Apple sends invites to Oct. 30 event, new iPad Pros expected

More new Apple devices are coming.As if this month wasn't already jam-packed with new product announcements from every company under the sun, Apple's just sent out invitations for an event on Oct.

Apple's holiday ad is inspirational, but barely includes any Apple products

This year's Apple holiday ad is an animated story meant to inspire you to "Share Your Gifts," meaning your creativity, skills, and art. It's also meant to inspire you to buy someone you love a creativity-inspiring device like the new iPad Pro or MacBook. Without any dialogue,

11 Perfect 'Fortnite' Gifts

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Turn any surface into a touch screen with this device — Future Blink

The Puppy Cube mirrors what is playing on mobile, and projects it onto a larger surface. There is even a horizontal mode for big screen viewings. The device looks ideal for creative work, presentations,

Comedian Dion Flynn creates a bizarrely perfect backstory for this Bob Ross painting — The Bob

Comedian Dion Flynn takes the Bob Ross Challenge, and gives us the story of "Old Blue Coat."The Bob Ross Challenge is not affiliated with The Joy of Painting or its producers. Read more...More about Art, Diy, Comedy, Painting, and Arts Culture And Entertainment

This site lets you submit your own monster, which they'll archive like a top-secret CIA file

This is An Ode to...,a weekly column where we share the stuff we're really into in hopes that you'll be really into it, too.If you love urban legends and creepy internet creatures, look no further than The SCP Foundation, a website dedicated to collecting information on supernatural creatures,

A definitive list of all the actual crimes in 'Crimes of Grindelwald' and their severity

Now that we've had some time to process Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, we couldn't help wondering: What about the crimes? We've talked about theories and canon and the promise/peril of franchise, but this movie is about literal crimes. Who committed them, why did they commit them,

Save $60 on the Amazon Fire TV Cube ahead of Black Friday

With all the devices on sale for Black Friday, now is a great time to turn your house into a smart home — or help a loved one do the same. There are many things on sale this year that every smart home will be happy to have, but one of our favorite deals is on the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

We got a hands-on look at the colorful iPhone XR — Mashable Reviews

Our tech editor Pete Pachal got a hands-on look at the iPhone XR. Pretty colors, stunning camera, and a lot cheaper than the XS and other smartphones. Could this phone be the most bang for your buck this year? Read more...More about Iphone, Mashable Video, Iphone Xr, Mashable Reviews, and Tech

First look at the iPhone XR: Pretty colors, big screen, and an impressive selfie camera

Apple isn't done releasing iPhones this year. The colorful, kinda-sorta affordable iPhone XR is launching on Oct. 26, starting at $749, which follows the OMG-so-expensive iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which infamously start at $999 and go all the way up to $1,449.In advance of the iPhone XR's debut,

Get some much-needed space for your iPhone or iPad with a SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive on sale at Amaz

It's no secret that iPhones and iPads are among our favorite devices. But one of the most annoying things about them is that there's no way to expand the memory, meaning you're basically stuck with what you've got. This can put you in a tough spot once that storage starts to run out,


Visual Studio是目前最流行的Windows平台应用程序开发环境,今天微软为其推出了必应代码搜索扩展 […]

一次集群架构的讨论所引发的思考---榜样啊榜样。 - 左潇龙

程序猿的起点 回头一看,已然做了程序猿两年多了,这两年里,虽然不算风风雨雨,但也算坎坎坷坷吧。

Web Responsive Table, 只需CSS使table在手机和平板中完美显示 - Jennie Ji

在做responsive或者手机版页面的时候,经常碰到在手机和平板中会因为长度问题把页面撑大。最近看到一个比较好,比较方便的方法,而且仅仅用CSS 2就可以实现!实例URL:

Intel cloud boss: We need a new language to quantify trust in the digital world

At the Trust in the Digital world summit in Vienna, Intel’s trust & security technology & policy manager Claire Vishik spoke about why we need a new language to quantify trust in the digital world. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

苹果下架流行大麻游戏Weed Firm

众所周知,苹果会对App Store应用进行内容审查。但和所有的审查一样,什么应用上架什么应用下架没什么客观标准。而另一个众所周知的事实是,如果你太受欢迎的话审查者更有可能盯上你。




减肥的招数有千百种,但喝咖啡减肥的方式你可曾听说?虽然听起来不大靠谱,研究结果却告诉我们这是真的,但你得先在咖啡里加点黄油。  黄油咖啡减肥的方式并非空穴来风。

PS4 国行上市 好消息:不锁区;坏消息:锁 PSN

索尼国行 PS4/PSV 游戏主机今天上市,消息证实不锁区但锁 PSN,意味着玩家只能和国内用户联机。PS4 普通版(带手柄)售价 2899 元起,PSV 售价 1299 元。


一家名叫Genius的公司正在测试一款工具,希望帮助用户在任何网页上添加注释。1994年,马克·安德森(Marc Andreessen)推出了网景浏览器,他无意间为后来的Genius奠定了基础。

Visor Lets You Look Through Other’s Eyes

As we move into our telemetric future, we will soon be able to mediate our experience in the world through apps. Already we can live the lives of others, vicariously, through Meerkat. We can see photos of the food of others with Instagram. And now, thanks to Visor,

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