How good is your child's school? Microsoft Bing will tell you

How do you know which schools are good and which are bad? Don't worry, Microsoft has your back. You see, now Bing can tell you if a school is terrible or not.Read more:

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Blogging Platform Medium Takes A Firmer Stance On Harassment And Revenge Porn

It’s time to clean up the Internet, apparently. Blogging platform Medium this week joined Google and Microsoft as well as other social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and more recently Reddit, in taking a firmer stance on how it will handle online harassment,

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Windows Phone 8.1

Of all the mobile platforms out there, Windows Phone 8.1 was literally the absolute last option I ever thought I would land upon. I had a burning hatred for Windows on the mobile side.Read more:

Are marketing clouds finally ready to get social media right?

Software leaders are once again tipping their toes into social media but this time they're being considerably more cautious.

We must take data more seriously to deliver greater productivity

It's high time businesses and consumers realise the value of data.

SMEs look to RPA to improve GDPR compliance and staff productivity

It seems that many SMBs are already unlocking the power of RPA to improve efficiency, allowing them to use their best asset - their employees – to focus on and undertake more transformative activities.

Data: transforming the energy sector and generating customer loyalty through AI

AI and data analytics can provide energy service providers with greater insight into the wants and needs of their customers.

NHS to get £500m tech investment

Health secretary Matt Hancock stresses need for digital transformation in healthcare.

Too human? Keeping the personal touch in customer contact

Through automation and AI, contact centres can deliver even greater personalisation while reducing strain on employees.

Technology doesn’t mean you can forget the basics of customer service

There is no excuse to forget the basic rules of customer service; technology can be used to enhance this – not replace. So, what are these rules - and how can businesses get them right?

iPhone 5S, Galaxy S5 Logitech Protection+ case saves your smartphone from 1.8m drops

Sadly, smartphones can be a bit fragile. Luckily Logitech has invented the Protection+ case for durability that still manages to be stylish.Read more:

Official Microsoft advice: "Choose bad passwords and always reuse them"

Conventional security wisdom says that you should use complicated passwords with a different one for each and every website that you visit. Microsoft now says that's wrong.Read more:

ICO is guilty of its own data breach

The Information Commissioner mentioned the breach, but buried deep in the ICO’s annual report, leading to questions being asked about why he wasn’t more forthright.Read more:

阿里YunOS 3.0发布时间确认:MX4会有吗?

在1799元MX4的带动下,阿里YunOS 3.0最近被曝光的机会还是蛮多的。现在,它终于要正式和我们见面了。@YunOS官方微博今天上午宣布,阿里云将于10月20日在北京发布YunOS 3.

[视频]造访康宁工厂 看看强韧的大猩猩玻璃是如何测试的


无明显改动:苹果发布OS X 10.10.2 Beta 4

威锋网讯 12 月 21 日消息,苹果今天向开发者发布了第四个 OS X 10.10.2 测试版,版本号为 14C81h,此时距离上一个测试版的发布还不到 10 天的时间。根据开发者的透露,与 Beta 3 相比,OS X 10.10.

疯狂的Java算法——插入排序,归并排序以及并行归并排序 - 左潇龙

从古至今的难题 在IT届有一道百算不厌其烦的题,俗称排序。不管是你参加BAT等高端笔试,亦或是藏匿于街头小巷的草根笔试,都会经常见到这样一道百年难得一解的问题。



The Similarities and Differences Between C# and Java -- Part 1(译) - xiaozhi_5638

原文地址目录介绍(Introduction)相似点(Similarities)编译单位(Compiled Units)命名空间(Namespaces)顶层成员(类型)(Top Level Elements(Types))基础类型(Basic Types)类(Classes)结构体(Structure...

Twitter 面向安卓用户发布要点回顾功能

如果你开始觉得追踪所有推文有点累了,Twitter 刚刚发布的一项新功能“要点回顾”(Highlights)能帮到你,前提是你有一部安卓手机。 在今年早些时候,Twitter 发布了“当你离开时”(WhileYou Were Away)的功能… Read More


你们 + 我们 + 他们 = 一些有用的东西 你知道如何讲述用户故事么?你是通过什么方式知道的?你确定你不是凑 ...

PayPal buys international money transfer company Xoom for $890 million

PayPal is ready to make some new friendsPayPal has reached an agreement to buy money transfer company Xoom for $890 million, a move that brings millions of international customers to the company.

HipCamp Wants To Be Airbnb For Camping

Last weekend, my friends and I went camping at a private spot in Big Sur that has the only fresh water swimming hole in the area. It’d previously been off-limits, but thanks to a new service called HipCamp, anyone can now book it online. How’s it work?Read more...

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