Sony's high-end X900F 4K TVs are on sale for up to $350 off (in 2 sizes, too)

Editor's note: Both Mashable and PCMag are owned by Ziff Davis.TVs are one of *the* big ticket items that people look for on Black Friday — and with all of the 2018 ad scans we've seen this week, you definitely have that to look forward to.

Watch Bei Bei the panda roll around in this season's first snowfall

This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice things that happened this week.If you don't live on the East Coast, then you avoided a pretty powerful snowstorm on Thursday that caused major headaches for commuters on Thursday and Friday.

10 books by women who are changing the world

If you keep up with Oprah's Book Club — or at the very least, have been online recently — then you know Michelle Obama finally released her memoir, Becoming, on Nov. 13. In it, the former first lady opens up in ways she never has before, revealing intimate details about marriage counseling,

How to become a graphic designer without going to art school

Look, it doesn't matter if you can't draw to save your life. You shouldn't let your inability to illustrate anything beyond stick figures and random doodles impede your pursuit of becoming a graphic designer. You're trying to become a digital artist here, not emulate Pablo Picasso's career.Plus,

The thinnest wallet you'll ever own is on sale for Black Friday

Maybe you're sick of being unorganized. Maybe you're tired of constantly dropping your credit cards. Maybe your current wallet is so overstuffed that it forces you to sit on a slant whenever it's in your back pocket. (Who do you think you are, George Costanza?) Whatever the reason,

Did you catch the one 'Harry Potter' actor who shows up in 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelw

This article contains spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Read at your own risk!The 1920s setting of the Fantastic Beasts franchise is a great opportunity for younger versions of beloved Harry Potter characters to appear in their own stories. Most of them,

Adidas has launched its Black Friday UK sale in a very big way

The coming festive season, or party season, is a difficult time for those that like to hide from social settings and would honestly prefer to be in bed, alone.Christmas time means work parties, reunions, and drinks — so many drinks. So if you absolutely have to socialise,

Original Tamagotchi review: The reboot of the '90s classic is still addictive

Original Tamagotchi$19.99View ProductThe GoodChoose from either classic colors (Gen 1) or new colors (Gen 2) • Includes original addictive gameplay • Small size makes it super-portableThe BadNon-backlit display is antiquated • Battery isn't rechargableThe Bottom LineOther than some color updates,

Jimmy Kimmel on the Sarah Sanders doctored video: 'She should be fired for that'

The doctored video of the interaction between CNN's Jim Acosta and a White House intern, which was posted by the Trump administration and originated from Infowars, hardly pleased many of us, including Jimmy Kimmel."She should be forced to resign for that," Kimmel said on Thursday.

Stephen Colbert says Sarah Huckabee Sanders sharing doctored video is 'grounds for dismissal'

Late show hosts Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel have both referred to Sarah Huckabee Sanders' decision to share a doctored video as a fireable offence.

Please enjoy this dad who pushed his kid over to try and save a goal

We all know an over-involved parent, especially in the realm of kids' sports.But we can excuse this eager dad who pushed his distracted goalkeeping kid over during a game between the Bow Street FC under 8's and Ysgol Llanilar under 8's in Wales.SEE ALSO:

The industrial age

The industrial age



Smartphone app promises to find you a London car parking space in two minutes

Want a parking space in London? A new app for iOS and Android has launched, ParkJockey, which claims to cut the time it takes to find a parking space from twenty to two minutes. Read more:

博客第二年,杂谈 - Vamei

作者:Vamei 出处: 欢迎转载,也请保留这段声明。谢谢!我在博客园正好写了两年的博客。



Avengers 2 官方相片、新敵人和故事首次曝光 [圖庫]

復仇者聯盟第一集是史上最成功的超級英雄電影,萬眾期待的第二集將會在明年上映。究竟這次幾個超級英雄又會面對甚麼敵人? 今天終於有官方照片和劇情首次公開。  閱讀全文




预计到2020年将新增16亿移动互联网用户;GSMA发布数字融合报告,强调连接“未连线”人群的努力 南非开普顿--(美国商业资讯)--在今天举办的GSMA Mobile 360-非洲大会上,GSMA移动智库(GSMA Intelligence)发布的新数据显示,到2020年,全球半数人口将使用移动设备来连接互联网。

Jony Ive分享设计工作三条建议:关心、专注、不怕失败

用户体验设计师 Joseph Shaffery 在自己的博客上分享了苹果设计主管 Jony Ive 演讲中的几个设计要点。Jony Ive 昨晚出席设计博物馆并进行了演讲。

複製人?攝影師飛機上自拍 100 張,讓自己坐滿客機

我們間中也會自己拍攝有趣的合成照片,把自己複製幾個出來。不過如果是更大型的製作,例如讓自己坐滿客機,就需要更多的時間去準備,而效果通常也十分有趣。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post 複製人?

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