The Difference Between New York City Animals and Animals Everywhere Else

It's no secret that New York City's wildlife is a bit, well, different.Maybe it's the water, the constant struggle to survive or the way they only eat garbage and never sleep. Who can say? But something is making the Big Apple's wildlife tougher than their counterparts that live elsewhere.See also:

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At Home with Tim O'Reilly (Videos 5 and 6 of 6)

Today's videos are parts five and six of our casual interview with Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media and one of the most influential open source boosters around. (You supplied the questions. He supplied the answers.

Attorney Yasir Billoo Explains NDA Law (Video)

Yasir Billoo, an attorney with Golden & Grimes in Miami, Florida, is licensed to practice law in both Florida and California, and works heavily in the areas of business/commercial law, employment and labor, and civil appeals. Yasir also has a business-oriented blog titled Small Business Law.

Security for the 'Internet of Things' (Video)

What happens when your oven is on the Internet? A malicious hacker might be able to set it to broil while you're on vacation, and get it so hot that it could start a fire. Or a prankster might set your alarm to wake you up at 3 a.m.

Google IO:Android内存管理主题演讲记录

翻出了3年前的Google IO大会的主题演讲 Google IO 2011 Memory management for Android Apps,该演讲介绍了Android系统在垃圾回收上的变化和如何发现并内存泄露以及如何管理Android中的内存。本演讲对开发者还是有很大的帮助。

Note for Google IO Memory Management For Android

This is the subtitle for Google I/O 2011: Memory management for Android Apps.The VideoThe Subtitles Hi everybody, My name’s Patrick Dubroy and today I’m going to talk to you about memory management for Android. So I’m really happy to see somany people here who care about memory management,

How Bell Labs Is Reinventing the Future All Over Again

In 1964, a pair of Bell Labs researchers in New Jersey pointed the world's largest radio telescope to the skies and unwittingly stumbled upon one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th Century: cosmic background radiation.

Ushahidi Helps Track Everything From Election Violence to Oil Spills (Video)

Wikipedia says, "Ushahidi, Inc. is a non-profit software company that develops free and open-source software (LGPL) for information collection, visualization, and interactive mapping.

Interviews: James Cameron and John Bruno Answer Your Questions

Last week you had the chance to pose questions to James Cameron and director John Bruno about their film, Deepsea Challenge 3D. We included some of those questions when we sat down with them to talk about the submersible and the movie. Below you'll find that conversation.

贴近浏览器窗口右侧的jqueryui dialog快速从左侧调整大小时对话框大小设置不准确的问题 - indra


Printed Circuits as Part of a 3-D Printed Object (Video)

Affordable 3-D printing is still young; just a few years ago, it would have been nearly impossible to have an arbitrary three-dimensional piece of plastic (or resin, or sometimes metal) created from asoftwaredescription in a box that fits on your desk.

Sacha Baron Cohen's new show: Is it worth watching?

Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America? created quite the buzz leading up to its release, with prominent conservative politicians reacting with outrage as they realized Cohen was effectively pranking them.The series premiere is now streaming on Showtime (free for a limited time),

We might get Cleganebowl in 'Game of Thrones' Season 8

A teeny, tiny hint about Game of Thrones Season 8 may point to one of the series most highlyanticipated battles ever: Cleganebowl. According to CinemaBlend, actor Hafþór Björnsson, who plays the hulking Mountain, revealed that his favorite scene is in the upcoming season,

World Cup celebration in Paris is the most jubilant sh*t we've ever seen

Know any soccer enthusiasts rooting for France? They are absolutely, 100%, without a doubt the happiest people you know right now.France won the 2018 World Cup on Sunday, beating Croatia 4-2 thanks in part to 19-year-old star Kylian Mbappé. After the victory,

Punk band Pussy Riot stage World Cup protest

Four protesters rushed the field during the France vs. Croatia final World Cup match. Russian group Pussy Riot has since claimed responsibility for the display.SEE ALSO:

19-year-old World Cup winner Kylian Mbappé is making a lot of fans feel old

Imagine being 19 and also a World Cup winner. I personally cannot!France's Kylian Mbappé, 19, has become the youngest player in six decades to score during a World Cup final, according to ESPN. (In 1958, Pele scored two goals against Sweden at the age of 17.

Jaguar escaped from the zoo and killed a bunch of animals and now I'm sad!

An adult male jaguar escaped his enclosure at a Louisiana zoo and killed six other animals Saturday. SEE ALSO: Bear cam cub gets killed by a powerful male bear. Why?This graphic is very helpful in depicting what the escaped Audubon Zoo jaguar killed today between 7:20 and 8:15a pic.twitter.

Ugh, Elon Musk attacks British diver who called his submarine 'just a PR stunt'

After Vern Unsworth, a British diver who helped rescue the trapped Thai soccer team, called Elon Musk's attempt at a submarine rescue "just a PR stunt" that had 'absolutely no chance of working," Musk has chosen to be angry online. Surprise!In a series of tweets Sunday morning,

Nokia's Venture Into Android Deserved to Die

The Nokia XL is an enigma. It's a handset simultaneously feels like an inevitability and an impossibility. A product that finds Nokia momentarily embracing the Android operating system,

Babies, Now With GPS

Babies today, always so preoccupied with their phones and tablets — you can barely even have a conversation with them.As the world becomes more technologically advanced, so too do its children.See also:

10 Ways to Dress Like an Adult Baby

Millennials love two things: living with their parents and dressing like adult-sized babiesPlastic shoes, one-piece jumpers and bucket hats are fine sartorial choices for the trendy, '90s-obsessed hipsterSee also: 22 Flasks Inspired by Childhood for Your Grown-Up DrinksAnd really,

Moscow Is Turning a Historic Soviet Factory Into Its Very Own High Line

In its heyday, Hammer & Sickle Factory was the lynchpin of industry in Russia—a plant that churned out the country's steel for an entire century. Now, Moscow is turning the sprawling factory into luxury housing, boutiques, and a High Line-style park. Basically, the Meatpacking District. Read more.

【原创】你知道OneNote的OCR功能吗?office lens为其增大威力,中文也识别 - Tony·H


One Woman Finally Calls Out a Tech Investor for Creepy Advances

Almost all venture capitalists are men, which means a woman with a good startup idea will almost certainly need the favor of a man at some point. Sometimes the man exploits this imbalance , but for many reasons, names are rarely named. But here's a woman who isn't afraid.Read more...


熟悉我的朋友都知道我这小半年的时间都在参与一个第三方众包外卖项目,具体可参考以前的一篇文章『外卖·模式·来人』 […]

SureScan Corporation爆炸物检测系统获得TSA认证

新一代设计和技术:x1000是首个通过TSA认证的固定门式计算机断层扫描爆炸物检测系统(CT EDS) 纽约恩迪科特--(美国商业资讯)--作为向国土安全市场输送先进技术和产品的新兴领军企业,SureScan™ Corporation今日宣布其x1000 CT EDS已经通过美国运输安全管理局(TSA)认证。

Chrome 小秘密,斷線也有恐龍仔陪你玩

有時手機突然上不到網,看到 Google Chrome 這隻恐龍仔,是不是有點想打牠。 不是啦,應該多半讀者也會立即關掉瀏覽器,去檢查 WiFi 或者數據。但原來恐龍仔不只是一個公仔這麼簡單。


今天华硕(ASUS)在北京举办主题为“气与禅”(Chi & Zen)的笔记本新品发布会,在此次发布会上 […]

Nepal earthquake may have raised Kathmandu by three to six feet

A European satellite has found that the deadly earthquake in Nepal raised the city of Kathmandu by one to two meters (three to six feet), with large amounts of horizontal movement as wellTeams of scientists at several institutions, including the German Aerospace Center,


北京2015年8月7日电 /美通社/ -- 移动互联网的迅速发展、“互联网+”行动计划的推进,移动互联技术对于企业而言,不再局限于提升企业效率,更大的作用在于工作本身的改变。

我的EF功能 - 失足程序员

由来话说这个功能想法由来与java的Hibernate功能,我需要一个类和数据库映射,很简单的写一个实体类简单配置一下就ok了,很是方便, 1 package; 2 3 import; 4 impor...

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