SpaceX’s Starlink aims to put over a thousand of its communications satellites in super-low orbit

SpaceX's planned communication satellite constellation, known as Starlink, will now be targeting a much lower orbit than originally planned, at least for over a thousand of the satellites, the company revealed in an FCC filing.

Twitter testing ‘Original Tweeter’ tag to distinguish who started a thread

Twitter is testing a new tag that will make it easier to parse who started a thread. The new feature, which is starting to pop up for some users, makes it easier to find posts from the original tweeter within a thread, but may also help curb (some types of) abuse on the platform, making […]

Microsoft confirms Bing is down in China

Microsoft’s Bing is down in China, according to users who took to social media beginning Wednesday afternoon to complain and express concerns. The Seattle-based behemoth has confirmed that its search engine is currently inaccessible in China and is “engaged to determine next steps,

Buzzfeed will cut its staff by 15% in major round of layoffs

It’s a dark day to work in media. On the heels of news that TechCrunch parent company Verizon Media Group (formerly Oath) would lay off roughly 800 workers, BuzzFeed has announced its own substantial staffing cuts. And though they were anticipated,

AWS launches WorkLink to make accessing mobile intranet sites and web apps easier

If your company uses a VPN and/or a mobile device management service to give you access to its intranet and internal web apps, then you know how annoying those are. AWS today launched a new product, Amazon WorkLink,  that promises to make this process significantly easier.

A former Bessemer Venture Partners principal just closed his own $30 million fund, and here’s how

Sunil Nagaraj, who’d studied computer science as an undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill, landed a pretty nice gig after deciding to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School. He wound up working as a principal for Bessemer Venture Partners, a top-tier venture firm with locations around the world.

Meet the startups in Alchemist’s 20th cohort

Nineteen startups presented to investors at Alchemist's 20th demo day.

Autonomous subs spend a year cruising under Antarctic ice

The freezing waters underneath Antarctic ice shelves and the underside of the ice itself are of great interest to scientists...but who wants to go down there? Leave it to the robots. They won't complain! And indeed, a pair of autonomous subs have been nosing around the ice for a full year now,

Google walkout organizers aren’t satisfied with CEO’s response

Organizers of the massive walkouts at Google last week are — rightfully so — not letting up on their demands. Earlier this morning, Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded to some of their demands, outlining how Google is getting rid of forced arbitration for sexual harassment and sexual assault claims,

Three challenges facing blockchain technology

Blockchain technology will eventually impact many industries, but there is still a long way to go before blockchain technology can realize its true potential. Here are the three most important challenges facing more widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

Roku expands its free streaming channel with entertainment and live sports

Roku’s ad-supported free streaming channel is expanding. No, not to more platforms – it already did that. But rather, it’s expanding its content lineup. While before the channel offered free-to-stream movies and news, it will now feature live and linear sports and entertainment content,



折叠+电动 JiveBike自行车可与手机连接



持久性有机污染物(Persistent Organic Pollutants,POPs)是一种对人体危害很大的环境污染物。研究发现,烹饪加工过程会使食物中的POPs转移到气相中,或是发生分解和氧化等化学反应,从而导致其含量在烹饪后下降。

Xbox Music app for Windows Phone improves playback support and more in the latest update

The Xbox Music app for Windows Phone has received an exciting update. The new version brings along navigation improvements and better playback support among several other fixes. However, the much longed for Live Tile support is only coming with a future update. 

Xbox Music流媒体服务于12月1日停止免费

威智网10月23日消息,微软今天在官网 Xbox 支持页面上正式宣布,微软将于今年 12 月 1 日正式终止 Windows 8.1 Xbox Music 流媒体及其 Web 版本的免费开放业务。

11 gifts under $25 that look expensive

Forget spending a fortune on impressive gifts for your loved ones this yearWhether you're on a tight budget or have a long gift list, you'll probably run into the problem of wanting to buy quality presents, but not wanting to break the bank. The solution?

Russian TV show roasts incoming White House communications director

For the past month, one of Russia's top national broadcasters has aired a nightly comedy news program named after the country's obsession with U.S. President Barack Obama's incoming communications director, Jen Psaki.Most of the laughs on Psaki at Night, which premiered in late January on NTV,

亚马逊Fire Phone是如何走向失败的?

去年,亚马逊发布了首款智能手机Fire Phone,该项目由亚马逊Lab126实验室负责。不过这帮亚马逊的精英并没有把Fire Phone打造成像Kindle一样成功的硬件产品。


这次我们来讲一讲产品设计中的线框图。 产品设计,一般包括对产品框架/内容的梳理,业务流程的理解,再到线框图的绘 ...


最近已经看到无数朋友中招一个叫“主要是气质”的病毒游戏,这种游戏常在朋友圈传播,比如之前的“微笑挑战”、“第2 ...

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