Scottish NHS overhauls care record system

Dumfries and Galloway NHS is building an electronic shared cared record designed to integrate primary and secondary care data in real time.Read more:

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UK government plans Internet regulator

Proposed Internet regulator would hold tech giants accountable for content published on their platforms.

Salesforce brings voice to CRM with new Einstein Voice Assistant

Salesforce users can now obtain valuable data and insights with only their voice.

UK employees feel remote working guilt

Half of UK employees working remotely feel pressure to prove their working.

Painting by numbers: developing the real productivity picture

Could technology and data analytics be used to improve not only the workplace but also an organisation's employees?

Protecting your digital identity from hacks and breaches

As our identities become increasingly digital, protecting them from cyber threats has never been more important.

Six reasons an arts degree is an ideal springboard for a career in IT

The soft skills learned at a liberal arts college actually translate quite well to the field of IT.

UK company emails being hijacked for phishing

Victims are usually clueless they're being attacked.

Mobile app of the day: Barclays Pingit

Barclays Pingit lets you send and receive money even if you are not a Barclays customer – and it has a host of advanced features.Read more:

Report: UK broadband far too slow for business needs

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has claimed that the government needs much more ambitious targets for the rollout of superfast broadband for businesses across the UK.Read more:

BlackBerry shares left wounded by Apple-IBM enterprise partnership

The firm remains confident that it will be able to weather the storm the new partnership may bring and continue its revival under CEO John Chen.Read more:

Net Applications:2014年2月Windows份额仍在增长 达90.84%

微软最新的PC操作系统Windows 8.1从去年10月份发布到现在,已经问世了四个多月时间。虽然Windows 8.

March Madness Sweet 16: The Ultimate Internet Guide

The March Madness field has been winnowed from its initial 68 teams to a Sweet 16. The men have been separated from the boys, leaving us with what may well be the tournament's greatest roundNow remaining are college basketball's best teams, as well as this year's unlikeliest Cinderellas.

A New Yorker’s Take On Swarm

But I have complaints, many of which are compounded by the fact that foursquare is our New York City champion. It’s the darling of Silicon Alley. You’re here in NYC, foursquare. So why is the app so confused by our great metropolis? Let’s start with all the great things about the app.

智能手环 Fitbit 正式入华 Flex售价898元

Fitbit 中文名为“乐活”,总共推出四款产品,Flex 售价 898,Zip和One售价498,体重秤Aria售价1198.大家觉得这个价格如何,可在京东,苹果零售店买到。






安锋网 7 月 26 日消息,上个月,“愤怒的小鸟”系列游戏开发商 Rovio 宣布与美国知名玩具公司 Hasbro 合作研发《愤怒的小鸟:变形金刚》游戏,现在 Rovio 发布了首支视频预告。  

【Maker Voice】一个创业者眼中的创客运动及其未来

看到这个题目,是不是感觉“话风”忽然变了?对滴,Maker Voice 在尝试做一些改变(具体参见文末),比如邀请一些创业者讲讲创业经历和产品,邀请投资人聊聊硬件创投环境和投资理念,邀请热心读者盘点下他们喜欢的产品。

谷歌App Engine开始支持Dart编程语言

在今年早些时候的谷歌I/O开发者大会上,谷歌悄悄宣布,计划使AppEngine支持Dart编程语言。尽管最终花费的时间超出了许多人的预期,但从今天开始,开发者将可以在谷歌App Engine的Mange VM中运行服务器侧的Dart应用。

Stowaway Chihuahua reminds you to inspect your suitcase for dogs before traveling

A sneaky Chihuahua made it all the way to LaGuardia Airport in its owner's luggage — only to have the trip spoiled by the Transportation Security Administration.Airport security found the dog inside a checked bag, and safely returned it to its owner, according to TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein.

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