Machine learning in recruitment: it works for everybody

As you progress to a fully-functional machine learning-based recruitment system, candidates will find it works for them as well – because if candidates aren't suitable for one role, the system will automatically match them up with another.

Here Are The 52 Startups That Launched At Y Combinator Summer 2015 Demo Day 2

Hardware was the clear cut theme of Day 1, Demo Day 2 of Y Combinator’s Summer 2015 was a bit more… eclectic. Moving services! Streaming services! Hotel booking, augmented reality, eSports! There was a little somethin’ for everybody today.Want to see every startup that pitched today?

Jurassic World: The Spoiler FAQ

Jurassic World is delighting audiences, smashing box office records, and making people excited about dinosaurs again. But did you notice the movie is also sort of terrible? If the new installment of Jurassic Park left you with questions,

50 Brilliant Science Fiction Movies That Everyone Should See At Least Once

Science fiction has rocked cinemas for a century, and the genre has produced many undisputed classics during that time. But which movies are essential viewing for anyone interested in the genre? We broke down the 50 must-watch science fiction films.Read more...

Government and telecoms meeting up over Google's new Chrome version

An encrypted version could spell trouble for some internet users.

5G will fuel server shipments next year

The new technology will force organisations to refresh their gear.

Multi-cloud and distributed computing – managing your data headache

Even as companies commit more to cloud, they aren’t addressing the real problems that exist around data and the cloud.

Using RPA for software testing: A “tech hack”?

RPA is not a sustainable solution for software test automation…and the modifications required to make the RPA tool sustainable for the task of software test automation would be, well, a hack.

US intelligence claims Huawei funded by China state security

Huawei denies the allegations, yet again.

Why SaaS companies should consider outsourcing

As SaaS increases in popularity, outsourcing can indeed be an essential component for long term success. Here are three reasons why SaaS companies should consider outsourcing as an option.

Possibilities beyond payments: the far-reaching potential of biometric technology

Whilst the payment sector is already pioneering change with fingerprint biometric innovation, there is a range of key learnings and successes that many other sectors could harness and benefit from.

Search engine optimisation: A small business’ best friend

Here’s why SEO should be at the top of your digital marketing to-do list and how your business can utilise the power of SEO to gain the visibility and recognition it deserves.

Advanced systems require advanced systems engineers

The skills and knowledge we once needed to manage our client-server systems versus these modern distributed systems with their requirements for resilience, low latency, and high availability are vastly different.

Data skills - Many hands make light work in a world awash with data

The biggest challenge for enterprises is to effectively enable greater data access among the workforce while maintaining oversight and quality.




电子书减肥篇硬派开售 知乎盐大家天天都在讨论核心力量,核心肌群,一套一套的……也有人说,包括腹肌在内的核心肌群,除了好看,一点儿实际的用处都没有。那到底核心肌群是哪?核心力量有没有用?有什么用?

Explaining Particle Accelerators With a Vacuum and 1,000 Foam Balls

If you know what a "Time Projection Chamber" or "Proton Synchrotron Booster" is, you're probably a physicist. And if you can explain them to non-physicists, you're a hero.

This Slick-Looking Map Tells You Where You Can('t) Fly Your Drone

The Federal Aviation Administration has been dragging its heels on drafting drone regulations, lots of people are confused about, where it's okay to fly their small aircraft. Using OpenStreetMap and government data, the wizards at MapBox created an interactive map to clear the air.Read more...




在雅虎任职期间(大致为2001-2007年),我学会了如何做很多事情,但是同样重要的是,我还学会了怎样才能避免 […]



Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd.公布截至2015年4月14日之每周定期公告的资产净值

阿姆斯特丹--(美国商业资讯)--监管新闻:   Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd.(股票代码:PSH:NA)今天在其网站www.pershingsquareholdings.com上公布了其每周定期公告的资产净值(NAV)。

美国国税局仍运行Windows XP

虽然微软去年年底已经停止支持Windows XP,但是美国国税局迄今为止仍然在让电脑运行Windows XP,将用户数据处于危险之中。

[视频]全境封锁发布全新预告 Beta测试确认1月底进行

将于今年3月8日PS4/Xbox One/PC平台正式发售的开年大作《汤姆克兰西:全境封锁》,想必已经引起了不少关注度。最近育碧Uplay移动端上更新了《全境封锁》Beta封闭测试确认定于1月进行的消息,据有关信息显示极有可能在1月29日进行。而新的预告片“特工的旅程”则为玩家提供了更多游戏背景和相关信息。

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