu locked devil horns with VH1 Classic for National Metal Day, a celebration of darkness, distortion and really big hair.



中美签免税新协议: iPhone会不会更便宜?

威锋网讯 7 月 20 日消息,根据英国《金融时报》的报道,中国和美国日前在日内瓦就《信息技术协定》(ITA)扩围谈判达成了协议,消除了超过 200 种高科技产品的贸易壁垒。

飞利浦推出流光溢彩的 Ambilight 4K UHD电视

Philips 在 2015 IFA 中展出一个令人无法移开视线的产品 Philips UHD 4K Ambilux,以 4K 电视来说,几乎每个品牌都已经跨入了,无论是智能型电视或是高画质电视,都仅限于在电视本身。


昨天(10月26日)下午14点46分,听到“百度用去哪儿换携程股票”的传闻,虎嗅君从“垃圾箱”里找出了那则“愚人节新闻”:  美东时间3月31日(北京时间4月1日早三点),百度、携程、去哪儿同时发布公告称:百度以所持去哪儿60%股权换取携程18%股权;携程控股去哪儿后,两公司保持独立运营;去哪儿专攻机票预订,酒店预订业务及现有库存转给携程。  

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