Coffee makers on sale: Shop Ninja, Black+Decker, and Hamilton Beach at Walmart

It's a great time to be a coffee fiend, y'all.When it comes to getting your daily caffeine dose, heading over to your local coffee shop can feel convenient — until it doesn't. (AKA when you suddenly realize you're spending $40 a week on coffee. Oops.) That, my friends,

Apple's holiday ad is inspirational, but barely includes any Apple products

This year's Apple holiday ad is an animated story meant to inspire you to "Share Your Gifts," meaning your creativity, skills, and art. It's also meant to inspire you to buy someone you love a creativity-inspiring device like the new iPad Pro or MacBook. Without any dialogue,

11 Perfect 'Fortnite' Gifts

Read more...More about Mashable Reels, Fortnite, Fornite Gifts, Loot Llama, and Tech

Turn any surface into a touch screen with this device — Future Blink

The Puppy Cube mirrors what is playing on mobile, and projects it onto a larger surface. There is even a horizontal mode for big screen viewings. The device looks ideal for creative work, presentations,

Comedian Dion Flynn creates a bizarrely perfect backstory for this Bob Ross painting — The Bob

Comedian Dion Flynn takes the Bob Ross Challenge, and gives us the story of "Old Blue Coat."The Bob Ross Challenge is not affiliated with The Joy of Painting or its producers. Read more...More about Art, Diy, Comedy, Painting, and Arts Culture And Entertainment

This site lets you submit your own monster, which they'll archive like a top-secret CIA file

This is An Ode to...,a weekly column where we share the stuff we're really into in hopes that you'll be really into it, too.If you love urban legends and creepy internet creatures, look no further than The SCP Foundation, a website dedicated to collecting information on supernatural creatures,

A definitive list of all the actual crimes in 'Crimes of Grindelwald' and their severity

Now that we've had some time to process Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, we couldn't help wondering: What about the crimes? We've talked about theories and canon and the promise/peril of franchise, but this movie is about literal crimes. Who committed them, why did they commit them,

Save $60 on the Amazon Fire TV Cube ahead of Black Friday

With all the devices on sale for Black Friday, now is a great time to turn your house into a smart home — or help a loved one do the same. There are many things on sale this year that every smart home will be happy to have, but one of our favorite deals is on the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Maybe 'American Horror Story' shouldn't have given a mass shooter a happy ending

Most of the characters on American Horror Story don’t deserve a happy ending. There are a few true heroes scattered around its seven and three-quarters seasons — the life-loving witch Misty Day, the well intentioned Kit Walker, Cordelia Goode,

Massive 4K TV sale: Save $500 to a ridiculous $2,000 on three different sizes of LG 4K TVs on Amazon

Heading into the cooler months means it's time to get cozy with a good movie, or binge-watch the latest Netflix show. (Seriously, how great is Haunting of Hill House?!)SEE ALSO: Get the Apple iPad Pro on sale for $50 off at Walmart,

9 online courses that could help you build the next 'Pokémon Go'

Want to launch the next big app? Having a million dollar idea is only half the battle.If you really want to build something that will become as big as Uber, Venmo, or even Pokémon Go, you need to create a well-functioning app that's easy for users to tap, swipe, and navigate. Let's be honest:

Google's Project Ara Could Bring PC-Like Hardware Ecosystem To Phones

An anonymous reader writes "Now that Google's modular phone effort, Project Ara, looks a bit less like vaporware, people are starting to figure out its implications for the future of cellphones.

如何判断一款西文字体是 text 还是 display 字体?

先搞好歷史概念,一切便容易明白:Display跟Text、Caption等字號概念是由金屬活字而來-意指,例如「為Times New Roman金屬活字在不同字號下仍能保持Times New Roman風格」而出現。

Toy Story Smash It, Jelly Car 3, and four other Disney games are free for the next two weeks


广州2014年11月4日电 /美通社/ -- 11月2日下午,广州话剧艺术中心13号剧院座无虚席,一场话剧艺术盛宴正在上演。





关于多选属性如何在OO中表示呢? - 星空物语

在电子商务系统中 关于产品属性的问题会设计如下几个表产品信息 Product选项信息表 Option 存储 Size Color....选项值信息表 OptionValue 存储每个选项的值信息 比如 X,XL;red blue 等值信息选项--选项值信息表OptionToValue...

Graphene Could Be Used to Neutralize Cancer Stem Cells

Graphene has a frankly overwhelming array of amazing possible uses, from body armor to seeing through walls . To that list, you can perhaps add the ability to fight cancer, too.Read more...


- S-19611A支持高精度电流感测并有助于降低发动机控制单元(ECU)功耗 - 日本千叶--(美国商业资讯)--精工电子有限公司(SII)宣布推出双路零漂移运算放大器S-19611A,该系列产品经过AEC-Q100认证,可应用于汽车,非常适合放大极小的传感器信号。


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