Roll your eyes all you like, but Instagram poets are redefining the genre for millennials

We millennials like our poetry typed out in neat fonts on rustic pastel backgrounds, centred in a tiny square on a small screen. We read short, simple,

Did you lose a pigeon dressed in a tiny bedazzled vest? He's been found.

Hey, if you lost your bedazzled pigeon, he's safe and sound at a bird sanctuary in Arizona. A young male pigeon, inexplicably dressed in a rhinestone-studded vest, was found in Glendale, Arizona on Nov. 10. He's been under the care of Fallen Feathers ever since. SEE ALSO:

Gritty was the face of Philadelphia's protest against the alt-right

Gritty continues to be the chaotic voice of resistance. The colorful Philadelphia Flyers mascot, also our collective son whom we love and cherish, was the face of an anti-Proud Boy protest on Saturday. SEE ALSO:

Apple's new iPad Pro 'folds like a piece of paper' during a stress test

Apple would probably rather skip the references to Bendgate. It's not like anyone's walking around with an iPad Pro in their pocket, right?That may be true, but it's still alarming to see just how fragile the newly released iPad Pro actually is.

Texas schools make slavery a 'central' fact of the Civil War and no one can believe it

Kids in Texas will finally learn that slavery was the primary reason for all the fighting during the Civil War, and people can't believe it took the state this long to decide that. The state Board of Education confirmed that starting in 2019,

Bill Maher incurs the internet's wrath after belittling Stan Lee and comic books

Commentator Bill Maher disparaged Stan Lee, the seminal creator of iconic comic book superheroes like Spider-Man, The Hulk, and The Fantastic Four, in an unsolicited 293-word Saturday morning blog titled "Adulting.

'The Crimes of Grindelwald' makes a major Harry Potter canon blunder

Critics everywhere have slammed the latest Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, as there's an absurd amount of confounding plot crammed into the 134-minute film. Yet, the film carries a problematic canonical oversight, too:

Netflex tweeted an answer to the question on every 'Dogs' fan's mind

Dogs is the smartest six-hour Netflix binge anyone can commit to. It's also, notably, a safe watch for all dog-lovers.If you, like anyone who has ever owned and/or loved a dog, saw the Dogs announcement and immediately wondered if any of the documentary's sweet good boys and girls die,

Sales for Oct. 19: Save on iPads, Epson printers, FitBits, Beats headphones, Keurigs, Echo Show, and

With the weekend here (woot!), we rounded up the best deals on electronics, stuff for the kitchen, and Amazon devices for video streaming and home security so you can do some online shopping during your down time. We also have deals on web design and coding courses from Udemy,

The best iPhone XR pre-order deals all in one place

Sound the iPhone claxon for all to hear because you can now pre-order the iPhone XR.SEE ALSO: The best iPhone deals in the UK for OctoberWhat exactly is the iPhone XR and how does it differ from the XS and XS Max we hear you ask?Well, let's not pretend that is has everything that the XS has,

Put Thanos' face on a pumpkin and you'll get a pretty glorious Photoshop battle

Halloween will soon be upon us, which means that it's almost the time of year where we collectively turn the humble pumpkin into an elaborately carved and decorated work of art.SEE ALSO: This artist's incredible,

Venus' Crust Heals Too Fast For Plate Tectonics

An anonymous reader writes in with an interesting look at how important plate tectonics may be to life and why the crust on Venus works differently than it does on Earth. "Without plate tectonics, carbon would build up in the atmosphere. Venus, which does not have tectonics, shows the results:

Twitter COO duties doled out to Bain and Stricker

Ali Rowghani’s departure last week has seen the firm revamp the COO role with two prominent members of staff sharing most of the outgoing executives duties.Read more:

外电:欧洲仅花8个月研发无人机 助探测器着陆


国行Lumia 620/820压轴获Lumia Cyan更新

8 月 27 日消息,诺基亚于昨日晚间在官方微博上发文宣布,国行版 Lumia 620 和 Lumia 820 两款设备将在今日迎来 Lumia Cyan 固件更新,至此所有运行 WP 8 系统的国行 Lumia 正式版设备将全部获得 Lumia Cyan + WP 8.

2014/9/20 21:43简记 - 薛兆敬

向有共同爱好,无私传授经验的同行、前辈致敬! 在博客园安个小窝纯粹是为了记录自己学习工作的过程中的笔记。其次,希望能够交往一些同行,以期互相勉励、共同进步。

蛇叔:「女同事愛不釋手」 – Asus MeMO Pad 8 (ME581CL)

之前蛇叔去 Computex 展覽試玩過 Asus 其中一款高級版 MeMO Pad 8,特色是配備 Full HD 屏幕及支持 4G LTE,級數跟最近推出的 Xperia Z3 Tablet 或 Galaxy Tab S 8.

小巧旗舰 Xperia Z3 Compact体验评测

感谢爱搞机的投递继Xperia Z1 Compact后,索尼继续推出了小屏旗舰Xperia Z3 Compact。有趣的是,半年多的时间,小屏旗舰也依然没有多少机型可选,也算是有趣的景象了。

將便便著上身 Poop Emoji 恤衫帆布鞋推出

收發短訊或 WhatsApp 訊息,我們往往會用到 Emoji 表情符號,當中「大便」符號造型趣致,最近就被三藩市一個時裝品牌 Betabrand 採用,製作成 Poop Emoji 系列時裝。


虽然人人都知道《使命召唤》是年货,但新消息传来时大家都忍不住要期待一下。动视暴雪日前官方确认,由 Treyarch 负责开发今年的《使命召唤 12》。  在第四季度的财报中,动视暴雪公布了这个消息。

'50 Nerds of Grey' is geek erotica done right

If your ideal form of erotic punishment is a painstaking Windows 10 installation, then do we have a 50 Shades of Grey parody for you.The Twitter account @50NerdsOfGrey gives the wildly popular and fairly awkward series the nerdy twist we didn't know it neededBeware,

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