Pornhub's site traffic surged after YouTube went down

In one of those strange twists of fate, online adult video site Pornhub saw a surge in traffic during Tuesday night's YouTube outage, perhaps answering the riddle of what America watches when they can't access old wrestling videos or Beyoncé clips. According to data released by Pornhub,

Daenerys and Sansa's passive aggressive 'Game of Thrones' talk is now a meme

A lot of viewers are feeling an exaggerated smiley-squint from Daenerys during her heart-to-heart  stand-off with Sansa in the most recent Game of Thrones episode. Caption— doom (@reallyhalalfood) April 22,

This influencer faked a weekend at Coachella with Photoshop and wigs

If you go to Coachella without taking pictures in front of the ferris wheel, did you really even go? YouTuber Gabbie Hanna decided to do a little experiment in which she faked a weekend at Coachella using Photoshop and footage from friends who actually did go to the festival.

Snapchat just grew for the first time in a year

Is it too soon to call this a turnaround? Snap just reported its results for the first quarter of 2019 and delivered investors some long overdue good news: Snapchat added new users for the first time in a year.The app now counts 190 million daily active users (DAUs),

Kids hack dad's facial recognition lock in easiest way possible

Hacking facial-recognition systems is so easy a kid could do it. One Irish politician found this out the hard way when he discovered the reason he kept finding his laptop battery drained.

Mark Zuckerberg might not be untouchable after all

Mark Zuckerberg may soon find himself in an unfamiliar situation: facing actual, personal consequences for Facebook's missteps. As the FTC continues to investigate the social network's mishandling of user data,

Park ranger’s gorilla selfie goes viral

A park ranger in the Democratic Republic of Congo snapped a selfie with two gorillas that went viral. Virunga National Park shared the funny photo on their Instagram page. Read more...More about Instagram, Animals, Mashable Video, Virunga National Park, and Selfie

Netflix increasing its operations in New York City

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the streaming giant will open a new production location in Brooklyn. The company will also soon move to bigger working spaces in the borough of Manhattan.  Read more...More about Tv, Netflix, Mashable Video, New York City, and Streaming Services

Mysterious U.S. whale die-off is now deep in its 2nd year. We still don't know the cause.

Using a tractor, state and town officials in coastal New Hampshire attempted to drop the carcass of a minke whale into a dumpster in mid-September. But the dead cetacean proved too big, bouncing off the red bin and flopping onto the pavement of a beachside parking lot.

Walmart has PS4 games on sale: 'NBA 2K19,' 'Madden NFL 19,' and 'Tomb Raider'

Friends, gamers, countrymen: lend me your ears! Er, or eyeballs? You get it.Fall is here, and that means some of the year's biggest games are finally dropping after an agonizingly long wait. Adventurers and sports fans alike finally have something new to load into their consoles.SEE ALSO:

Twitter releases trove of 10 million tweets by foreign bad actors

Twitter has brought the foreign election-interfering trolls out from under their bridges.On Wednesday,

借助模板类自动实现COM连接点接收器(Sink) - honker

最初的代码源自free2000fly的一个标准的 COM 连接点接收器(Sink)的实现, 使用相当简单!!!,作者封装了不少工作,但调用时的代码还可以再封装一下,最后只要拷贝并修改Sink实现类的Invoke就好了。以下是这个代码的头文件 "sinkimpl.


浓缩观点   移动互联网创业者最不该忽视的群体就是九零后,90后人群在网络环境中的意见表达,呈现出其独有的特征。如果你的创业项目定位于90后,我们可提供一个通用版的“商业计划书”。   全国数量达到1.

Acer 新推三款平价平板,Android、Windows 都有

除了笔电以外,Acer 这次在 IFA 上也发表了三款全新的平价平板。其中有两款的大小为 8 吋,Android 和 Windows 系统各一。首先来讲讲运行 Android 4.4 KitKat 的 Iconia One Tab 8,这款产品配备了四核心...


距离破壳(Shellshock)漏洞的首次爆发已经快两周时间了。相信你很可能听说过这个漏洞,它的危害等级被专业安全人士评为 10。相比之下,上一个著名漏洞心脏出血只有5。  不过奇怪的是,破壳目前的反响并不高。 ... ...

腾讯ISUX:2014年中国平板电脑用户行为报告 平均每天使用1.9小时


Mac Mini 终获更新:新处理器、双 Thunderbolt 2、802.11ac 还有价格小降

在 5K 分辨率 iMac 之后,Apple 很快速地介绍了这部"世界最节能的桌上电脑"也就是大家所熟悉的 Mac mini 规格更新。这条自从 2012...

OnePlus One Pre-Orders Start Right Now (And Only Last an Hour)

The OnePlus One is one of our favorite smartphones even before you consider its ludicrously cheap $300 price tag. Until now, the biggest knock against it was its inane invite-only purchase plan. But for the next hour, you can line up a pre-order in a civilized manner.


360 公司董事长、知名天使投资人周鸿祎已作为投资人入驻天使汇,成为天使汇平台认证投资人。周鸿祎是国内一流的产品经理和公关经理,具有对市场的灵敏嗅觉,也是国内极其成功的创业者。


他表示:“毫无疑问,Apple Watch将推动同类其他产品,主要是Android Wera设备的销售。因为如果你没有iPhone,那么Apple Watch就毫无用处。

Inside the Fiery Workshop of a 21st Century Swordmaker

Down a stretch of country road in upstate New York there is a shed. The shed itself is nothing spectacular, a whitewash number with years of weathering. But inside sparks fly, fires breathe, and slabs of steel are fashioned into capable killing machines. This is Odinblades,

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