Massive 4K TV sale: Save $500 to a ridiculous $2,000 on three different sizes of LG 4K TVs on Amazon

Heading into the cooler months means it's time to get cozy with a good movie, or binge-watch the latest Netflix show. (Seriously, how great is Haunting of Hill House?!)SEE ALSO: Get the Apple iPad Pro on sale for $50 off at Walmart,

Did you lose a pigeon dressed in a tiny bedazzled vest? He's been found.

Hey, if you lost your bedazzled pigeon, he's safe and sound at a bird sanctuary in Arizona. A young male pigeon, inexplicably dressed in a rhinestone-studded vest, was found in Glendale, Arizona on Nov. 10. He's been under the care of Fallen Feathers ever since. SEE ALSO:

Gritty was the face of Philadelphia's protest against the alt-right

Gritty continues to be the chaotic voice of resistance. The colorful Philadelphia Flyers mascot, also our collective son whom we love and cherish, was the face of an anti-Proud Boy protest on Saturday. SEE ALSO:

Apple's new iPad Pro 'folds like a piece of paper' during a stress test

Apple would probably rather skip the references to Bendgate. It's not like anyone's walking around with an iPad Pro in their pocket, right?That may be true, but it's still alarming to see just how fragile the newly released iPad Pro actually is.

Texas schools make slavery a 'central' fact of the Civil War and no one can believe it

Kids in Texas will finally learn that slavery was the primary reason for all the fighting during the Civil War, and people can't believe it took the state this long to decide that. The state Board of Education confirmed that starting in 2019,

Bill Maher incurs the internet's wrath after belittling Stan Lee and comic books

Commentator Bill Maher disparaged Stan Lee, the seminal creator of iconic comic book superheroes like Spider-Man, The Hulk, and The Fantastic Four, in an unsolicited 293-word Saturday morning blog titled "Adulting.

'The Crimes of Grindelwald' makes a major Harry Potter canon blunder

Critics everywhere have slammed the latest Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, as there's an absurd amount of confounding plot crammed into the 134-minute film. Yet, the film carries a problematic canonical oversight, too:

Netflex tweeted an answer to the question on every 'Dogs' fan's mind

Dogs is the smartest six-hour Netflix binge anyone can commit to. It's also, notably, a safe watch for all dog-lovers.If you, like anyone who has ever owned and/or loved a dog, saw the Dogs announcement and immediately wondered if any of the documentary's sweet good boys and girls die,

9 online courses that could help you build the next 'Pokémon Go'

Want to launch the next big app? Having a million dollar idea is only half the battle.If you really want to build something that will become as big as Uber, Venmo, or even Pokémon Go, you need to create a well-functioning app that's easy for users to tap, swipe, and navigate. Let's be honest:

Why Instagram Is Better On Desktop

Read more...More about Instagram, Desktop, Mashable Reels, Culture, and Web Culture

Apple sends invites to Oct. 30 event, new iPad Pros expected

More new Apple devices are coming.As if this month wasn't already jam-packed with new product announcements from every company under the sun, Apple's just sent out invitations for an event on Oct.





图片对比感受LG G3那块2K屏幕的精细

LG G3 是首款采用 QHD 分辨率屏幕的国际品牌智能手机,QHD 屏幕与 1080p 以及 720p 屏幕相比,像素点明显更多。




360:2014年7月手机游戏指数——信息图 您可能也喜欢的文章: 360:2014年Q2中国平均每款手机应用盗版数达26.

121 new Lego models revealed in confidential catalog leak

A confidential Lego catalog for 2015 has been leaked, revealing 121 images of new sets. Users have posted a full mirror of the 121-image haul here, including some really cool models like this Flatiron Building in the Architecture line:Read more...

围观世界各地iPhone 6/6 Plus发售盛况

激动人心的时刻终于到了!iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6 Plus 终于上市。当我们还在纠结着如何到香港抢机时,首批发售国家和地区的顾客已经行动起来,赶早排队抢购。每年的新款 iPhone 抢购壮观景象又一次重现。

PANTONE® 官方公布 2015 年度代表色:Marsala 沉穩棗紅

每年的 12 月 Pantone 都一如往常的釋出明年的代表色,今年為 Marsala,Pantone 18-1438,被形容為「自然穩重且樸實的紅色」,也被形容為像是葡萄酒的色調,回顧一下 2012 年的熱情活躍的「Tangerine Tango 探戈橘」、2013 年典雅卻又充滿活力的「Emerald 綠寶石翡翠色」,以及 2014 年典雅的「Radiant Orchid 蘭花紫」,Marsala 更富有主角級的存在感。

These Utah College Students Have Millions Of Dollars To Invest In Your Startup

University Venture Fund where Callas works, is a venture capital firm based in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The fund lets college students source and put together deals for possible startup investments.

Tiny renegade owl has a standoff with Boulder deputies

A fierce showdown between Boulder County deputies and a teeny owl on Thursday ended in thousands of "aww"s after a photo of the standoff went viral on TwitterThe Colorado deputies were driving along a road near an undisclosed campground when they came across this fluffy beast known as the Northern Saw-whet OwlSee also:

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