Lime brings electric bike and scooter sharing to Australia

Electric scooter and bike sharing company Lime has rolled into Australia, launching in Sydney on Friday.The Californian company's bright green, dockless electric vehicles have been released into the streets, with 300 e-bikes distributed through Sydney to start and e-scooters to come soon.SEE ALSO:

How the eerie drone of a 'Star Trek' spaceship's engine lulls people to sleep

When a crew member aboard Star Trek's USS Enterprise is accused of sabotaging the futuristic ship, a noble Captain Jean-Luc Picard comes the accused traitor's defense, delivering a grave message to his exploration corps:   "Have we become so fearful, have we become so cowardly,

This ingenious gadget is designed to wake you up if you start to doze while driving — and it's

Drunk driving is universally scorned, as it should be, but did you know that driving after a bad night's sleep can be just as dangerous? It's true: According to a National Safety Council study on fatigue, "Losing even two hours of sleep is similar to the effect of having three beers.

Pay only $29 for this extensive set of courses in social media marketing

We hate to break it to you, but posting perfectly-edited photos on Instagram during "prime time," writing a few advice pieces on Medium, and posting Gary Vee inspired updates on LinkedIn do not exactly constitute as social media marketing.

Did you lose a pigeon dressed in a tiny bedazzled vest? He's been found.

Hey, if you lost your bedazzled pigeon, he's safe and sound at a bird sanctuary in Arizona. A young male pigeon, inexplicably dressed in a rhinestone-studded vest, was found in Glendale, Arizona on Nov. 10. He's been under the care of Fallen Feathers ever since. SEE ALSO:

Gritty was the face of Philadelphia's protest against the alt-right

Gritty continues to be the chaotic voice of resistance. The colorful Philadelphia Flyers mascot, also our collective son whom we love and cherish, was the face of an anti-Proud Boy protest on Saturday. SEE ALSO:

Apple's new iPad Pro 'folds like a piece of paper' during a stress test

Apple would probably rather skip the references to Bendgate. It's not like anyone's walking around with an iPad Pro in their pocket, right?That may be true, but it's still alarming to see just how fragile the newly released iPad Pro actually is.

Texas schools make slavery a 'central' fact of the Civil War and no one can believe it

Kids in Texas will finally learn that slavery was the primary reason for all the fighting during the Civil War, and people can't believe it took the state this long to decide that. The state Board of Education confirmed that starting in 2019,

Google Chrome will warn you before you fall for a phone subscription scam

Found yourself subscribed to a shady ringtone service? Even though it's 2018? Google Chrome will soon stop you from falling into that trap.In an upcoming version of Chrome, the browser will throw up a warning page when it suspects users could be unwittingly subscribed to a direct billing scam,

It's not just Waymo: Mercedes says it's launching a self-driving car service

Self-driving car companies have been testing their vehicles for years, but now regular riders are starting to catch rides in the robot cars. Instead of merely watching a vehicle loaded with cameras, sensors, and other equipment drive by,

Intense videos show the Camp Fire ravaging Northern California

The destructive Camp Fire has already burned over 18,000 acres of Butte County, Northern California as of Thursday afternoon, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Since starting at 6:30 a.m. PT just north of Sacramento,

Nokia Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320 now available on contract with Reliance in India

Reliance Communications, the third largest telecom operator in India has introduced the "Zero Plan" when it comes to purchasing a Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520. Available in 12 months and 24 months EMI (Easy Monthly Installment) plans, both flagship Windows Phone devices bring you unlimited calls,



Straight Talk: Backup to tape

This guide identifies and explains the various backup complexities, and the ultimate solution that solves the backup and restore problem permanently. Read more:

【走近讲师】陈晓建:需求和供给不能对接 因为缺乏完整云计算生态链条


Every Story is a Technology Story

Bloomberg 在上周挖了一位重量级新媒体人:新闻网站 Vox 联合创始人、科技网站 The Verge 主编约书亚·托普斯基(Joshua Topolsky)。Topolsky 将成为彭博社的数字编辑和数字内容总监。 搜索了一下相关的讨论,国外普遍为此感到震惊。



Hugo Barra:指責小米抄袭的人应该好好看看我们的产品

本届 WSJD,小米也派出了「虎哥」Hugo Barra 来到现场。这位从 Google 跳槽过来的副总裁在台上不仅畅谈了小米如今越来越强的影响力,还对不久前苹果设计师 Jony...


比利时玛利诺犬(Belgian Malinois)是一种优秀的军事工作犬种,它会表现出在封闭空间绕圈的强迫症行为。

Xperia Z4 Tablet: Slick and Slim, With Laptop Aspirations

There's a new tablet in town. It's the new Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet and yeah, it's slimmer, lighter and more powerful than its predecessor, the Xperia Z2 Tablet . But the biggest achievement here is that the attachable keyboard transforms the Z4 into an Android PC,



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