Kellyanne Conway uses 'alternative facts' to explain that doctored Jim Acosta video

Well, the definition of the word "altered" now seems to be up for debate — at least if you work for the Trump administration.After last week's testy exchange at the White House between CNN reporter Jim Acosta and President Trump,

Jimmy Fallon made Steph Curry drop weird phrases into NBA All-Star interviews

Did Steph Curry's interviews over the 2019 NBA All-Star weekend seem full of weird turns of phrase to you? It's all Jimmy Fallon's fault.For a segment subbed "Drop It In," The Tonight Show host had the basketball star slip strange words into his post-game chats,

Stephen Colbert also thinks Trump's national emergency lacks a little, er, emergency

Trump's state of emergency seems a bit, well, not much of an emergency.You might've figured that one out already, but Stephen Colbert was just as perplexed at Trump's casual demeanour during his press conference on Friday, announcing the national emergency."I'm sorry Mr. President.

Netflix's 'Friends From College' won't be back for a third season

Another Netflix series has bitten the dust.Friends From College won't be returning for a third season, the show's co-creator Nicholas Stoller revealed on Twitter.SEE ALSO: Netflix's first dating show pretends it's not trash. It is indeed trash."Thanks to everyone who watched it.

Seth Meyers slams Trump's golf trip: 'In a real emergency, no one goes to the omelette bar'

Late Night host Seth Meyers absolutely eviscerated Trump's press conference regarding his declaration of a national emergency to build his border wall.Tackling Trump's speech delivered at the White House on Friday, Meyers noticed it was "less of a declaration and more of a sing-song ramble.

Huawei founder speaks amid pressure: 'The U.S. can't crush us'

The founder of Chinese electronics giant Huawei said it doesn't need the U.S. to survive. Ren Zhengfei spoke to the BBC in his first interview since the arrest of his daughter, Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng, in Canada.SEE ALSO:

Please enjoy the unnecessarily lit 'Act My Age' by One Direction meme

One Direction may have disbanded three years ago, but their songs are still undeniable meme-worthy bops. You've probably stumbled across this bizarre meme in the past few days: A trio goes hard and dances in perfect sync to what sounds like the beginning of a sea shanty. 

Buckle up, Queen is performing at the Oscars

Guys. Queen is performing at the Oscars this year. With Adult Goth/possible vampire Adam Lambert at its helm, Queen is set to dazzle us all during the awards show, which controversially tried to cut four categories from its broadcast in hopes of saving time.SEE ALSO: Never mind,

There's a new version of CyberGhost VPN and it only costs £2.72 a month

At the moment it feels like there is new VPN news every other day. There is increasing interest in VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, and hence a lot of development and a lot of competition to stand out from the crowd.The latest provider to bring something new to the industry is CyberGhost VPN.

This 13-piece stainless steel cookware set is 75% off at Macy's, dropping it to under $30

The kitchen is easily one of the most expensive rooms to stock: With appliances, plus dinnerware, plus cookware, and then, you know, actual groceries on top of that, you might find yourself resorting to sticky hand-me-down pots and pans from yard sales with questionable crust dried on them. 

What's the matter with 'Mars'? Season 2 struggles to find footing on Red Planet

Mars is hard. Hard to get to, hard to make habitable for humans, hard to tell a story about on the screen and leave the viewer with any lasting impression. With a few shining exceptions — looking at you, The Martian — all Mars movies have bombed.

百度发布支付品牌百度钱包 全面进军移动支付领域


Heroku And Salesforce Aim To Link Business Process and Customer Experience

Salesforce announced today that it was releasing two new products to help ease the integration between Heroku mobile development tools and Salesforce 1. The new products should make it easier to create applications in Heroku and review data in almost real time as users interact with mobile apps.




当别的互联网公司都在往移动互联网发力的时候,豆瓣依然慢悠悠。  直到上周五,豆瓣才终于推出了一个整合书影音和活动几大内容的移动应用,目前,Android 版本已经上线。  

As Samsung Falters, An Opening For Startups

In the smash-hit movie Roaring Currents, Korea’s naval hero Admiral Yi-Sun Sin defends Korea from an invading Japanese imperial navy, single-handedly using his ship to hold off their advance in a treacherous current that today is considered one of the great naval battles of all time.

HTC 最便宜的 LTE 新机 Desire 510 登场

HTC 近期的 Desire 新机几乎都真的有激起市场的渴望(特别是 816,身边真的不少人有败呢),而今天他们则是端出了搭载高通最新 1.2GHz 的 Snapdragon 410 处理器,将高速的 LTE 网路集成一身的...




北京2014年9月6日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年6月,“正威慈善在行动”代表团响应联合国“南南合作”的号召,赴非洲赞比亚的一个贫困的小镇 Kesempa 为当地一所 Touch house 的孤儿带去了粮食和衣物,并和当地相关机构商议了正威援助计划。

Snapchat CEO Admits He Screwed His Friend, While Nobody Is Listening

It's a big week for legal settlements! With the entire tech and business world paying attention to new iPhones, Snapchat just issued a little press release admitting Reggie Brown did indeed help create the app.Read more...

AMD 任命苏姿丰博士为新 CEO,移动技术背景应该能帮上忙

三年之后,AMD 又迎来了新一轮的 CEO 更替。今天早些时候他们正式宣布任命原 COO 苏姿丰博士(Lisa Su)为新 CEO,接替 Rory Read 担负起统领公司的重任。而 Read...

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