EU 'close' to digital tax on tech giants

French Minister says the deal will have Germany's support.

London’s Tech Boom Is More Than Just Hype, The Hard Numbers Say So

While London Technology Week may not yet rival last week’s London Fashion Week for glamour, there is real substance to the capital’s tech boom. This is why, for the first time, TechCrunch is bringing its Silicon Valley conference, Disrupt, to London this October.

Why Busy Santa looks to live chat and chatbots for better customer service

Santa has asked Baker, Scott and Hill-Wilson for their advice about how to implement live chat to achieve better customer service this Christmas.

Multi-cloud - supporting digital transformation for business success

How can your organisation begin its multi-cloud journey, and what are the considerations you should take in order to minimise risk?

Most companies hit by more than one major cyberattack in the past two years

And almost all companies hit by at least one.

UK retailers boost cybersecurity over Christmas

The holiday period is when a 'seasonal increase in social engineering attacks' usually happens.

Digital transformation being held back by cost worries

Businesses see the benefits, but they also see challenges.

McAfee uncovers "Sharpshooter" malware attacking critical infrastructure

The verticals that are being targeted are nuclear, defense, energy, and financial businesses.

The right solutions can increase the uptake of Blockchain technology across enterprises

Dave Locke, Chief Technology Advisor at World Wide Technology, explores the increasing uptake of blockchain technology and the problems that need to be overcome before mainstream adoption.

Consumer phones in the workplace: does it make business sense?

It is important for businesses to understand what they are getting themselves into if they hope to gain real long-term benefits from their mobility strategy.

SAP snaps up Qualtrics in $8bn deal

Software maker was set to go public next week.

Harnessing the power of data network effects

How do you build data network effects into your products and services?





Ukraine's 'Gas Princess' Joins 'Dr. Iron Fist' and 'Chocolate King' in Presidential Race

KIEV, Ukraine — In case she didn’t make it clear when she returned from medical treatment in Germany last week when she tweeted, “Good day. I’m back. In every way,” Yulia Tymoshenko, the former Ukrainian prime minister with the trademark blonde braid,

从Google X分拆出来的第一家公司Flux 获800万美金A轮融资,力图借助数据打造生态建筑

Flux是2年前从Google X实验室分拆出的第一家创业公司,一直颇为低调,它专注于开发数据驱动的协作软件,提升建筑设计的生态友好度,降低建筑成本——建起来更高效、更生态化、还更便宜。



這不是黑科技! Audi 以新款 RS 7 Concept 在賽道展示精準的無人自動駕駛技術

圖片來源: Audi自動駕駛是目前汽車產業的大熱門技術,雖然礙於各國法規還有實際道路狀況,目前市面上只能看到像是自動跟車與自動煞車這類比較簡化的輔助駕駛,不過自動駕駛在技術上並非難事;隸屬 VAG 集團的 Audi 就在德國的 Hockenheim 賽道以新款性能房車 RS 7 Concept 展示其自動駕駛技術,並且以近乎精準、與最佳路線誤差僅有幾公分的狀況跑出兩分鐘左右的高水準單圈紀錄。


公司名称:中国统计网工作地点:全国工作年限:五年以上待遇范围:面议发布时间:2014-01-19截止时间:长期有效就职形式:长期兼职 岗位职责:  1、能提供线上关于数据分析(数据分析行业经验)、数据挖掘(会员分析、关联推荐、决策树等)、数据仓库(精通SQL语言)、数据分析案例(运营分析、经营决策分析等)、数据分析工具(R语言、SPSS、EXCEL等)精通以上任何一门等; 2、能独立编写课程提纲; 岗位要求: 1、统计学、数学、金融学、计算机等相关专业,本科及以上学历; 2、对数据与业务有足够敏感性,逻辑思维缜密,独立思考能力强; 3、有互联网行业数据分析工作、电信行业数据分析工作经验者优先; 4、有很好的表达与沟通能力,工作认真负责。   

Little hamster turns into a city-munching Godzilla

Total destruction has never been so cuddly and adorableFrom the hamster video experts Hello Denizen comes a new tiny adventure — one that involves a hamster turning into a teeny Godzilla. Thanks to a little reptilian costume and some edible town pieces,

云知声承办智能产业高峰论坛分论坛 以智慧之名助力生活

北京2015年8月17日电 /美通社/ -- 由中国人工智能学会主办的“2015第五届中国智能产业高峰论坛”于2015年8月14日-8月15日在上海召开。



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