Facebook will pass off content policy appeals to a new independent oversight body

Facebook doesn’t want to be the arbiter of decency when it comes to content policy decisions, similar to how it looked to third-party fact checkers rather than becoming an arbiter of truth. Today on a press call with journalists,

How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)

The Santa Clara Valley was some of the most valuable agricultural land in the entire world, but it was paved over to create today’s Silicon Valley.

What an American artificial intelligence initiative really needs

The American AI Initiative as it stands does little to blunt the fears that America will fall behind in its technological edge. In fact, its lack of particulars sends exactly the opposite message.

Oculus co-founder shipping free Rift repair kits to users with VR headset audio issue

Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey isn’t in the VR hardware business these days since getting canned by Facebook (he’s focused on smart border security at his new company Anduril) but he still wants people to like the product he helped design.

TCL leaks foretell a weird future for foldable phones

Foldables are going to get weird. And I’m here for it. Just check out these leaked TCL renders from CNET. All manner of strange and wonderful folding devices — two tablets and three smartphones, including one that flips all the way around into a Futurama-style bracelet.

HiHello raises $2.5 million to finally fix contact management

HiHello, the latest startup to take aim at business cards with its own digital alternative, has now raised a $2.5 million seed round to continue its efforts in building a better contact management solution designed for the mobile era. The new financing was led by August Capital,

Instagram’s fundraiser stickers could lure credit card numbers

Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that commerce is a huge part of the 2019 roadmap for Facebook’s family of apps. But before people can easily buy things from Instagram etc, Facebook needs their credit card info on file.

Google Assistant Actions up 2.5x in 2018 to reach 4,253 in the U.S.

In addition to competing for smart speaker market share, Google and Amazon are also competing for developer mindshare in the voice app ecosystem. On this front, Amazon has soared ahead – the number of available voice skills for Alexa devices have grown to top 80,000 the company recently announced.

SoftBank and Mubadala grow closer

The Japanese conglomerate SoftBank and Mubadala, the Abu Dhabi state investment company, have a closely intertwined relationship, and it’s one that the two are further cementing. According to the Financial Times,

OpenStack regroups

Only a few years ago, OpenStack was the hottest open-source project around, with a bustling startup ecosystem to boot. The project, which gives enterprises the tools to run the equivalent of AWS in their own private data centers,

Facebook reports a massive spike in government demands for data, including secret orders

Facebook has published the details of 13 historical national security letters it’s received for user data. The embattled social media giant said that the letters dated between 2014 and 2017 for several Facebook and Instagram accounts. These demands for data are effectively subpoenas,

What the FDA’s restriction of e-cig flavors means for Juul

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has revealed his plans to combat underage use of e-cigs and nicotine, which has grown 78 percent among high school students from 2017 to 2018.

Google可穿戴:详解Android Wear的十大功能

当Apple的可穿戴设备还处于扑朔迷离的状态时,Google的Android Wear已经渐渐的浮出水面,本文说的就是它具备的十大特性:语音回复信息、Google Now的完全语音、多种制造商的选择……Android Wear旨在让生活更便捷。


Facebook 2012年上市的时候,就受到了投资者的关注。公司错过了移动浪潮吗?Iphone发布5年后,大部分Facebook的收入仍然来自电脑应用。Zuckerberg(Facebook的CEO)的团队已经恢复,如今手机已经占收入60%,并且Facebook打算加倍下注。

Posters of Famous Patents Put Other People's Great Ideas On Your Wall

The design process is a many splendored thing full of trial and error, prototypes and practice runs. When your genius is ready to make its debut,

七牛云存储CEO许式伟:平步云端 数据为先

上海2014年10月28日电 /美通社/ -- 七牛云存储三周年暨答谢会于在北京拉斐特城堡酒店举行。七牛云存储CEO许式伟在七牛三周年庆典上做了主题为“平步云端,数据为先”的演讲。


苹果怎样选择旗舰店的城市和地址?在选址开店的过程中是怎样兼顾苹果形象与中国本地特色的?PingWest品玩英文站负责人Matt Allen日前采访了苹果中国零售地产部门经理,了解了苹果零售部门和地产部门

Tidal Confirms Partnership With Sprint Owner Softbank For Its Artist Co-Owned Music Service

We are still light on details, but now we know a bit more about Tidal, the high-defintion music streaming service that relaunched today, including a long list of musician-shareholders in the service and the participation of Softbank.

全球最細 Blue Freedom 迷你水力發電機發表

能夠有源源不絕的電源,為手機、GPS 等裝置充電相信是喜愛露營、遠足等野外活動的朋友的一大喜訊。最近 Kickstarter 出現了 Blue Freedom 的項目,只要將它放入水流中就能夠以水力發電。

Forza Horizon 2 'Furious 7' car pack is now available for download on Xbox One

Earlier in March, we reported on the rumor, and then the revelation, that the latest entry in the 'Fast & the Furious' series, Furious 7 would have a presence in Forza Horizon 2.  This, of course, has now come in the form of a car pack, the 'Furious 7' pack.

Nokia May Make Smartphones Again

When Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile division in 2013, it made a deal that the Finnish manufacturer couldn’t make any smartphones until after December 31, 2015. Now with that date approaching, Nokia is ready to get back in the game.Read more...

Mariah Carey swipes for Match.com hotties in 'Infinity' music video

Mariah Carey would totally swipe right for Empire's Jussie Smollett.In the new video for her single "Infinity," Carey swipes through some dating profiles on Match.com, landing on model Tyson Beckford and Smollett. Apparently Empire stars are good luck charms for music videos; Terrence Howard,

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