Global IT spending set for major growth in 2019

IT expenditure across the world will hit $3.8 trillion next year, according to Gartner.

47 Startups That Launched At Y Combinator Winter 2015 Demo Day 2

Y Combinator got so big, it had to split its Demo Day in two. During today’s second wave we saw a variety of promising biotech, marketplace, enterprise, and financial tech startups. Yesterday we chronicled 50 consumer, B2B, developer, and hardware companies. With bigger and bigger batches,

The History Of Gaming: An Evolving Community

Since its commercial birth in the 1950s as a technological oddity at a science fair, gaming has blossomed into one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world.

Cybercrime could cost companies $5.2 trillion over next five years

As companies rush to enable digital business models as fast as possible, they leave the doors open for possible cybersecurity incidents.

Cybersecurity funding hit record levels in 2018

$5.3 billion invested into cybersecurity organisations last year.

IBM and Vodafone sign major new tech partnership

The two parties want to help businesses everywhere innovate faster and ultimately succeed in the digital world.

Three steps for avoiding devastating security breaches

With the cost of endpoint attacks climbing to a record average of $7.12 million, the stakes have never been higher. Companies must act fast.

Smarter and more connected technology will lead intelligent transformation in 2019

In 2019, the dawn of limitless connectivity, full automation and immersion into extended realities will inch closer than ever before.

China says Huawei 5G ban will mean "repercussions"

Trade war continues to heat up following latest Huawei warning.

Mis-valuation of data poses a huge threat to businesses

A business must fully understand the value of its data if it is to protect it properly.

Soothing the headache of compliance overload: a look at PCI DSS and GDPR

To better understand the two regulations’ similarities and differences, it is important to explore them in more detail. Here’s a closer look.

Blockchain can revolutionise UK business

UK and global supply chains will be fully transformed within the next five to seven years.

Where there’s risk, there are rewards: educating for careers in cybersecurity

Marie Hattar of Keysight Technologies looks at how the cybersecurity skills gap can be closed by attracting new talent to the industry.

谷歌在旧金山教会区设立新办公区 专接纳初创公司

针对最近频发的科技公司班车停靠抗议事件,日前,谷歌公司又制定了又一个应对计划--在旧金山教会区(Mission District)中心地段接收一个3.5万平方英尺的建筑楼作为谷歌收购到的初创公司的工作场所。

Chumby 带着 1000 个 App 重出江湖

分类: 网络产品有听过 Chumby 吗?没印象的话也不怪你,毕竟我们自己都差点忘了这东西曾经存过。


甩掉手机业务的诺基亚,复兴之路再次获得市场的肯定。据海外媒体报道,诺基亚将再次成为EuroStoxx 50指数成分股企业。EuroStoxx 50指数又被称为欧洲蓝筹股指数,是由欧洲市场上市的50只顶级股票组成的平均指数。



十八、EnterpriseFrameWork框架核心类库之Winform控制器 - kakake

回《【开源】EnterpriseFrameWork框架系列文章索引》 EFW框架源代码下载: EFW框架中的WinController控制器可以说是整个Winform版中最具有价值的地方,能够熟练使用它的话,可以让你写得代码结构清...



Twitter Suddenly Locks Thousands Of Accounts, Likely In Error

Did you just get an e-mail from Twitter letting you know that your account had been locked? You’re not alone — not at all. There seems to be a MASSIVE upspike in the number of users complaining about their accounts being locked right now.

Google Panda is the April Fools' joke you wish was a real product

It's already April Fools' Day in Japan and Google isn't wasting any time.In a video posted to Google Japan's YouTube page, the company introduced Google Panda, its new adorable take on voice-enabled search."Google Panda is engineered with state of the art emotional and conversational intelligence,

Google’s ATAP Wants To Eliminate Passwords For Good

ATAP, Google’s advanced research unit, showed a new project at the company’s I/O developer conference today that aims to replace mobile passwords with a new system that looks at your typing patterns and other signals as you go through the day.

Stratasys Spins Off Bold Machines, Its 3D Printing Incubation Unit Run By MakerBot’s Bre Pettis

Some more reorganization afoot at Stratasys, the 3D printing and manufacturing company: it has announced that it has spun off Bold Machines, a unit of the company founded in September 2014 focused on incubating new products made with 3D printing. Bre Pettis,

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