Know your audience – the people behind the data

Developing a deep understanding of customers behaviours and preferences is the key to unlocking your data potential says Stuart Robb, CEO and founder of Equiniti Data.

How to gain more powerful insights from big data analysis

Big data is a familiar term to everyone in the world of IT and it's expected to continue impacting everyone across all aspects of their lives. Read more:

The Truth Behind The POWER/RANGERS Short, And How You Helped Save It

Last week, director Joseph Kahn dropped his "dark as f*ck" POWER/RANGERS short . Soon, it was pulled from the internet, but now it's back in full NSFW glory. So what happened? In an exclusive interview, Kahn explains how the internet saved his short.

Interviews: David Saltzberg Answers Your Questions About The Big Bang Theory

As the science consultant for The Big Bang Theory for the past seven seasons, Dr. David Saltzberg makes sure the show gets its science science right. A few weeks ago, you had the chance to ask him about his work on the show and his personal scientific endeavors.

HBO’s “Silicon Valley”: Behind The Squirm

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” is more than your average breakout series that had audiences praying for a second season even as the credits on the pilot began to roll. The show has clearly hit a cultural nerve, both inside and outside the tech community.

Google IO:Android内存管理主题演讲记录

翻出了3年前的Google IO大会的主题演讲 Google IO 2011 Memory management for Android Apps,该演讲介绍了Android系统在垃圾回收上的变化和如何发现并内存泄露以及如何管理Android中的内存。本演讲对开发者还是有很大的帮助。

Note for Google IO Memory Management For Android

This is the subtitle for Google I/O 2011: Memory management for Android Apps.The VideoThe Subtitles Hi everybody, My name’s Patrick Dubroy and today I’m going to talk to you about memory management for Android. So I’m really happy to see somany people here who care about memory management,

Social Media And The Celebrity Factor

The re/code mobile conference took place a couple of weeks ago, and among the speakers discussing the trends in tech were YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki, Instagram’s Kevin Systorm, Kim Kardashian West and… “Wait, what? Kim Kardashian is a tech expert now? Seriously???” Read More

Meet Farah Shariff, the Xbox engineer behind the Microsoft Band

As Einstein reportedly once said, "Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration", with the important takeaway being that inspiration usually comes first. For Farah Shariff, her inspiration for the idea of a Microsoft-branded fitness tracker came one day, funnily enough, while exercising.

Snapchat’s Pricey Ads Could Be Too Pricey

AdWeek recently reported that Snapchat is asking brands for $750,000 per day to run its new “my story” ads. Some would argue that Snapchat’s unique ad format, engagement tactics, demographics and immediacy make for an interesting experimental advertising opportunity. Others say that $750,

The Dress and #Ferguson Are the Two Sides of Flash Media Events

To understand the mass hysteria around The Dress last week, you can't compare it to other memes. You have to compare it to political events like #Ferguson, which are its diametrical opposite. Except in one way.Read more...

Cybercrime could cost companies $5.2 trillion over next five years

As companies rush to enable digital business models as fast as possible, they leave the doors open for possible cybersecurity incidents.

Cybersecurity funding hit record levels in 2018

$5.3 billion invested into cybersecurity organisations last year.

IBM and Vodafone sign major new tech partnership

The two parties want to help businesses everywhere innovate faster and ultimately succeed in the digital world.

Three steps for avoiding devastating security breaches

With the cost of endpoint attacks climbing to a record average of $7.12 million, the stakes have never been higher. Companies must act fast.

Smarter and more connected technology will lead intelligent transformation in 2019

In 2019, the dawn of limitless connectivity, full automation and immersion into extended realities will inch closer than ever before.

China says Huawei 5G ban will mean "repercussions"

Trade war continues to heat up following latest Huawei warning.

Mis-valuation of data poses a huge threat to businesses

A business must fully understand the value of its data if it is to protect it properly.

Cost comparison – cloud vs on-premise 2018/19

What’s the cost of the cloud and how can you find the right solution?

Top six CRM apps for startups

These tools are effective in providing startups and SMEs insights and information on their activities. This helps them stay aware of their current and future financial standing.

The rise of ATM Attacks: What are the risks to banks and businesses?

A 2017 European ATM Crime Report by EAST showed a 287 per cent rise in ATM black box attacks on the previous year.

Samsung Galaxy S5: New Design and a Weird Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung's Galaxy S5 is here, and it's real, boasting a fingerprint scanner, a new design, and more. Here's everything you need to know. Read more...    

【快乐编程系列之ASP.NET MVC 权限管理系列】一、开篇 - CoolHots



在6月3日凌晨举行的WWDC 2014大会上,苹果发布了新的编程语言Swift。Swift是一门基于C和Objective-C的编程语言,它被设计用于开发iOS和OS X的应用程序。


北京时间 6 月 18 日消息,盛大游戏今日公布了截至 2014 年 3 月 31 日的第一季度未经审计的合并财务报告。财报显示,盛大游戏 2014 年第一季度净利润为 3.06 亿元人民币,较上季度的 3.35 亿元人民币略有下降。 ... ...

MIT研发新算法 无人机能照顾自己状态


Could Genetically Engineered Gut Bacteria Make Vitamins Obsolete?

It's easy to forget how horrifying the effects of a vitamin deficiency can be. Each year, up to 500,000 children in the developing world go blind from lack of vitamin A, half of whom will then die within 12 months. The molecule that could save their lives is so well-studied and abundant,



Google apologizes after racist Maps searches direct users to the White House

Google apologized on Tuesday after a Washington Post reader discovered that typing "n****r house" in the global view of Google Maps returned results for the White House. If users search for "n****r king" in the Washington, D.C. view,

Apple 三機齊發?傳 iPhone 6c 或與 iPhone 6s 及 6s Plus 同步登場

如無意外的話,相信 Apple 應該會在下月便發表最新款的 iPhone 6s 及 iPhone 6s Plus。那麼傳聞已久的 iPhone 6c 情況又如何呢?



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