Global IT spending set for major growth in 2019

IT expenditure across the world will hit $3.8 trillion next year, according to Gartner.

47 Startups That Launched At Y Combinator Winter 2015 Demo Day 2

Y Combinator got so big, it had to split its Demo Day in two. During today’s second wave we saw a variety of promising biotech, marketplace, enterprise, and financial tech startups. Yesterday we chronicled 50 consumer, B2B, developer, and hardware companies. With bigger and bigger batches,

The History Of Gaming: An Evolving Community

Since its commercial birth in the 1950s as a technological oddity at a science fair, gaming has blossomed into one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world.

UK tech sector still able to attract talent despite Brexit

However EU talent may end up looking elsewhere in the future.

Privacy International points finger at seven companies for data gathering

Information Commissioner's office will be conducting audits on several major tech companies accused of breaching GDPR.

Five ways to drive customer conversion rates in your stores

If you don’t track traffic or measure conversion rate in all your stores today, simply put, you are missing out on an entirely new way to drive sales.

EU 'close' to digital tax on tech giants

French Minister says the deal will have Germany's support.

Consumer phones in the workplace: does it make business sense?

It is important for businesses to understand what they are getting themselves into if they hope to gain real long-term benefits from their mobility strategy.

SAP snaps up Qualtrics in $8bn deal

Software maker was set to go public next week.

Harnessing the power of data network effects

How do you build data network effects into your products and services?

Soothing the headache of compliance overload: a look at PCI DSS and GDPR

To better understand the two regulations’ similarities and differences, it is important to explore them in more detail. Here’s a closer look.

Blockchain can revolutionise UK business

UK and global supply chains will be fully transformed within the next five to seven years.

Where there’s risk, there are rewards: educating for careers in cybersecurity

Marie Hattar of Keysight Technologies looks at how the cybersecurity skills gap can be closed by attracting new talent to the industry.

Sean Parker Leaves Founders Fund

On the heels of the news that Founders Fund has raised a massive $1 billion for its fifth fund, the venture capital firm is slimming down its top ranks, with now-former partner Sean Parker stepping down.



How Astrophysicists Hope To Turn the Entire Moon Into a Cosmic Ray Detector

KentuckyFC writes One of the great mysteries in astrophysics surrounds the origin of ultra-high energy cosmic rays, which can have energies of 10^20 electron volts and beyond. To put that in context, that's a single proton with the same energy as a baseball flying at 100 kilometers per hour.


亚马逊在第三季度净亏损4.37亿美元,同比扩大近10倍,很大程度是因为它对Fire Phone智能手机和流媒体视频服务的巨大投入,该手机销售低迷。那么,亚马逊为什么要烧钱发展这两项跟它主营的在线零售业务毫不相关的业务呢?

Netflix 首席产品官谈公司未来:将 4K 互联网视频送到客厅

最新的一份研究报告称,Netflix 在全美网络流量上所占的份额已经超过 35%。由此可见,Netflix 已经成为非常受欢迎的流媒体服务。

大屏iPhone发布后 iPad似乎被冷落了不少?

威锋网讯,有了大屏幕的 iPhone 后,你会冷落你的 iPad 吗?分析师作出的预测,很可能会成为事实了,根据来自 Pocket 应用的数据显示,大屏 iPhone 正在进一步蚕食 iPad 的利用率,也就是说—iPad 被冷落了。  

Solar Impulse Safely Lands in East China—But the Hardest Leg's to Come

Yesterday, the solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse successfully touched down in Nanjing, China, completing the Asian leg of its global trip. Next, though, comes one of the toughest parts of the journey: crossing the Pacific Ocean.Read more...

Instacart Adds Smart & Final To Its Retailers

Instacart has added Smart & Final to the list of retailers it works with for its food delivery service. Founded in 2012, the Y Combinator graduate has raised $275 million to date. Like many other on-demand startups,

OpenFlow消息 - best.lei

Openflow消息总共分为三大类: 1、Controller‐to‐Switch 控制器至交换机消息此类消息由控制器主动发出  Features 用来获取交换机特性  Configuration 用来配置Openflow交换机  Modify‐State 用来修改交换机状态...


据外媒TheVerge报道,很久之前,一些科技公司认为为体重秤加上无线连接功能是个很好的主意。为此,Fbiti推出了一款叫做Aria的产品,之后,法国公司Withings也加入这一领域,带来了Withings WS-30,随后又发布了Withings Smart Body Analyzer(智能身体分析器)。日前,该市场又新增了一名成员--Polar Balance。

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