Workarounds to Microsoft’s A/B testing give Insiders access to features, but is that ok?

With the latest Windows 10 Insider release, build 18282, Microsoft is continuing a program of “A /B” testing for some features, this time for access to “window snip” a feature of the new Snip & Sketch that allows users to take a screenshot of an open window with just one click.

Windows Insider preview 18298 (19H1) includes resolved Settings crashes and deletion of Windows.old

The latest Fast Ring Insider preview build dubbed 18298 and while it brings some nifty new features to test, it also has its list of known and fixed issues.

Windows 10 19H1 build 18292 is out with new File Explorer icon, Start Menu improvements and more

After a week without a new Windows 10 build, the Windows Insider team has a surprise for Fast Ring Insiders today in the form of the 19H1 build 18298.

New privacy bug forces Google to shut down Google+ earlier than planned

Just a month later the company found an additional flaw that will now force it to shutter the service much sooner than its August 2019 timeframe.

Forza Horizon 4: Fortune Island achievements list revealed ahead of December 13 launch

The list of achievements for the Fortune Island expansion has been published today and it includes 20 new achievements worth 500 Gamerscore points in total.

Looking for gift ideas? Here are our top 4 Xbox games for the holidays

Now that the holiday season is here, you might be wondering what the best games to get right now on Xbox One. I wanted Fallout 76 to be able to make this list, but I am appalled at what Bethesda did to this game and ultimately destroyed my trust in any future Fallout game. So […]

Microsoft Teams gets support for Chrome notifications

Some time last week Microsoft pulled the lever on a Chrome web notification support for Teams

Ashen is still coming to the Windows 10 Microsoft Store following Xbox One launch

Both both Game Director Derek Bradley and the ID@Xbox team confirmed today that Ashen is eventually coming to the Windows 10 Microsoft Store.

Microsoft’s Surface Studio 2 goes on sale in select markets today

Nearly two years after the launch of the original Surface Studio, its successor the Surface Studio 2 start shipping in select markets today.

Carnegie Mellon research into edge computing to get Microsoft hardware, Azure support

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) researchers will get Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud hardware and service credits for their research into edge computing. As noted in a report by GeekWire, CMU will be backed by Microsoft in a partnership with Intel.

Minecraft: Education Edition adds Code Builder in new update

Minecraft: Education Edition has received an update not long ago, and with the update comes its new Code Builder.


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Research Shows 2014 World Cup Ball Will Be Less Unpredictable

There are now fewer than six months to go until the biggest sporting event of 2014 — the FIFA World Cup in Brazil — and questions are being asked. Will the stadiums be ready? Are the airports ready for the crowds?

nubia X6支持五模十四频 25日发布

3月14日消息,凤凰数码通过独家渠道获得了一张nubia X6的截图,除采用全新的扁平化界面外,还曝光了该机对网络参数,可通吃所有运营商的4G/3G/2G网络,包括此前Z5S LTE无法支持的CDMA网络。    





买买买!iPad Air 2和iPad mini 3开启预订

正如苹果所承诺的,iPad Air 2 和 iPad mini 3 今天已经在苹果在线商店接受预订,中国大陆地区也在其中,不过目前只提供 WLAN(即 Wi-Fi)机型。

OnePlus One available for pre-order 27 October

The handset, which promises a premium Android experience at an affordable price, was previously only available through an invite system, but should now be more accessible.Read more:


现代宇宙学的一个重要理论是宇宙诞生于创世大爆炸。大爆炸(Big Bang)不仅仅是一个理论而且有众多证据支持,这些证据包括宇宙微波背景辐射和宇宙的持续膨胀。



MongoDB:MapReduce基础及实例 - Joe.TJ

背景 MapReduce是个非常灵活和强大的数据聚合工具。它的好处是可以把一个聚合任务分解为多个小的任务,分配到多服务器上并行处理。 MongoDB也提供了MapReduce,当然查询语肯定是JavaScript。MongoDB中的MapReduce主要有以下几阶段: 1.

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