Original Crackdown video game is now free on Xbox One & Xbox 360 consoles

The original Xbox 360 Crackdown video is currently being given away for free in the Microsoft Store. The game can be played on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, due to having backwards compatibility support,

The State Of The Xbox One in 2015

It must be frustrating for the people who work on the Xbox One, to have turned one of the worst-pitched gaming consoles ever into a machine that’s in several ways better than its competition. Lately, Microsoft has done so many things well. They’ve improved their box in so many ways.

Latest Windows Insider Bug Bash starts today

Microsoft is hosting what it calls its "Bug Bash" for Windows Insiders previewing upcoming changes to the 19H1 branch of Windows 10.

Skype for web will soon be replaced by new version that only works in Edge and Chrome

Microsoft has started warning Skype for Web users that the app will soon be replaced by a new version based on Skype v8, which requires using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Microsoft builds Fake News spotter NewsGuard into Edge mobile browser

As we reported earlier this this month, Microsoft is baking NewsGuard into the mobile versions of its Edge web browser for Android and iOS devices via an optional switch, and now the feature is moving out of beta. This is likely part of an ongoing effort by many businesses, Microsoft included,

Halo:MCC news, Championship gaming coming to SXSW in March

Beyond being part of Halo history, those in attendance at the SXSW19 HCS will also be privy to some exclusive annoucements regarding the franchise.

First build for Windows 10 “19H2” Fall 2019 release spotted via leaked build numbers

If you’ve been following along at home, there’s been quite the saga surrounding leaked Windows 10 build numbers lately. Recently, the site BuildFeed.net went dark, after an enthusiastic Windows enthusiast offered up thousands of unreleased build numbers to the site,

These DJI drones are learning to recognize objects with help from Microsoft AI technology

DJI, the world’s biggest drone manufacturer has now teamed up with Microsoft to create drones that can recognize objects, including different types of fruits.

YouTube TV, one of Xbox One’s best TV apps, is now available broadly in the US

YouTube TV is now available to 98% of people in the United States, and the majority of those users will be able to enjoy at least three of the big four local broadcast giants (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) depending on their area.

Windows 10’s Twitter app gains DM and profile improvements in new update

The official Twitter app for Windows 10 PCs updated this week with some new features to improve direct messages and content discovery. When viewing a Twitter user’s profile, the app will now display other accounts that you follow who also follow it.

Crackdown 3 video game listing goes live for Xbox One & Windows 10

A product page for the Crackdown 3 video game has gone live in the Microsoft Store just a day ahead of Microsoft’s XO18 event in Mexico where it will apparently be given a lot of promotion. Crackdown 3 has had several delays and is currently expected to launch on both the Xbox One and Windows […]

Microsoft patent could allow VR users to “see part of the outside world”

A new patent revealed Microsoft’s continued interest in systems for changing the opacity of the lens of a VR headset.

OK Google!Chrome 34 Beta迎来语音搜索和响应式图片支持

Chrome 33稳定版发布才过了一周,Google就宣布了Chrome 34 beta for Windows、Mac、以及Linux。Chrome 34 beta的新功能包括——支持响应式图片、unprefixed版本的Web Audio API、以及“OK Google”语音搜索。

多一个按钮,满足 N 种需求


China Looks To Linux As Windows Alternative

Bismillah (993337) writes "Once again, after the Red Flag Linux effort that petered out this year, China is considering Linux to sort out its pressing Windows XP issue. The Windows 8 ban by China's government procurement agency and promises of official support may help.

Java中的TreeMap、Comparable、Comparator - 神一样的存在



小编按:科技已经越来越侵入我们生活的方方面面,文中提到的一些危害我们也已经切身感受到。 人们将笔记本电脑、在线 […]

Lumia 930 now selling in South Africa through Vodafone carrier for R7999

The Lumia 930, which was earlier said to come to the South African market by the end of September, has arrived a bit earlier. The smartphone is now available for sale through Vodafone carrier under 2-year contract for R469, R589, and R699 per month with different plans. 


M2M连接数预计到2020年至少达到10亿; 如能成功部署市场加速条件,有望达到20亿连接数里程碑   亚特兰大--(美国商业资讯)--GSM协会(GSMA)旗下研究机构GSMA移动智库(GSMA Intelligence)的一份最新研究报告表明,到2020年,蜂窝机器对机器(M2M)通信至少将占全球移动市场份额的10%。



This Nuclear Carrier Is Leaving the Atomic Winter Behind

Somehow this photo of the fourth nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the United States makes us feel like this cruel winter will never end. USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) departed Naval Station Norfolk for a scheduled deployment on March 11, 2015, and left the frozen Eastern Coast for warmer seas.

最新版 Google Messenger 支持动画式 GIF 和加入新小工具

既然 Google Hangouts 都已支持播放动画式的 GIF 图片,同门的 Messenger 又怎能不支持呢?在最新版的 Google Messenger 里,用户已经可以在 app 看到播放中的动画式 GIF 图片了,以后想以图传意的话便可以变得更容易和更生动。

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