Microsoft works to make buying clean energy easier, for itself and other companies

To mitigate weather-related risks associated with renewable energy agreements, Microsoft has teamed up with various partners to create a new risk-management tool called volume firming agreement (VFA).

Long dead Windows Media Center SDK shows up on GitHub

Charlie Owen, a former Program Manager at Microsoft who previously worked on Windows Media Center uploaded the SDK for Windows 7 on GitHub this week.

Windows 10 1903, Windows Server 1903 to drop password expiration requirements in proposed security g

Today on the Microsoft Security Guidance blog, the company has published an explanation of its draft release of its security configuration baseline settings for Windows 10 1903 and Windows Server 1903. This document sets guidelines for Group Policy baseline settings,

Google starts rolling out native dark mode support in Chrome version 74, but you can enable it now

If Google Chrome users can already add a dark mode to the web browser using one of the many themes available in the Chrome Web Store, Chrome is finally getting native dark mode support on Windows 10.

Intel Graphics drivers get an update for Windows 10 computers

Intel is announcing that it will be in lockstep with the Windows team in releasing its update to its DCH graphics driver.

Revisiting the Lenovo Smart Tab P10: A versatile Smart Display

The reality of spending $199 to $249 to get everything from a tablet, smart assistant, home and kitchen display, Bluetooth speaker and potential home hub is something that more industry manufacturers should look to embrace in the near future. 

Microsoft To-Do beta on Android now integrates with Microsoft Planner, task assignment feature also

Microsoft To-Do beta on Android can now has a dedicated section showing assigned Planner tasks, but the team is also working on the ability to assign any task in To-Do to other individuals.

Star Wars Battlefront II video game gets new Capital Supremacy map and skin for Princess Leia

The popular Star Wars Battlefront II video game is getting another free update today and it’s one that should please long-time and new players. By far the most-exciting content drop with this update, which is being referred to as the Giants Above Kachirho Update,

The Crysis trilogy is now backward-compatible on Xbox One

Xbox's Major Nelson has just announced that Electronic Art’s classic Crysis trilogy of games for the Xbox 360 is now backward-compatible on the Xbox One.

Microsoft signs Made by Dislexia pledge, offers tools and support for students

Immersive Reader will be added to Flipgrid as well as OneNote and Word Online.

How to install a virtual machine on Windows 10 using Hyper V, now even easier with Quick Create

Currently, it’s possible to run a number of Linux distros natively on Windows 10. However, these Linux environments are limited in the features and tools that you can use. In Windows 10, there are only three distros to choose from: Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise, and OpenSUSE Leap.

Surface Pro 3改变了他对Win8的态度:也许还会改变你的

一款设备的精彩亮相,可能会改变人们对它所搭载操作系统的看法。雅虎科技频道的大卫·伯格(David Pogue) […]


雅虎官方博客宣布终止开发开源的JavaScript工具库Yahoo User Interface library (YUI)。雅虎开发者解释说,行业趋势发生了改变。过去几年,Web平台经历了激烈变革,相比以前如今的JavaScript几乎是无处不在。Node.

Ellen Twerks With Nicki Minaj In Alternative 'Anaconda' Video

Just as we'd nearly recovered from Nicki Minaj's buns-centric "Anaconda" video, Ellen Degeneres' butt managed to reel us back inNever one to shy away from dancing, the talk show host tested out some new moves in a Nicki-approved homage to the butt-popping video. And as a bonus gift to us all,

深圳海关5天查获近2000台iPhone6 将公开拍卖

记者从深圳海关获悉,自9月19日苹果手机iPhone 6在香港地区发售以来,该关已查获iPhone 6手机近2000台。




- 暨环保与清洁能源论坛 北京2014年12月3日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年11月28日,托普索公司(在北京嘉里大酒店成功举办了在华30周年庆典暨环保与清洁能源论坛。


12 月 29 日,马来西亚亚洲航空公司一架搭载 155 名乘客的客机在 28 日早晨从印度尼西亚飞往新加坡的途中,与空中交通控制塔台失去联系,目前下落不明。  亚航在一份声明中说,客机在飞行途中曾遭遇恶劣天气, ... ...

iOS,Android,.NET通用AES加密算法 - msp的昌伟哥哥

这两天为移动App开发API,结果实现加密验证时碰到一大坑。这里不得不吐槽下又臭又硬的iOS,Windows Server无法解密出正确的结果,Android则可以,后来使用了通用的AES256加密算法才最终搞定。

视频演讲: 精益创业实践——食色App背后的三个小故事

随着“互联网思维”的泛滥,精益创业也开始泛滥在各种媒体上。 但抛开各种浮夸,精益创业的本质:在外部环境充满不确定性和不可预测性的时候,用快速迭代与验证来降低风险与成本的一种方法论。


感谢安卓中国的投递北京时间10月10日消息,近期关于一加手机神秘新机的消息络绎不绝,而就在此时有网友曝光了一张一加可穿戴设备的原型手稿,据悉一加手机将在10月底召开新品发布会,届时发布会上的one more thing会是推出这款智能手表吗?

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