Leftovers season is here, so it's time to upgrade your food container situation

Leftover season is upon us, which means that now is the time to invest in some solid Tupperware. You may be thinking that the mix-matched menagerie of lids and plastic containers you have tucked away in your kitchen will do the trick, but I regret to inform you that it will not. 

iOS 13 wish list: New features we want to see at WWDC 2019

We'll soon get our first look at the next version of iOS. Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off June 3, when we'll get the first official peek at all the new features coming to iOS 13. And while there have already been a lot of rumors and speculation as to what we'll see,

MacBook Pro, Fire TV Stick 4K, Instant Pot, and more deals for May 26

If you missed out on getting an Apple MacBook Pro during the Apple Sale Event back in April, it's back again! Saving yourself $299 off at Amazon, or get the latest iPad Pro for $674, saving 25% off the listed price.Looking for different deals? With it being Memorial Day weekend,

15 skills you can learn this weekend for super cheap

No doubt about it, Netflix and chilling is the best way to spend your long weekend, but if you're not into that, we're here to offer an alternative: learning new things!Hey, it's not as boring as it sounds.

Getflix is an app that unblocks streaming sites abroad — and it's on sale

What's worse than buffering delays when you're deep in a binge-watching sesh?The answer is easy: not having the ability to stream your favorite content. Like at all.It's usually the case while traveling that you suddenly lose access to your favorite shows and movies because of geo restrictions.

Memorial Day sales on products that will make your life easier every day

What's better than the long weekend? We can only think of one answer: DEALS. We've specially curated items from the Mashable Shop that are on sale and will make your day-to-day life easier.Here they are:

Save up to £90 on full priced items from Nike with this code

There's not a lot of loyalty in the world anymore. You have homegrown sports stars leaving for more money, and Hollywood couples dropping like flies. There's not a lot of loyalty anymore, unless we're talking about brands.

Bong Joon-Ho's 'Parasite' takes top prize at Cannes: What critics are saying

Okja director Bong Joon-Ho's Parasite won the Palme d’Or in a unanimous decision at 2019's Cannes Film Festival. This is the first time a Korean director has won the festival's top honor.Cannes jury president Alejandro G. Iñárritu said,

Lyft's rewards program will offer perks for choosing Lyft over Uber

When you're hailing a ride, you probably flip between the Uber and Lyft apps to see which one will give you the best deal. But what if one of them offered you rewards in exchange for your loyalty?Lyft is banking on that idea with its forthcoming rewards program. 

Someone at Hasbro apparently thought Monopoly for Millennials was a great idea

Someone really though a millennial version of Monopoly might be a fun idea.The very bitter people behind the board game known for tearing apart friend groups and getting children written out of wills released an especially cursed version of the game titled Monopoly For Millennials. 

We regret to inform you Trumpy Bear is a *real* thing you can spend money on

Looking for something to tightly squeeze while you fear for the future of American politics? Trumpy Bear is here to help...or at least help give you nightmares. The purpose of this terrifying little creature is unclear, but the product is very real.

PQ Media:2014年全球户外数字媒体消费调查


业绩下滑 三星将推两款全新智能机应对激烈竞争



有一天,我走进统计学的神殿 ,将所有谎言都装进原假设的盒子里, “P值为零”, 一个声音传来, “但你已经不能再拒绝,因为,P值已经死了” 从此,这个世界上充斥着谎言。

新视频证明iPhone 6 Plus的确更容易弯曲

在苹果最新的iPhone 6 Plus上市之后,最火爆的新闻莫过于“bendgate(弯曲门)”了。

不再靠數字及圖像!Tempescope 氣象台能實體化模擬各種天氣情況




Planning to avoid Australia's data laws? Not all VPNs are created equal

On Tuesday, Australia's controversial data retention regime officially kicked off to the dismay of privacy advocates and Aussie Internet users, but perhaps to the benefit of virtual private networks providers (VPNs).Passed in March,

谷歌已完成Linux内核补丁 要求厂商3月1日前修复

安全公司Perception Point日前指出Linux Kernel中存在一个2012年就已经潜伏的高级别零日漏洞,导致接近于66%运行Android系统的智能手机和平板设备存在严重安全隐患。日前谷歌方面回应称受影响设备数量比报道少,计划于3月份之前完成安全补丁修复。今天有消息指出该补丁已经开发完成,并已经分发至各大设备制造商手中,而在未来几周谷歌将会要求这些设备厂商通过固件更新的方式来修复这个零日漏洞。


[图]HTC新旗舰M10外形照曝光:全金属 质感十足


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