Microsoft forms strategic alliance with data analytics giant Nielsen to accelerate retail innovation

Microsoft and Nielsen have together developed a new enterprise data solution that democratizes one of the largest consumer data sets in the world. The two companies will focus on helping Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and retail companies in today’s rapidly changing marketplace,

PSA: Xbox Live maintenance on February 20 will impact Xbox 360 backward compatible titles

Xbox’s Major Nelson has just announced that Microsoft is planning an Xbox Live maintenance tomorrow that will affect Xbox 360 titles and services.

Make your comments stand out with Disqus formatting, now available

We’ve used Disqus, the online commenting system, for years. With built in spam protection, a nice interface, and storage of your comments in the cloud and not on our server, Disqus has made it easy to manage and store comments, and hopefully it’s made it easy for our readers to comment as well.

Microsoft embracing Open Source internally, pushing “Inner Source” initiatives

Back in November of 2018 a job listing more or less confirmed Microsoft's new approach as the company was seeking a person to spearhead efforts to integrate inner source practices within the company.

The beautiful Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition Fallout 76 Bundle is currently $100 off

Microsoft is once again discounting select Xbox One bundles for a limited time, and you can currently get the beautiful Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition Fallout 76 bundle for just $399 ($100 off).

How to Enable Remaining Time Battery Life indicator in Windows 10

Since the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, Microsoft disabled the ability to see the amount of battery life time  remaining on a Windows 10 laptop. After some simple edits in the Registry Editor, there is a way to re-enable the time left indicator on your Windows 10 PC.

Skype desktop Insiders get side by side chat and conversation list

Addressing feedback from users, Microsoft’s Skype team is working to bring back In-call chat panels with its latest Skype Insider Preview. According to a new post from Microsoft employee and Skype forum owner Karah,

Minecraft just had its best year on mobile with over $110 million in revenue in 2018

2018 was Minecraft’s most profitable year on mobile with the iOS and Android versions bringing more than $110 million in revenue for Microsoft.

Microsoft acquires AI powered botmaker XOXCO

Microsoft has officially announced they are acquiring XOXCO, a company that specialized in conversational AI and bot-making though its core products, Howdy.ia and Botkit, repectively .

Workarounds to Microsoft’s A/B testing give Insiders access to features, but is that ok?

With the latest Windows 10 Insider release, build 18282, Microsoft is continuing a program of “A /B” testing for some features, this time for access to “window snip” a feature of the new Snip & Sketch that allows users to take a screenshot of an open window with just one click.

Microsoft’s Surface Studio 2 goes on sale in select markets today

Nearly two years after the launch of the original Surface Studio, its successor the Surface Studio 2 start shipping in select markets today.

White House "Privacy Tour" a Flop On Its First Leg At MIT

v3rgEz writes "After the Snowden revelations, President Obama promised greater transparency on how the federal government collects and uses data on its citizens, including a three-leg 'privacy tour' to discuss the balance between security and privacy. Well,

豪雅推出 MERIDIIST INFINITE:世界首款永久动力储存手机

更长的动力储存时间是钟表鉴定家的主要优先考虑事项,也是制表商的追求巴黎2014年3月27日电 /美通社/ -- 得益于与法国创新公司、Wysips® 技术开发商 Sunpartner Technologies 达成的独家合作关系,MERIDIIST INFINITE 通过置于主屏幕内的隐形部件提供永久待机时间。



未来社交网站:15秒内让你闻名全球 虚拟现实与社交网络融合

2014年8月1日很早以前,悉尼社交媒体专家、战略公司L&A Social Media创办人吉娜·雷德尼亚克(Gina Lednyak)就开始关注社交媒体的进化,看着它们的缔造者将其从简单想法变成巨额财富和媒体帝国。

Rakuten completes $1bn Ebates acquisition

The Japanese firm has stepped up its merger and acquisition programme with the purchase of the rebate website, as it looks to go head-to-head with Amazon in the US e-commerce market.Read more:

Google makes LG G Watch R available on US Play Store

You can now purchase LG’s new smartwatch direct from Google over in the States, and while it’s still to arrive in the UK Play Store, hopefully that won’t be too far off.Read more:

宏碁发布Aspire V 17 Nitro笔记本 搭载Real Sense技术

在CES国际消费电子展前夕,宏碁发布了数款新产品,包括Aspire笔记本系列的最新产品—Aspire V 17 Nitro笔记本电脑,其最大的特色是搭载了英特尔的RealSense动作感知技术,通过这种3D动作感应技术,计算机可实现对人体动作的3D感知,是对人机交互方式的全新探索尝试。


感谢Bates的投递GoDaddy和其CEO布莱克·埃文(Blake Irving)正努力洗地将自己划到女权主义的阵营。最近,他们正在筹资拍摄一部探讨硅谷IT圈性别差距的记录片。电影 CODE:

配備 AR 功能 美國「超級高鐵」車窗有片睇

Tesla 和 SpaceX 的創辦人 Elon Musk 創意多多,在 2013 年他想到利用太陽能供電的電磁懸浮軌道系統,配合線性感應摩打和空氣壓縮機,設計出名叫 Hyperloop 超迴路列車的快速集體運輸工具,這部比高鐵快得多的列車時速可以高達 1,223 公里。最近負責 Hyperloop 項目的負責人,在 SXSW 音樂電影節上透露了 Hyperloop 構想的 AR 車窗設計。以下有更多資料The post 配備 AR 功能 美國「超級高鐵」車窗有片睇 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.


Kyle 之前是 Business Insider 的记者,如今他却供职于 a16z 这家风投基金公司。从科技行业记者到风投的转身间,发生了怎样的故事?两种看似有所关联,却又各自有着鲜明特点的工作究竟能给 Kyle 带来怎样的收获与挑战?在本文的采访中,Kyle 还会给出自己作为风投,对目前一些新兴热门领域的看法,哪些估值偏高,哪些领域还没有得到人们足够的重视。本文来自:Medium ,作者:Hunter Walk,由 TECH2IPO/创见 花满楼 编译我和 Kyle 很早就认识了,那时他还是 Business Insider 的记者,相比于他的同事,他很早就注意到了投资界所蕴藏的机会。

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