Microsoft releases first Xbox One 1811 build for Preview Alpha Insiders

The first Xbox One 1811 build is now rolling out to Xbox Insiders on the Preview Alpha ring, bringing search improvements as well as some bug fixes.

Bing Maps adds colored traffic info to routes

Bing Map users will now be able to toggle a setting that enables colored mapping of traffic along routes destinations.

How to sync your Windows clipboard contents across your devices

The Windows 10 October 2018 Update added a new convenience feature which lets you synchronise your clipboard across all your devices. It works seamlessly with the existing Ctrl+C/Ctrl+X/Ctrl+V keyboard shortcuts, while adding another layer of advanced functionality. First,

Microsoft and UW demo automated data storage in fabricated DNA

Microsoft has, with the help of researchers from the University of Washington, successfully created its very first automated system for storing data within DNA strands.

Advertisers can now target LinkedIn audiences using Bing Search data

Specifically, advertisers will get access to Lookalike Audiences dashboards, Audience tenplates and Interest Targeting.

How to Enter Safe Mode in Windows 10

Microsoft Support uses Safe Mode in Windows 10 for troubleshooting issues you might be having with Windows 10. By starting your PC in Safe Mode, you start Windows 10 in a bare-bones state, often limiting the number of files and drivers available to you.

Microsoft releases patch to notify Windows 7 users about upcoming end of support

Microsoft has already pushed its first patch which includes the popup informing users of the deadline on January 14th, 2020.

How to set your default printer in Windows 10

Windows 10’s printer settings allow you to customise which printer is used as the default. This is the printer which receives your document when you press a “Print” button without having explicitly chosen a printer to use. Since the Windows 10 November 2015 update,

Microsoft test new Cortana UI for Android and iOS with v3.0 beta

A beta version of the digital assistant is being seeded to testers that shows the Cortana team is not asleep at the wheel

How to modify your hosts file in Windows 10 (and why you might want to)

Windows 10 still retains the old computing standard of having a hosts file for rudimentary hostname mapping. In simpler terms, the hosts file provides a mechanism to map domain names (such as “”) to server IP addresses of your choice.

Microsoft to disable outdated TLS 1.0, 1.1 for Edge and IE early next year

This early notice comes just a couple of months before the 20th anniversary of TLS 1.0 on January 19, 2019.





Netflix Now Works On Linux With HTML5 DRM Video Support In Chrome

An anonymous reader writes "Beginning with the Chrome 38 Beta it's now possible to watch Netflix without any Wine/Silverlight plug-ins but will work natively using Chrome's DRM-HTML5 video capabilities with Netflix.


威智网11月28日消息,根据外媒 MyNokiaBlog 报道称,诺基亚最大的官方支持论坛 Nokia Support Discussions今天被正式划归到微软旗下,这意味着微软的去诺基亚化进程又深入了一步。  


中国酒店“五星钻石奖”颁奖盛典暨“中国酒店节”揭幕仪式成功举办并圆满闭幕 中国深圳2015年1月26日电 /美通社/ -- 继深圳、广州、杭州、北京、湖南五场新闻发布会之后,以“中国梦、赢未来”为主题的“2015第三届中国酒店投资人联盟年会暨中国酒店投资财富国际论坛”于2015年1月21日在深圳登喜路国际大酒店隆重举行。


在丝绸之路创始人Ross Ulbricht于2013年10月被捕后,检方曾披露他曾经尝试雇凶杀人,而雇的杀手是卧底特工,没有人受到伤害。

Pebble Time 開始投產 首批投資者月中收貨

參予 Pebble Time 的 Kickstarter 項目的早期投資者,好消息!Pebble 首次採用 彩色螢幕的智能手錶,預計今個月中就會開始付運到顧客手上。Pebble 日前更新了 Kickstarter 的資料,表示全新的軟件已經準備就緒,手錶亦開始投產。

Edward:「咁至係旗艦來架嘛!」HTC One M9+ 初步評測

HTC 早前發佈的 One M9+,本以為只是「中國限定」,誰不知轉個頭就宣佈會在香港推出!昨日 HTC 就舉行了 One M9+ 的發佈會,究竟初步用起來感覺係點?同 M9 又有咩唔同?而家就同大家介紹一下。


丰田宣布,将在未来 5 年的时间内成立丰田研究院,致力于人工智能和机器人技术的研发。以提高驾驶的安全性,流畅性和提高生活质量,特别是对于年龄较大的人来说。  

每天一个linux命令(43):killall命令 - gophper


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