iFixit gives the Surface Laptop 2 a 0/10 repairability score, just like the original model

iFixit gave Microsoft’s latest Surface devices the teardown treatment this week, and as expected, the Surface Laptop 2 didn’t fare any better than the “glue-filled monstrosity” that was the original Surface Laptop.

Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 18282 is now available to download

Microsoft announced today that there won’t be a new Windows 10 “19H1” preview build this week, but we just got the Preview SDK Build 18282 as a consolation. This new SDK is meant to be used with the Windows 10 build 18282 which Microsoft shipped last week to Fast Ring Insiders.

No new Windows 10 Insider builds this holiday week, says Insider team from Vancouver, BC

Windows Insider team members Brandon LeBlanc and Jason Howard are in Vancouver BC today, just kicking off another Windows Insider webcast, and for those of you hoping for a new 19H1 build, you’ll have to wait another week. An inquisitive poster on the Insider Mixer account asked,

Now you can sign in to your Microsoft Account using Windows Hello, FIDO2 devices

Microsoft is currently hard at work to replace passwords with more secure alternatives, and the Redmond giant is making a huge step forward today by making it possible to sign in to your Microsoft account using Windows Hello or a FIDO2 security key.

Lenovo joins the online gaming fray with its new Legion Game Store

The Legion Game Store will be available on November 26, and just in time for the digital gaming deals of Cyber Monday.

Halo MCC’s November update is now live with new Match Composer feature

Halo: The Master Chief collection has received a new update for this month, and the most notable change in the update is the new Match Composer.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Final Season will get a conclusion after all

We’re excited to let you know that many of the talented, passionate team members who originally worked on the game are resuming development efforts today!

Split View mode is now generally available on Skype for Windows 10

Skype for Windows 10 has just received support for Split View mode, something that Microsoft has been testing with Skype Insiders in recent weeks.

App Mirroring may be Microsoft’s most successful platform development pivot yet

The question now becomes, will App Mirroring be enough of functionality to keep people who have become used to new app experiences on their phones, using those same experiences on the desktop when applicable?

Microsoft releases new patch for the Windows 10 April 2018 update

The build 16299.755 for the Windows 10 April 2018 Update is now available to download and it brings a pretty long list of fixes.

Here’s what’s new in OneNote for October 2018

The new features list for OneNote will streamline the Mac, Windows 10 and Online versions and bring them more in line with the way OneNote 2016 functions.

Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0

theodp (442580) writes "'Public school teachers,' reads the headline at Khan Academy (KA), 'introduce your students to coding and earn $1000 or more for your classroom!' Read the fine print, however, and you'll see that the Google-bankrolled offer is likely to ensure that girls, not boys,

一道面试题:C++相比C#或者java的优势到底在哪里 - 潇一

被问到了这样一道面试题,当时就懵了,内心一直觉得C++肯定在很多方面要比C#或者java要牛b的。 但是真的不知道怎么回答。 问题是:你以前一直做得是.NET相关项目,现在为什么找C++开发相关工作呢? 1、性能? 2、跨平台?

Ignore the small print and the Surface Pro 3 might just replace your laptop

There’s no question that Surface Pro 3 is a nice piece of kit. My colleague Brian Fagioli loves his, and says it at last puts Microsoft ahead of the competition. It’s expensive though...Read more: http://www.itproportal.

微软发布中文版Cortana“小娜”和WP 8.1 Update

微软于昨日正式发布了WP 8.1 Update和中文版Cortana。新系统增加了:原生的应用文件夹、IE浏览器对手机网站的显示方式的更新、选择多条短信进行删除和转发、双SIM卡、全高清显示屏、蓝牙配件通知和VPN等。

Apple 邀請用戶參加 Windows 版 iCloud 測試

Apple 今日向 AppleSeed 會員發出邀請信,邀請他們參加 Windows 版 iCloud 的測試,當中可以測試 OS X Yosemite 及 iOS 8 的一些功能,例如容許用家透過 Windows 將文件同步或上傳到 iCloud 上的 iCloud Drive。

Express Yourself With These 17 Emoji Accessories

If you're lost in real life without emoji to let people know how you feel, have no fear. Your favorite characters don't have to be sequestered to your iPhone screen any longerThere are emoji accessories that will cover your lifestyle head to toe, from 14K gold earrings to nail decals.

London photo exhibit highlights what it means to have a decent toilet

LONDON — It’s not a topic that’s often discussed when we look at inequality in the world, but a new exhibition that opens this week seeks to highlight the importance of having access to a decent toilet no matter where you liveThe exhibition My Toilet: Global stories from women and girls,


Nancy导读:淘宝、京东、美团···相信大家对它们已经很熟悉了,是真的熟悉了吗?各大电商APP的设计有哪些异 […]

Surveillance Reform Movement Rallies Ahead Of June 1 Deadline

After two years of roadblocks in reforming the National Security Agency programs revealed by Edward Snowden, it seems the viral John Oliver segment and impending program deadline are breathing new life into a reform movement that has seemed stagnant since late last year.

UC 浏览器:不想做“今日头条”的浏览器不是好的广告商

上月 20 号 UC 浏览器正式上线 10.6.0 新版本,站点导航被折叠,取而代之的是类似“今日头条”的新闻阅读工具。

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