Latest Insider update for Microsoft To-Do brings some Smart List improvements

Microsoft keeps iterating fast on its new cross-platform To-Do app, and the team has recently released a new version of the app for Windows Insiders which brings some improvements to Smart Lists.

ExxonMobil to use Microsoft technologies including Azure and Dynamics 365 for its Permian Basin oper

Microsoft and ExxonMobil are working together to optimize the oil company's Permain Bain operations through an amalgamation of Microsoft Azure, Machine Learning and Internet of Things solutions.

Skip Ahead Preview build 18841 (20H1) released to Insiders with lots of fixes, longer wait for new f

Another Skip Ahead preview build is being released to Windows 10 Insiders that is once again heavy on the fixes and improvements while light on new features and, thankfully, known issues. Hello #WindowsInsiders we have released 19H1 Build 18343 to Fast https://t.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider build 18343 to 19H1 Fast Ring, unblocks Intel processors

Microsoft dropped a couple of Insider builds on us this Friday morning, including a Fast Ring build (18343) that mainly fixes a problem that resulted in the company blocking build 18342 from installing on certain Intel based PCs. Here is the full list of changes and improvements to 18343:

How to Control a 3D Printer with a Raspberry Pi

For the uninitiated, 3D printing can seem like a daunting hobby. However, once you figure out how everything works, 3D printing can become fun and enjoyable. For beginners, it might be tempting to just buy a plug-and-play 3D printer to use with Windows 10.

Santorini, Centaurus, Pegasus – codenames provide clues to Microsoft’s plans for the future of Windo

Microsoft has been working for years on the modularization of its flagship operating system. Over many years, various fixes and shortcuts to gain performance made it difficult if not impossible to separate bits out again, but the idea of a modularized Windows,

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, 4 Lost Planet video games gain Xbox One backward compatibility

As promised, Microsoft has added more titles to the list of Xbox 360 games that are now backward compatible with the newer Xbox One series of consoles. As pointed out by Xbox’s Larry Hryb on Twitter, four of the Lost Planet titles—games 1, 2, 3,

Want to be more productive in Outlook? Microsoft’s CVP for Time Management shares some tips

Microsoft Outlook is definitely a solid email client that many users, whether basic consumers or corporate enterprises, can use to stay informed and in touch with others.

Do I need to buy antivirus software for my new Windows 10 PC?

“Do I need antivirus software?” It’s one of the most frequently-asked questions by new PC buyers, as evidenced by the top search autocomplete suggestions from both Google and Bing: Unfortunately, there’s still no easy, one-size-fits-all answer. In this short guide,

Sunset Overdrive for PC goes up for pre-order on Amazon with a November 16 shipping date

Even though Microsoft and Insomniac Games have yet to announce the Sunset Overdrive Windows port, a physical version of the game is now available for pre-order on Amazon

Microsoft’s 2018 Black Friday deals feature cool discounts on Surface and Xbox hardware

Microsoft has decided to officially release its list of deals that include savings on Surface devices, Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One consoles and other gaming accessories.

浏览器市场4月战绩:IE11份额超 IE10与 IE9总和,Chrome 继续领先 Firefox

根据 Net Applications,IE浏览器市场份额为57.88%,Chrome 跃居次位创新高,占据17.92的份额。与此同时,Firefox 则在不断萎靡,17%的份额已创逾5年新低。

Gen. Keith Alexander On Metadata, Snowden, and the NSA: "We're At Greater Risk"

An anonymous reader writes with some snippets pulled from a lengthy Q&A session at The New Yorker with former NSA head Keith Alexander, in which Alexander defends the collection of metadata by U.S. spy agencies both abroad and within the United States:


自从 Oculus Rift 这样的虚拟现实设备推出之后,人们的想象力一下子就开始脱缰而出。现在来了个狠的:在虚拟世界玩经典掌机 Game Boy。  我们可以在电脑上用模拟器畅玩 Game Boy 游戏,但设计者可没有那么没追求。




本文为新兴市场变泥潭?WP的中国困局(上)的下篇 中国渠道覆盖不如欧美那般容易 诺基亚Lumia的销售渠道问题 […]




32张PPT解读移动互联网时代的商业法则 您可能也喜欢的文章: 32张PPT:向移动端迁移的互联网广告 移动医疗商业模式初探 爱立信:商业用户走向移动

Sony's Kaz Hirai on Hack: It's About Freedom Of Speech

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai started off his CES keynote by addressing the elephant in the room: how Sony is holding up after the giant hack that brought the company to its knees. "We were the victim of one of the most vicious and malicious cyberattacks in history," he said,

苹果开始邀请所有第三方开发者递交 Apple Watch 应用

苹果本周二宣布,所有的注册开发者现在可以向 App Store 递交基于 WatchKit 开发的 Apple Watch 应用了。当然, 在过去的一周中,已经有很多知名应用完成了更新,并开始支持 Apple Watch。

VLC for Windows 10 gets a new name, hundreds of bugfixes, and cool new features

VLC for Windows has been updated for Windows 10, now featuring a new name. Having previously been called VLC for Windows 8, the app is now referred to as VLC for Windows Store."It’s been a long time since we updated the VLC app on the Windows Store. Last update was released on May, 19th,

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