Microsoft works to make buying clean energy easier, for itself and other companies

To mitigate weather-related risks associated with renewable energy agreements, Microsoft has teamed up with various partners to create a new risk-management tool called volume firming agreement (VFA).

Windows 10 news recap: Windows 10 version 1809 finally begins “phased rollout”, build 18317 splits W

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Microsoft launches XAML Studio,

Microsoft news recap: Bing Ads exclusive platform for Yahoo and Verizon search advertising, $500 mil

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! SwiftKey on Android finally lets users remove the search bar with latest update Users of Microsoft’s keyboard alternative for Android, SwiftKey,

Next-generation consoles could be powered by leaked AMD Zen and Navi APU

An avid hardware leaker by the name of APISAK has leaked an as-yet-unannounced AMD APU. According to APISAK (via Neowin), the APU is codenamed Gonzalo, with the specification 2G16002CE8JA2_32/10/10_13E9. APISAK breaks down the specification in an image, explaining what the different parts mean:

Xbox offers 1 month of Game Pass + 1 month of Sling for $1 for first month

Microsoft is running a limited promotion, giving users both Xbox Game Pass's digital library of games and discounts and Sling TV's live television channels and on demand content to for just a dollar.

Microsoft’s launches XAML Studio, a free app for making UWP XAML UIs

A new app from the Microsoft Garage Project studios emerged in the Store recently called XAML Studio which was released to help "rapidly prototype UWP XAML" projects and copied for further development using Visual Studio.

Backups for Windows 10 Mobile won’t work after March 2020

App downloads and device resets will still be as up to date as OS 1703 and 1709 for the next year and some change.

Cheat Sheet: Outlook, OneNote, To-Do, or Sticky Notes? Microsoft’s note-taking apps explained

Over the years, Microsoft has launched a myriad of solutions for taking notes, manage tasks, and create reminders, and the Redmond giant is now using Microsoft Exchange as the cement to create synergies between all these apps.

The Crysis trilogy is now backward-compatible on Xbox One

Xbox's Major Nelson has just announced that Electronic Art’s classic Crysis trilogy of games for the Xbox 360 is now backward-compatible on the Xbox One.

Microsoft signs Made by Dislexia pledge, offers tools and support for students

Immersive Reader will be added to Flipgrid as well as OneNote and Word Online.

How to install a virtual machine on Windows 10 using Hyper V, now even easier with Quick Create

Currently, it’s possible to run a number of Linux distros natively on Windows 10. However, these Linux environments are limited in the features and tools that you can use. In Windows 10, there are only three distros to choose from: Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise, and OpenSUSE Leap.



易观国际:2013年Q3中国移动音乐客户端市场中 酷狗音乐占据第一


搜集C++实现的线程池 - lizhenghn

现在很多语言都内置了线程池实现,但C++中却没有。本文列举一些C++实现的线程池工具。Boost.Threadpool 项目首页: Boost.Threadpool是一个基于Boost、跨平台的C++线程池库。Boost.Th...


作者:@数托邦 数君按:精彩桥段盘点、星爸萌娃百科起底,不缺数君一个。甩掉腻人的奶油泡沫,扔干货:数君独家监测的爸爸2前4期微博收视数据;并试图回答三个问题:第二季原罪注定无法摆脱?爸爸粉你们还在吗?

'I Would Invite Joe Scarborough to Come Down to Ferguson'

“Ryan, tweet that they’re arresting me, tweet that they’re arresting me.”Those were the words that Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowrey recalled telling Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly as police began to place handcuffs on his wrists in a McDonalds.



The Linguistic Evolution of Internet Speak

"I can't even right now, I'm literally dying."Anyone who uses the Internet will recognize that ubiquitous expression. "I can't even" gives the sense that one is overwhelmed with emotion, unable to handle the situation he's facing. According to Know Your Meme,


此轮融资由DCM 领投,A 轮投资机构 IDG 资本、B 轮领投机构北极光创投继续保持跟投,华兴资本担任独家财务顾问。这也是近年来中国移动办公领域创业公司最大的一笔融资。

Shooting Challenge: Money

Tax day is upon us. For some that means a refund check, and for others, that means saying goodbye to your cold hard cash. So for this week’s Shooting Challenge, we’re photographing money. But be sure to read how to do it legally:Read more...

CES 2016:复古风的黑胶唱片机PS-HX500

威锋网 1 月 6 日讯,近几个月来,音乐复古风也成了热点的话题之一,在不久之前,就传出了美国唱片公司重新启动磁带的生产和销售,并且取得了不错的业绩。当然,更多的人买的其实是一种情怀。而现在,索尼在 CES 2016 上也玩起了情怀,他们推出了一款名为 PS-HX500 的复古风黑胶唱片机。  不过,这款唱片机可不像几十年前的那种一样,仅仅只有播放唱片一种功能。作为一款能够出现在科技峰会上的产品,没有两把刷子自然是不行的。它能够将你收藏的黑胶唱片转化为数字音频,并通过 USB 和电脑连接,将黑胶唱片的音频转化并储存起来。与此同时,它可以自行对这些音频进行处理,使其音质能够达到 DSD 级。  

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