The White House hopes tech employees will drive government innovation

The Trump administration has a major ask to make of big tech companies. In a meeting at the White House today, officials will ask Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM, among others, to make it easier for employees to do stints in the government. It’s a heavy lift, of course,

The Government Once Built Silicon Valley

Last month, I received an invitation to participate in the “Startup Global Design Workshop” hosted by the White House Business Council and Business Forward. The organizations are working on bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and Washington. Currently,

YouTube demonetizes anti-vaccination videos

YouTube will demonetize channels that promote anti-vaccination views, after a report by BuzzFeed News found ads, including from health companies, running before anti-vax videos.

Briq, the next building block in tech’s reconstruction of the construction business, raises $3 milli

Bassem Hamdy has been in the construction business for a long time. He spent the last few years at the construction software business Procore, now a $3 billion dollar company developing technology for the construction industry,

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams to step down from the company’s board

Ev Wiliams is stepping down from Twitter's board of directors effective at the end of the month, according to documents submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday.

Latchel wants to make maintenance easier for landlords and property managers

Relationships between landlords and their tenants don’t need to be fraught ones. With Y Combinator -backed Latchel, landlords and property managers can access a 24/7 maintenance service that takes requests from tenants and deploys the right professional to fix the things that need fixing.

Elon Musk finally hosted meme review with the co-creator of Rick and Morty

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has been teasing — and his fanbase has been making pleas — to host a meme review. And after tweeted hints, meme review has arrived via YouTube star PewDiePie. Musk tweeted last month a photo and a question “Host meme review?” Host meme review? pic.twitter.

Apple confirms its plans to close retail stores in the patent troll-favored Eastern District of Texa

Apple has confirmed its plans to close retail stores in the Eastern District of Texas – a move that will allow the company to better protect itself from patent infringement lawsuits, according to the Apple news site MacRumors which broke the news of the stores’ closures.

Report: Zoom, the video conferencing company, may be a public company as early as April

The video conferencing company Zoom is aiming to file a public S-1 by the end of March, according to a new report in Business Insider that adds the company could go public as soon as April. Business Insider reported last month that Zoom had filed confidentially with the SEC to go public,

Pair Eyewear, the customizable glasses brand for kids, raises $1 million

Pair Eyewear, the customizable glasses brand for kids, has today announced the close of a $1 million Seed round, with investors including Corigin Ventures, Outbound Ventures, Precursor Ventures, and Bolt Ventures. The company has a simple premise: Pair sells affordable glasses to children.

Gjemeni puts your couch in a box

Gjemeni, pronounced Gemini, is a new furniture-on-demand service from founder Sean Pathiratne. The company offers decidedly tech-forward furniture that comes in a single box and can be assembled by anyone in a few minutes.

eBay launches Instant Selling, a new trade-in service for smartphones

eBay today launched a new service to help users unload their old smartphones on its online marketplace. With eBay Instant Selling, as the service is called, consumers can list their device info, add images,

Rovi buys Veveo for $62M so your cable box finally starts to listen

Media data specialist Rovi is acquiring Andover, ass.-based semantic technologies startup Veveo for $62 million in cash, with an option to pay an additional $7 million down the line if certain milestones are met, Rovi announced after the close of the markets Monday.

8 of the World's Most Phenomenally Nerdy Beers

Beer might come with some pretty brotastic connotations, but as with everything else in life, it's the nerds who really do it right. Because when the same passion that gave us NASA and Lord of the Rings is applied to booze, the results are phenomenal, delicious,

Ask Slashdot: Tech Customers Forced Into Supporting Each Other?

An anonymous reader writes "Has anyone else noticed the trend towards 'community forums' where customers are basically being recruited to solve the issues of other customers while the companies selling the products causing the issues sit back and take a passive role in the process? Granted,

Systems Maintenance Services收购总部位于丹麦的Careitec

瞄准欧洲市场进一步扩张 北卡罗来纳州夏洛特--(美国商业资讯)--Systems Maintenance Services Inc. (SMS)日前收购了总部位于丹麦的Careitec A/S。Careitec是一家领先的独立IT服务公司,为整个北欧的全球性客户需求提供支持。

Sony's PlayStation Vue Wants to Replace Your Cable Box

Sony has announced a new cloud-based TV service, which will offer a large selection of TV channels without a monthly contract and be available across a range of devices. It's Sony's play to replace your cable box.Read more...



NXP 半導體收購中國昆天科旗下的穿戴式與藍牙低功耗 IC 事業群

由飛利浦切分出的 NXP 半導體宣布收購中國昆天科( Quintic )旗下的穿戴式與藍牙低功耗 IC 部門,強化其在智慧穿戴與藍芽技術方面的布局,並且意圖將其結合 NXP 所擅長的智慧辨識、車載、安全管理、醫療、工業、照明等領域,打造更多元的安全與連接解決方案。


在蜡烛上搞艺术创作也是一大门派,毕竟只是发光那谁都行,只是人家都追求美,这一套蜡烛却瘆人得不得了。  英国艺术家 Anna Sternik 近日鼓捣出了一批让人寒毛直竖的东东 —— 人脸蜡烛。

Microsoft acquires Surface pen technology from N-trig

Microsoft has acquired digital pen technology from N-trig Ltd. N-trig is the company behind the Surface Pro 3 stylus, which is shown off in a video by music composer David William Hearn as part of the post breaking the news.

Microsoft's new iPhone app tries to take the pain out of scheduling

Weeks after Microsoft surprised us all by making an unexpected appearance during Apple's iPhone 6S reveal, the company has released another standalone iPhone app: Invite.The latest out of Microsoft's experimental "Garage" team, Invite is meant to make it easier for people to schedule meetings,

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