UK businesses struggling to juggle demands of new technology

Between employees, customers and the wider society - who do you prioritise?

Putting security and performance on a level playing field

Is a compromised user worse than a non-productive user?

Setting DevSecOps free with pervasive visibility

The demands of facilitating a secure continuous service delivery pipeline can often mean that DevSecOps is required to build, test, integrate and deploy several new releases a day.

Citizen developers: The future of automation in the workplace

Agile is now a recognised practice of iterative small improvement across the business. Think of the possibilities if automation could be applied across other parts of businesses.

Europe making good progress on open data

However more work still needs to be done, report claims.

Microsoft could face major EU GDPR fine

Report claims Microsoft has secretly been collecting EU user data on usage of Office products.

SE Asia set for major internet explosion

Internet economy in Southeast Asia will hit $240 billion by 2025, Google report claims.

Black Friday security alert as hackers spoof popular brands

Shoppers need to be extra careful during the holiday season, report warns.

UK leading the way in the data centre market

40,000 new square metres of data centre added in the UK every year, study finds.

Global IT spending set for major growth in 2019

IT expenditure across the world will hit $3.8 trillion next year, according to Gartner.

Soothing the headache of compliance overload: a look at PCI DSS and GDPR

To better understand the two regulations’ similarities and differences, it is important to explore them in more detail. Here’s a closer look.




- 中国酒店市场下半年景气更趋消极 北京2014年10月14日电 /美通社/ -- 浩华管理顾问公司于近日发布的《2014年下半年中国酒店市场景气调查报告》显示:中国酒店市场2014年下半年的市场景气更趋消极。

BlackBerry 状况好转,但功臣并非手机

程守宗坐上 BlackBerry CEO 的位子已经有一个年头了,他用来拯救公司的大计划,虽还不至于说能让 BlackBerry 重返昔日的荣耀,但至少到目前为止,亏出去的钞票确实已经大为减少了。

Anthem Admits Up to 18.8 Million Non-Customers Could've Been Hacked Too

Earlier this month, health insurer Anthem was hit by a massive hack . Now, it's admitted that between 8.8 million and 18.8 million people who are not its customers could also be victims in the attack.Read more...



直播应用 Meerkat 自行开发推荐用户功能,对抗 Periscope

Twitter 精心设计的 直播应用 Periscope 已经上市,Meerkat 则需要强化自己的社交图谱来防止用户流失。

对弈类游戏的人工智能(3)--博弈树优化 - mumuxinfei

前言: 对弈类游戏的智能算法, 网上资料颇多, 大同小异. 然而书上得来终觉浅, 绝知此事要躬行. 结合了自己的工程实践, 简单汇总整理下. 一方面是对当年的经典>表达敬意, 另一方面, 也想对自己当年的游戏编程人生做下回顾.



2 块屏幕、3 个摄像头,LG 的新手机有点酷

See the sun as a work of art in this ultra-HD NASA video

A new video of the sun in ultra-HD shows our closest star shooting off flares and shining in all its glory.

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