A bunch of burning questions finally got answered on 'American Horror Story'

"I'm Constance Langdon. And this is my fucking house." It has been almost four years since Jessica Lange last graced the American Horror Story universe as Elsa Mars in Freak Show. Fortunately, the horrendous, Lange-less dry spell was squelched last night when, in Episode 6 of American Horror Story:

Apple's holiday ad is inspirational, but barely includes any Apple products

This year's Apple holiday ad is an animated story meant to inspire you to "Share Your Gifts," meaning your creativity, skills, and art. It's also meant to inspire you to buy someone you love a creativity-inspiring device like the new iPad Pro or MacBook. Without any dialogue,

11 Perfect 'Fortnite' Gifts

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Turn any surface into a touch screen with this device — Future Blink

The Puppy Cube mirrors what is playing on mobile, and projects it onto a larger surface. There is even a horizontal mode for big screen viewings. The device looks ideal for creative work, presentations,

Comedian Dion Flynn creates a bizarrely perfect backstory for this Bob Ross painting — The Bob

Comedian Dion Flynn takes the Bob Ross Challenge, and gives us the story of "Old Blue Coat."The Bob Ross Challenge is not affiliated with The Joy of Painting or its producers. Read more...More about Art, Diy, Comedy, Painting, and Arts Culture And Entertainment

This site lets you submit your own monster, which they'll archive like a top-secret CIA file

This is An Ode to...,a weekly column where we share the stuff we're really into in hopes that you'll be really into it, too.If you love urban legends and creepy internet creatures, look no further than The SCP Foundation, a website dedicated to collecting information on supernatural creatures,

A definitive list of all the actual crimes in 'Crimes of Grindelwald' and their severity

Now that we've had some time to process Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, we couldn't help wondering: What about the crimes? We've talked about theories and canon and the promise/peril of franchise, but this movie is about literal crimes. Who committed them, why did they commit them,

Save $60 on the Amazon Fire TV Cube ahead of Black Friday

With all the devices on sale for Black Friday, now is a great time to turn your house into a smart home — or help a loved one do the same. There are many things on sale this year that every smart home will be happy to have, but one of our favorite deals is on the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Watch a wildfire spark to life in high-tech Weather Channel video

The Weather Channel wants to put you in the middle of a wildfire. The channel, known for realistic depictions of storm surges during hurricanes, is now mimicking the extremes of a wildfire thanks to some high-tech graphics.

Lean into your menial workhorse job with Panasonic's human blinders

Look, it's past time you stopped pretending. Despite the painstakingly curated LinkedIn profile, Twitter bio worded just so, and daily effort to convince yourself otherwise, deep down you know the truth:

iPhone XS Battery Surprise

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Report shows 88 per cent of Brits believe their phones are tapped

The overwhelming majority of respondents to a Silent Circle survey felt that their phones were being listened to by the government, police or indeed other parties.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/06/16/report-shows-88-per-cent-of-brits-believe-their-phones-are-tapped/


CPI 的 DistributionFrame,当今楼宇自动化需求的高品质、低成本解决方案 当地制造,拥有您了解并信赖的 CPI 品质。




FCC(美国联邦通讯委员会)发布声明,由于时代华纳有线截留超过7000份要求提交的文件,将暂停审核Comcast并购Time Warner Cable一案,延期至明年1月12日。

Banksy apparently goes undercover in Gaza, releases mini-documentary

The unidentified street artist Banksy has re-emerged in Gaza to create a political mini-documentary about life inside the war-torn region.In the short film, posted to his official website on Wednesday,

Periscope Tries To Fix Discovery And Comment Noise

Periscope got so big so fast that it became hard to find friends’ broadcasts, or make sense of the rapid-fire comments on popular streams. Today,

LiveIntent Raises $32.5M For Its Email Ad Platform

Email advertising company LiveIntent has raised $32.5 million in new funding.This effectively doubles the amount that LiveIntent has raised. The round was led by private equity firm FTV Capital, with participation from past investors including Battery Ventures,

Exchange Server 2016 is now in preview and is loaded with new features

While many businesses small and large rely upon cloud based email servers there are still those who need a good on premises solution which they can manage in house. Microsoft has been offering their Exchange Server software for companies who need to run their email servers on their own,

麦考林第二季度净利润140万美元 同比扭亏

9 月 15 日,麦考林(纳斯达克证券代码:MCOX)今天发布了该公司截至 6 月 30 日的 2015 年第二季度未经审计财报。财报显示,麦考林第二季度净营收为 1420 万美元,较去年同期增长 26.7%;第二季度净利润为 140 ... ...

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