HTC plots path to smartwatch perfection with One M8 inspired metal design

An image leaked by @evleaks show the front facia of the smartwatch that features the company’s signature Sense UI as well as a metal casing and strap.Read more:

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LG Urbane 2, The First Android Wear Smartwatch With Cellular, Pulled From Stores

Last week we brought you news that the first Android Wear smartwatch with access to cellular data — read: doesn’t need to be paired with a smartphone — was on its way to the U.S. market, but now we need to dial down some of that enthusiasm after the device was pulled following issues.

Google I/O Attendees Gifted Brand-New “Android Wear” Smartwatches

Get ready to be jealous, Google fans. Google I/O attendees will walk away from this week’s annual developer conference with some brand-new Android Wear-powered smartwatches. This year, I/O attendees will be able to choose from one of the new Android Wear watches introduced earlier today,

Android Wear Update Adds Offline Music, Bluetooth Headphone And GPS Support

Android Wear is getting its first big update, with features that make smartwatches using Google’s wearable operating system more standalone devices, including music syncing and GPS location support. That means if you leave your watch at home while you go out for a jog,

LG’s New Smartwatch Will Support LTE But Won’t Run Android Wear

LG is developing its own software for smartwatches after the company announced that one version of its upcoming LG Watch Urbane will run on its own “proprietary” platform. Read More

Why Android Wear smartwatches just aren’t smart enough

Smart consumers will be wary when it comes to Android Wear, and issues such as overlap with phones and battery life are going to stymie the devices’ chances of success.Read more:

Android Wear Presents Timely Competition For Apple Watch

With 38 different watches available, Apple has called its Watch the most personalized device it has ever created. But there’s still a chance for a competitor, like Google Android Wear,

Get the Best Apple Watch Features on Android Wear

The long wait for the Apple Watch is almost over, but wait one second—you don’t necessarily have to rush out and spend $349 (or more ) to get some of its most useful features on your wrist.

Samsung Gear Live Review: Samsung’s Smartwatch First Mover Advantage Helps Its Android Wear Effort

Samsung is one of the first to market with an Android Wear smartwatch, and the company arguably has a head start since it’s been making its own smartwatches since last year. The Gear Live owes much to its predecessors, which have run both a modified version of Android and Samsung’s own Tizen,

Asus To Begin Selling Android Wear-Powered ZenWatch In The U.S. Nov. 9

The Android Wear smartwatch collection is expanding, with a host of new devices hitting pre-holiday season after their initial debut this summer. The Asus ZenWatch will be the next to go on sale, with a street date of November 9 for Best Buy initially,

Moto 360 Smartwatch Review: You Were the Chosen One...

Early this year when Google first announced Android Wear, it teased us with the Moto 360. It was by far the best-looking smartwatch we'd ever seen. Many months later it's here at last . It's the best Android Wear device yet, but with the Apple Watch looming on the horizon,

British customers are demanding better online service during lockdown

Customers are flocking to digital support channels following the pandemic.

The dramatic social & environmental impact of Black Friday

What are the unknown social and environmental implications of Black Friday?

Debunking myths around programmatic OOH

Almost half of agency and advertising executives felt they didn’t truly understand the benefits of programmatic OOH, new research shows.

Covid-19 and the search for digital talent

Covid-19 offers new opportunities to find digital talent across different industries - don’t overlook it.

Smart thinking needs smart data across all sectors

We must do more to co-ordinate and accelerate smart data.

IT hinders UK public sector response to pandemic

Workers in the public sector say they need better gear to get the job done in the "new normal".

Public cloud spending set to soar next year

In the aftermath of Covid-19, most of IT budgets will get spent on cloud solutions, Gartner predicts.

HTC plots path to smartwatch perfection with One M8 inspired metal design

An image leaked by @evleaks show the front facia of the smartwatch that features the company’s signature Sense UI as well as a metal casing and strap.Read more:

HP hands president and CEO Meg Whitman chair-ship of the board

Whitman takes the position of chair from Ralph Whitworth and additional appointments include Pat Russo, Klaus Kleinfeld and Robert Bennett all joining the board of directors.Read more:

Virgin Media customers will soon be able to enjoy Sky Movies and Sports on their Virgin apps

Despite their phone and cable rivalry, Virgin Media and Sky have teamed up to allow Virgin Media customers to be able to stream Sky Movies and Sky Sports on Virgin Media's mobile app.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Beats 被苹果收购后或将裁撤三分之一员工

苹果在今年 6 月底的员工总数已经达到了 41300 人,当中包括 Beats 700 名驻扎在洛杉矶 Culver City 的员工。Beats 方面宣布裁撤大约 200 人的冗员,三个月内完成。除非他们参与苹果其他空缺职位的应聘,否则将失去工作。

Lenovo Smartband joins the fitness gadget race

Lenovo is getting in on the growing market for fitness wearables, with its Smartband offering a heart rate sensor and sleep cycle monitoring.Read more:

傳小米推出新款 9.2 吋平板 售價或低至 700 港元

早前曾有消息指小米將會推出一款新平板電腦,而且其尺寸將會比現時的 7.9 吋版本更大。而今日中國工商部終於揭開了這部新平板的最新資料,其螢幕除大幅增加至 9.2 吋外,更會支援 4G LTE 網絡。

15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Blood

Does menstrual blood really attract bears? Why does blood look blue in your veins? And why were the first blood transfusions performed with animals? Here are 15 facts, historical and biological, you probably didn't know about blood. Read more...

日本一建筑公司研发新技术 实现语音操纵吊车


Slick Editing Turns This Pudgy Pup Into a Drum Machine

The right editing can turn anything into a song. We’ve watched a guy turn a bass with no strings into a sweet beat. Hell, Andrew Huang’s built an entire YouTube channel on the concept. But this is the first time I’ve seen it done with a live animal.Read more...

School offers refunds for yearbooks with quotes from Stalin, Hitler and ISIS leader

There are humorous yearbook quotes and then, well, there are these. Students and parents at Quaker Valley High School in Pennsylvania were in for a shock after discovering the school's yearbook included quotes — with attributions, no less— from Adolf Hitler,

Fatal Tesla Crash Proves Full Autonomy Is the Only Solution for Self-Driving Cars

The investigation into a death that occurred while a Tesla Model S driver was using Autopilot has filled the internet with dystopian-sounding headlines. Self-driving car driver died for the first time after crash in Florida. Self-driving Tesla was involved in fatal crash.


大家还记得首款液态金属手机Turing Phone(图灵手机)吗?在一代产品至今延期需要预购、网站页面停留在2015、销声匿迹很长时间的背景下,他们宣布了一款新手机Turing Phone Cadenza。CEO兼华裔创始人Steve YL Cha ... ...



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