YouTube CEO says EU’s new copyright legislation threatens jobs, smaller creators

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki published her quarterly letter to creators today, which included very strong language regarding the EU’s controversial copyright reform directive. Specifically, her letter focused on Article 13,

Audioburst raises $10M to build A.I.-powered infotainment systems for cars, ad solutions

Audioburst, a startup that uses A.I. technology to extract the best bits from podcasts and talk radio to create new listening experiences, has raised an additional $10 million in strategic funding from Dentsu and Hyundai Motor Company.

Samsung reportedly pushes back Galaxy Fold release

Can’t say we didn’t see this coming. Four days out from the Galaxy Fold’s official release date, Samsung is pushing things back a bit, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal that cites “people familiar with the matter.” There’s no firm timeframe for the launch,

SiriusXM’s new streaming-only ‘Essential’ plan targets smart speaker owners

Last week, Amazon and Google rolled out free music streaming services to cater to the growing base of smart speaker owners. Now, SiriusXM is going after this market, too. The company has launched a new plan called SiriusXM Essential which targets those who listen in-home and on mobile devices,

A hotspot finder app exposed 2 million Wi-Fi network passwords

A popular hotspot finder app for Android exposed the Wi-Fi network passwords for more than two million networks. The app, downloaded by thousands of users, allowed anyone to search for Wi-Fi networks in their nearby area.

Corporations and private investors are backing new “green” deals as climate worries mount

In the nine years since private equity and venture capital investments into sustainable technologies last crossed the $6 billion threshold, the problems caused by global carbon emissions have only intensified. Now,

Tencent’s latest investment is an app that teaches grannies in China to dance

Besides churning out video games for China’s young generations, Tencent has also been attuned to the need of silver-haired users: its latest bet is an app that teaches middle-age and elderly users, most of whom are female, how to dance. Called Tangdou, or “sugar beans” in Chinese,

Go-Jek brings in Misfit co-founder and ex-Facebook head to lead Vietnam business

Ambitious ride-hailing startup Go-Jek’s Southeast Asia expansion plan suffered a blow when it lost the leadership team behind its business in Vietnam, but now it has replaced them with the former head of Facebook in the country. Christy Trang Le,

Square details compensation and promotion practices

When tech companies explore diversity and inclusion initiatives, there’s a risk that marginalized groups may feel othered and reduced to a number. That’s what Square has found, the company revealed in the first of a series of posts on Square’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

Netflix to raise $2 billion in debt to fund more original content

Netflix’s commitment to growing its original content collection will see the company again returning to debt markets to raise more financing, the company announced today. According a release published to its investors site, Netflix says it plans to raise $2 billion to help fund new content,

The White House hopes tech employees will drive government innovation

The Trump administration has a major ask to make of big tech companies. In a meeting at the White House today, officials will ask Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM, among others, to make it easier for employees to do stints in the government. It’s a heavy lift, of course,


本文作者是虎嗅实习生 王一苇自2008年经济危机以来,美国就业率的下降也造就了移民政策的寒冬。近年各类法案的提出似乎昭示着这一领域的破冰。然而,春天真的来了吗?



开源搜索 Iveely Search Engine 0.6.0 发布 -- 黎明前的娇嫩 - Iveely Liu

快两年了,Iveely Search Engine已经走过了5个版本的岁月,虽出生“贫寒”,没有任何开源基金会的支持,没有优秀的“干爹、干妈”,它凭着它的爱好者的支持,0.6.

Google Analytics app now out for iOS

Finally, Google has released a dedicated app for the iPhone and iPad, after a long wait since the Android version of Analytics first came out.Read more:

APP 2.0时代的新生力量在哪

如果把2010年看作是移动互联网的元年,那么APP这个新生产物已经发展了四年有余了。这四年中,APP经历了和W […]




从数百人的开发团队到单枪匹马的个人,各具规模的游戏开发者们正在为Xbox的用户们打造无与伦比的游戏和娱乐体验。 […]


iPhone6今天已经开始在某些国家和地区开始预订了,不过可惜,大陆不在其中,想尽快得到iphone6,那咋办?下面我就来告诉你。   1、去美国买,当然是在苹果美国官网买。   A.


9月27日,对于许多人来说,谷歌已经成为他们在互联网上进行搜索的主要工具。但是在谷歌统治互联网搜索之前,雅虎Yahoo Directory才是主流搜索引擎。  可是现在,Yahoo Directory即将被关闭。  

​You're Not Paranoid, A Pot-Detecting Breathalyzer Is Coming

Driving while stoned isn't just stupid, it's also against the law. And in the four states where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use, there's a growing concern that loaded drivers running to 7-11 for another pint of Americone Dream is becoming an issue.

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