Stephen Colbert says Sarah Huckabee Sanders sharing doctored video is 'grounds for dismissal'

Late show hosts Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel have both referred to Sarah Huckabee Sanders' decision to share a doctored video as a fireable offence.

This massive fried rice prank turned into a great Photoshop battle

Twitter has always loved to ride the wave of internet culture. And this wave is certainly a big one. Originating with the popular Japanese channel Mizutamari Bond, YouTuber Kanta created a prank video featuring an artificial giant fried rice wave, which he claims cost approximately $3,938.00. 

Mark Zuckerberg killed a goat and served it to Jack Dorsey... cold

Mark Zuckerberg had Jack Dorsey over for dinner and it was somehow even more weird than you might expect.When asked about his most "memorable encounter" with Zuckerberg, Dorsey revealed that not only did Zuckerberg once invite him over for an (undercooked) goat dinner,

'Vane' is a terrible video game, but you should play it anyway

The following is a spoiler-free review for Vane.Sometimes a bad experience is still worth having.Vane, a highly hyped indie release from developer Friend & Foe, hit gaming platforms last week only to be met with a resounding and less-than-complimentary "pass" from players.

Major corporations are bracing for climate change

From Coca-Cola to Apple, a new report shows the ways major corporations are preparing to lose — and gain — profit in a world of extreme weather. Read more...More about Apple, Disney, Mashable Video, Climate Change, and Business

House hunting apps make me want to gouge my eyes out

When I turned 33-years-old, I decided it was time for me to become a "real adult" and do things real adults do — eat meals at a table, learn what a stock is, and maybe even buy a house.The former goals were what I could foreseeably accomplish, the latter was what I wanted most of all.

Amazon's drones still aren't here, but this little robot is now delivering packages

Clear the sidewalks, Amazon's new delivery bot Scout is coming through.The Prime bot, which looks like a light blue cooler on six wheels, started delivering packages Wednesday in Snohomish County, north of Seattle. 

Spotify debuts new 'mute' feature

If there is an artist you don't want to hear on Spotify, you can now block them on the streaming service. Read more...More about Features, Spotify, Mashable Video, Artists, and Mute

Please enjoy this dad who pushed his kid over to try and save a goal

We all know an over-involved parent, especially in the realm of kids' sports.But we can excuse this eager dad who pushed his distracted goalkeeping kid over during a game between the Bow Street FC under 8's and Ysgol Llanilar under 8's in Wales.SEE ALSO:

Bird will let you complain about bad e-scooter parking

Irresponsible scooter parking is the scourge of any city overrun with the motorized devices. So on Thursday, e-scooter company Bird unleashed "Community Mode" on its app, which includes a way to report or complain about bad parking jobs or damaged Birds blighting city streets.SEE ALSO:

Despite amazing puppetry, 'King Kong' on Broadway is a mess

About 40 minutes into the show, right before Kong first appears onstage, the audience at King Kong on Broadway is crackling with excitement.Ann Darrow (Christiani Pitts) is tied up, seemingly helpless and lost in the middle of a spooky forest when we hear a growl in the darkness.

对垒蓝宝石玻璃Touch ID 韩国公司声称开发出新材料

自从苹果公司发布带Touch ID指纹识别的iPhone 5s以来,安卓业界,尤其是LG和三星,也想赶上这个潮流。



Lumia 630下月南非上市 Lumia 930等到秋季

威智网 6 月 27 日消息,根据外媒 Wmpoweruser 报道,微软昨日在南非最大城市约翰内斯堡发布了诺基亚 Lumia 630 和 Lumia 930 两款全新Windows Phone 8.1 设备。

6 Questions About Ebola, Answered

Three countries in western Africa — Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone — are in the midst of the planet’s worst-ever Ebola outbreak, marking the first time the disease has ever been detected in the regionAs of July 8, 2014,



Java Web的分页工具类 - 程序猿小叶

最近写一个java web项目,以前分页的工具类,都是基础架构的人写好了的。也没有去细看,现在遇到这个状况。就整理一下思路,自己写了一个分页的工具类。写的不好之处,还望斧正。下面是我的代码:PageUtil.

Expa Brings On Hooman Radfar, AddThis Founder, As San Francisco EIR

Expa, a startup studio with $50 million in funding and led by Garrett Camp, is today welcoming a new member to the team. Hooman Radfar, founder and Chairman of AddThis, is coming on board the team to bring his expertise in big data and web services to the mix. Expa is a powerhouse of talent,


锤子科技再改声明 300元现金券不能买坚果


12 of your favorite holiday movie scenes packed into a single take

Hazel Hayes and Field Day have somehow managed to pack 12 classic Christmas movies into four minutes — and in ONE TAKE, no less! From A Charlie Brown Christmas, to Die Hard, to Edward Scissorhands to It's A Wonderful Life,

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