Egypt and Thailand: When the military turns against free speech

Ziad Reslan Contributor Share on Twitter More posts by this contributor Elon Musk deserves tougher love from the SEC Solve, MIT’s take on social innovation challenges, may be different enough to work Wael Abbas,

Uplift raises $123M to bring flexible payments to the travel industry

Travel financing startup Uplift is announcing that it has raised $123 million in Series C funding. Uplift has been relatively quiet about its business until now. Its founder and CEO is Brian Barth,

China’s Mobike will rename to Meituan Bike as its parent takes the wheel

One of China’s top bike rental apps is entering a new phase. Mobike, which neighborhood services giant Meituan-Dianping gobbled up last April, is changing its name to Meituan Bike as part of an ongoing integration with its parent,

Open-source leader Confluent raises $125m on $2.5b valuation

Confluent, the commercial company built on top of the open source Apache Kafka project, announced a $125 million Series D round this morning on an enormous $2.5 billion valuation. The round was led by existing investor Sequoia Capital with participation from Index Ventures and Benchmark,

pi-top’s latest edtech tool doubles down on maker culture

London-based edtech startup, pi-top, has unboxed a new flagship learn-to-code product, demoing the “go anywhere” Pi-powered computer at the Bett Show education fare in London today. Discussing the product with TechCrunch ahead of launch,

Intel announces an inside-out tracking camera for robotics and AR/VR hardware

Intel is showing off a new RealSense camera with a specific focus on enabling hardware-makers to help their products understand where they are in the world. The RealSense Tracking Camera T265 is designed to easily present robotics and AR/VR hardware with inside-out tracking tech.

Epic Games buys 3Lateral, maker of super-realistic ‘digital humans’

Epic Games announced this morning that they’ve acquired Serbia-based 3Lateral, a game studio focused on designing more realistic computer-generated human characters. The team of 60+ will be continuing their work with existing partners and maintaining their presence in Serbia.

Hulu drops the price for its streaming service to $6 per month, but raises prices for Live TV

While Netflix is raising prices, Hulu is lowering its own. In a move to better compete with streaming rivals – and pick up new customers who think Netflix just got too expensive – Hulu this morning announced it’s lowering the cost of its streaming service by $2.00 per month. Currently,

Super Mario Party is Nintendo Switch’s best game

When I bought the Nintendo Switch a few months ago, my friends told me to buy Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. That’s precisely what I did, but none of those games were enough to get me hooked, which is probably for the best. But […]

Apple Watch Series 4 is the most accessible watch yet

I can confidently say I could live without my Apple Watch. But I also can confidently say I wouldn’t want to. The fourth-generation Apple Watch is the best, most accessible Apple Watch to date.

Blood money

Some years ago an investor I met at a TechCrunch event invited me out for a coffee. This happens a lot; as a weekly columnist here I am deemed an official Media Influencer, and people in turn want to influence me, until they realize I’m just going to ignore them and write about whatever weird […]

America Was Founded by a Bunch of Drunks, and Other Fun Facts

George Washington's cherry tree, Ben Franklin's kite fiasco and John Hancock's obnoxious John Hancock. As young Americans, our textbooks were filled with information about the founding fathers.But as it turns out, there's a lot we weren't told about these patriotic pioneersSee also:

设计师为你带来零售店桌上的概念iPhone 6

威锋网讯,设计师 Martin Hajek 以设计苹果的概念产品而出名,在很多网站都能够找到其精致的设计。  Hajek 最近也没有闲着,他放出了一组关于 iPhone 6 上架零售店和开箱的渲染图。



[组图]焕然一新:Galaxy S5升级Android 5.0

三星很早就开始为Galaxy S5准备Android 5.0升级了,之前甚至还有测试版的固件泄露。而今天,三星终于向欧洲地区Galaxy S5用户推送Android 5.0升级了。



微软Q2净利润符合华尔街预期 盘后股价下跌

1月27日消息,据国外媒体报道,微软今天发布了截至2014年12月31日的2015财年第二财季财报,财报显示,由于低迷的个人电脑销售影响了对 Windows软件的需求,同时受美元汇率走强的冲击,微软第二财季的净利润同比下滑11%,但与华尔街分析师此前的预期相符。


在昨天下午 4 时 30 分左右, 我用手机登陆了一个叫做“CannabisMD”的网站,在一份表格中填写了我的街道地址,然后对我的加州驾照拍照并传了上去。 大约 5 到 10 分钟后,我收到了一条短信:一位医生已经出发。




香港2015年5月11日电 /美通社/ -- 香港楼价升不停,新盘一推出就立即抢购一空,但不少地产股依然较资产值存在折让,以至近期中证监甫公布公募基金参与沪港通安排后,包括地产股在内的香港蓝筹股即掀动一波行情,而地产股的重折让股更成为投资者的新寻宝目标。

畫面全面提升 《Final Fantasy Type-0 HD》將推 PC 版

在今年 3 月開賣的《Final Fantasy Type-0 HD》暫時只有 PS4、Xbox One,和 2011 年已經推出的 元祖 PSP 版本。如果你是 Final Fantasy 系列的粉絲,但沒有次世代主機,好消息來了!因為開發商 Square Enix 早前宣佈將會推出 PC 版。

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