Leftovers season is here, so it's time to upgrade your food container situation

Leftover season is upon us, which means that now is the time to invest in some solid Tupperware. You may be thinking that the mix-matched menagerie of lids and plastic containers you have tucked away in your kitchen will do the trick, but I regret to inform you that it will not. 

The best UK deals for Tuesday: Beats headphones, Ultimate Ears speakers, Playstation bundles, and mo

The Amazon Christmas sale only has a few more days to run and you're therefore running out of time to pick up a great bargain. In today's round-up of the best deals from across the sale, we have found the best audio offers for you, including deals on speakers and headphones.Before we get to that,

Sandra Bullock plays a gloriously NSFW-sounding game

"Bullock or Bollocks" sounds pretty dodgy, but it isn't anywhere near as NSFW as it may first appear.Essentially it involves Stephen Colbert reading out a list of "facts" about Sandra Bullock his team found on the internet (skip to 5:00 in the clip above).

Apple TV 4K is the most essential product Apple makes

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better.What is the most essential Apple gadget? Put another way: Which of the trillion-dollar company's beautifully-designed devices would a jaded Apple fanboy like me most miss,

The youth activists who proved critics wrong in 2018

In 2018, youth activism became synonymous with the gun control movement created by Florida high school students, who survived a mass shooting that killed 17 people. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students made headlines for months after the February shooting in Parkland.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Fallon sing glorious festive parodies of 2018's top songs

Did you know that when there's enough positive, musical energy in a room, Lin-Manuel Miranda materialises? That's exactly what happened on The Tonight Show, when Miranda joined host Jimmy Fallon to sing a medley of holiday versions of the top hits of 2018.

Sleep like a baby with this luxe bamboo sheet set that just went on sale

If "seeing visions of sugarplums" is code for "getting restful sleep," you'd hope it's happening more than just on Christmas Eve. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a third of us don't get enough slumber (at least seven hours per night) on a regular basis,

This wireless charger doubles as a stand and is on sale for less than $30

Isn't it funny that the more connected the world gets, the less we want to deal with wires?It already happened with wireless earphones. Humans in the 21st century now deem it more acceptable to have Q-tip-resembling audio devices sticking out of our ears for aural enjoyment. And besides,

Lyft's rewards program will offer perks for choosing Lyft over Uber

When you're hailing a ride, you probably flip between the Uber and Lyft apps to see which one will give you the best deal. But what if one of them offered you rewards in exchange for your loyalty?Lyft is banking on that idea with its forthcoming rewards program. 

Someone at Hasbro apparently thought Monopoly for Millennials was a great idea

Someone really though a millennial version of Monopoly might be a fun idea.The very bitter people behind the board game known for tearing apart friend groups and getting children written out of wills released an especially cursed version of the game titled Monopoly For Millennials. 

We regret to inform you Trumpy Bear is a *real* thing you can spend money on

Looking for something to tightly squeeze while you fear for the future of American politics? Trumpy Bear is here to help...or at least help give you nightmares. The purpose of this terrifying little creature is unclear, but the product is very real.

iPhone 6国内售价再曝光 包含运营商内部价

注:博主已经表示 64GB 版 iPhone 6 Pro 的打印出现了错误  相信大家现在已经对 iPhone 6 在国内的售价有所了解。如果不出意外,今年的 iPhone 6 还将会延续去年 iPhone 5s 的报价,即 5288 元起售。

巴黎車展 50 款新車使用 Here 地圖

Nokia 手機部門被 Microsoft 收購後,集中火力在他們的 Here 地圖事業上。最近舉行的巴黎車展,Here 終於闖出頭來,八成擁有 GPS 系統的新車採用了 Here 地圖技術。

Google Play pulled a gay killing game, but only after thousands of downloads

A game encouraging players to shoot naked homosexual men was pulled from the Google Play store late Sunday/early Monday, but not before thousands of people downloaded itAss Hunter has existed on various flash games websites for more than a decade, but appeared on Google Play sometime in November.



美国想在火星建立殖民地 但要花费3300亿美元


Android Studio 单刷《第一行代码》系列 01 —— 第一战 HelloWorld - addict

## Android Studio 单刷《第一行代码》系列 01 —— 第一战 HelloWorld ##作者:[addict](http://www.cnblogs.com/DebugLife/)本文谢绝转载,如需转载需征得作者本人同意,谢谢。### 前言(Prologue) ###本系列将使用 ...


什么是产品的功能结构? 功能结构是为满足用户需求而设计的功能点的集合。 根据什么定义功能结构? 1、需求:即人 […]

iOS中UIWebView使用JS交互(4月2日修改) - 机智的新手

iOS中偶尔也会用到webview来显示一些内容,比如新闻,或者一段介绍。但是用的不多,现在来教大家怎么使用js跟webview进行交互。这里就拿点击图片获取图片路径为例:1.测试页面html ...

Quirky 是如何一步步走向破产的

Quiry 到底是怎么一步步走向死亡的,网络上已经有了很多的讨论。但是似乎都没有指出核心问题所在。本文将向你揭示 Quirky 如何一步步走向破产的真正原因。

Kittens create their own special renditions of famous art

Video: Jake Fertig, Nadja OerteltCats are among the greatest artists of our time.Oh, you didn't know that? Then watch these cuddly friends don masks of artists, grab their palettes and brushes and create some of the most lauded works in human — err, cat — history.See also:

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