Deals for Oct. 18: AncestryDNA, CBD oil, coffee makers, noise-cancelling headphones, Echo Dot, and m

Who's looking for a good deal? We've rounded up the best deals from Amazon and Walmart, with sales on headphones, kitchen gear, plenty of Amazon devices, and more. There are also some great deals on adult learning classes from Udemy.SEE ALSO: Want to test your DNA?

Enroll in online film school for $29 and start earning that future Oscar

Awards season is now in full swing. All the cinematic masterpieces that made a splash in the past year are now getting accolades from around the globe. There's Alfonso Cuarón's Roma, Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born, Ryan Coogler's Black Panther, Barry Jenkins' If Beale Street Could Talk,

Treat your dog with this bacon-flavored CBD oil for pets, on sale for 29% off

You've probably heard about some of the anecdotal medical benefits of CBD for us humans, but did you know that your dog can get in on the action, too? No, you won't find doggie doobies on pet store shelves anytime soon,

9 of the best drones according to Amazon reviews

Over the past few years, drones and quadcopters have become more accessible. The cost of designing and manufacturing a good quality drone has gone down, so now more and more people can take up the hobby or up their photography game with impressive and daring photos and videos.

Facebook to teens: Plz laugh at these old memes

Facebook, as part of its never-ending quest to win over teens, is now working on a feature just for memes and funny viral content.The social network is experimenting with something it's calling "LOL," according to TechCrunch, which got a look at some early beta versions of the feature. 

New self-driving features are about to make the road safer for terrible drivers

Distracted? Tired? Bad at staying in your lane? Just plain out of it? Don't worry, your car's got you.While fully autonomous vehicles might not be here for awhile, new driver assistance systems are so advanced you'll feel like you're in a self-driving car. 

Spotify's rumored $100 music player is a great idea, thinks dumb person with cash to burn

So you've got a $100 to spare. Maybe grandma included a crisp hundo in this year's birthday card, or, hell, let's just say you're a brain genius who always has extra cash laying around. Yeah, let's go with that. The question is, just what are you going to do with your excess wealth?

The Weather Channel previews ice storm in scary immersive mixed reality

Let Jim Cantore scare you into staying inside this weekend.The Weather Channel meteorologist stars in a new video previewing this weekend's winter storm, which is set to strike the Midwest and Northeast. Like the network's previous videos about storm surges and wildfires,

Gifts for people who learned everything they know from watching period dramas

Period dramas and historical fiction shows are popular for a reason. They have dope costumes, great characters, and they offer the opportunity to take a peek at a usually glitzed-up version of the past. Some can even teach people a thing or two about history. 

Rumor says one chip maker will supply chips for iPhones, Macs, and *gasp* Apple Car

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is often right about Apple's plans well before they become public. And his latest report might sound tame at first, but — if correct — it has tremendous implications for Apple products down the line. 

Lyft raises $2 million for ACLU after asking passengers to round up fares

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been taking on the Trump administration since election day, but when Trump first signed his travel ban on Muslim immigrants coming to the U.S. last January, donations to the legal nonprofit took off. Turns out,

Court Halts Aereo Service in Utah

Twenty-First Century Fox Inc.'s television network won a court order halting Barry Diller-backed Aereo Inc.'s online-TV service in Utah while the U.S. Supreme Court weighs whether it infringes broadcasters' copyrights.U.S. District Judge Dale A.

伊坎与eBay和解 放弃分拆PayPal提议

eBay周四宣布,已与激进投资者卡尔·伊坎(Carl Icahn)达成和解,从而避免了即将到来的代理权争夺战。根据该和解协议,伊坎同意放弃之前提出的分拆PayPal业务和任命两位新董事的提议。


2014年4月8日,XP宣布正式停止服务的日子,也是Openssl爆出大漏洞的日子。 整个下午我们都处于应急状 […]


5月22日,作为中国最大的自营电子商务企业,京东正式在美国纳斯达克证券交易所挂牌上市,虽然国际资本市场环境并不 […]


联想集团今天下午将发布多款智能硬件,包括智能眼镜、智能空气净化器、智能路由器;富士康全国性扩工,或紧急备战iPhone 6;天音控股:盛大文学收购塔读文学报道不实;库克忙不停,2014年已收购29家公司;北京市政府联合百度发布健康云。

Deal: Grab Lenovo's Windows 8.1 ThinkPad 10 tablet for only $399.99

If you're thinking about getting yourself a shiny new Windows 8.1 tablet with solid specifications and a budget-friendly price tag, look no further, as Lenovo is offering the ThinkPad 10 at an extremely affordable price. Customers can get the Lenovo ThinkPad 10 for just $399.

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威锋网10月7日消息,根据台媒 DigiTimes 最新报道称,来自台湾半导体行业的消息人士透露,尽管三星一直在试图提供低额报价吸引苹果开出 A9 处理器的量产大订单,但这家韩国公司可能很难有把握赢得苹果的青睐,因为三星在生产 14nm 制程工艺的芯片良品率上一直未能达标。  

谷歌眼镜变身导游 语音图片导览带你畅游展览

据法媒“”11月8日报道,近期,法国雕塑师、画家和电影导演妮基•桑法勒(Niki de Saint Phalle)的作品在巴黎大皇宫美术馆展出。展览期间,美术馆首次使用谷歌眼镜作为导览,为参观者提供方便直观的导览讲解。



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