Pair Eyewear, the customizable glasses brand for kids, raises $1 million

Pair Eyewear, the customizable glasses brand for kids, has today announced the close of a $1 million Seed round, with investors including Corigin Ventures, Outbound Ventures, Precursor Ventures, and Bolt Ventures. The company has a simple premise: Pair sells affordable glasses to children.

The case against behavioral advertising is stacking up

No one likes being stalked around the Internet by adverts. It’s the uneasy joke you can’t enjoy laughing at. Yet vast people-profiling ad businesses have made pots of money off of an unregulated Internet by putting surveillance at their core. But what if creepy ads don’t work as claimed?

Thanks to Hulu, Disney lost $580 million last fiscal year

The streaming media business is tough. Disney, which has a 30 percent stake Hulu, saw losses of $580 million last fiscal year, according to an SEC filing. This was, the SEC filing states, “primarily due to a higher loss from our investment in Hulu,

Uber is exploring autonomous bikes and scooters

Uber is looking to integrate autonomous technology into its bike and scooter-share programs. Details are scarce, but according to 3D Robotics CEO Chris Anderson, who said Uber announced this at a DIY Robotics event over the weekend, the division will live inside Uber’s JUMP group,

Facebook launches petition feature, its next battlefield

Gather a mob and Facebook will now let you make political demands. Tomorrow Facebook will encounter a slew of fresh complexities with the launch of Community Actions, its News Feed petition feature.

The AI market is growing, but how quickly is tough to pin down

If you work in tech, you’ve heard about AI: how it’s going to replace us, whether it’s over-hyped or not and which nations will leverage it. Our interest? How much money is going into startups?

Stung by criticism, Facebook’s Sandberg outlines new plans to tackle misinformation

Stung by criticism of its widely reported role as a platform capable of spreading disinformation and being used by state actors to skew democratic elections, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg unveiled five new ways the company would be addressing these issues at the annual DLD conference in Munich,

Technology’s dark forest

We used to be such optimists. Technology would bring us a world of wealth in harmony with the environment, and even bring us new worlds. The Internet would erase national boundaries, replace gatekeepers with a universal opportunity for free expression, and bring us all closer together.

Gjemeni puts your couch in a box

Gjemeni, pronounced Gemini, is a new furniture-on-demand service from founder Sean Pathiratne. The company offers decidedly tech-forward furniture that comes in a single box and can be assembled by anyone in a few minutes.

eBay launches Instant Selling, a new trade-in service for smartphones

eBay today launched a new service to help users unload their old smartphones on its online marketplace. With eBay Instant Selling, as the service is called, consumers can list their device info, add images,

Minds, the blockchain-based social network, grabs a $6M Series A

Minds, a decentralized social network, has raised $6 million in Series A funding from Medici Ventures,’s venture arm. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne will join the Minds Board of Directors. What is a decentralized social network? The creators, who originally crowdfunded their product,


Xavier Gallego,西班牙插画师,来自巴塞罗那,现居纽约。他创立了一个名为EYESORES的品牌,拥有自己主题的系列电子贺卡及周边产品,并已推出Facebook插件,风格简单、风趣、可爱。官方网站:



秒杀iPad Mini?微软或将下月发布Surface Mini

据可靠消息透露,微软将于本月20日举办一场Surface产品的小型发布会,业界猜测本次大会将推出传闻已久的Surface Mini。从透露的信息来看,Surface Mini会与市场上现存的iPad Mini及其他小尺寸平板电脑展开竞争。


这应该不是我第一次谈我对 slingshot 的喜爱了,slingshot 是 facebook 推出的类 snapshot 的阅后即焚应用,用户 A 分享一张照片(短视频)给用户 B,用户 B 就必须分享一条消息给到用户 A 作为回报,才能解锁看到照片。

Tweetium for Windows Phone adds Cortana integration and squashes bugs in its latest update

This Pen Is Beautiful Enough to Make Me Want to Write in Ink

This pen is smooth, sleek, beautiful; it's solid but gracious. And it's even called Nautilus. All things considered, it's enough to make me want to write something in ink instead of typing.Read more...

Office 365 for Business gets new optional, metro inspired, start screen

If you are a user of Office 365 for Business, you now have another option for a start page. You can configure the web portal, which is the default screen you see when you log in, to something similar to the consumer counterpart at





These Colorful Liquid Droplets Chase Each Other Like Living Organisms

When water hits a glass surface, it usually just spreads itself out. But when water containing the organic molecule propylene glycol (PG) hits glass, it comes alive. In a manner of speaking.Read more...

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