Popular Chinese selfie app Meitu now includes 3D editing

You’ve probably had the experience of posing awkwardly for a photo while everyone else looks great. Now China’s top photo-editing firm Meitu has a solution that helps you resist the urge to trash that photo. Meitu’s namesake app, which claims over 100 million monthly active users as of August, 

China’s Tencent Music raises $1.1 billion in downsized US IPO

Tencent Music, China’s largest streaming company, has raised $1.1 billion in a U.S. IPO after it priced its shares at $13 a piece ahead of a listing on the Nasdaq. That makes it one of the largest tech listings of the year, but the pricing is at the bottom end of its $13-$15 range indicating […]

Indonesia e-commerce leader Tokopedia raises $1.1B from Alibaba and SoftBank’s Vision Fund

Indonesia-based e-commerce firm Tokopedia is the latest startup to enter the Vision Fund after it raised $1.1 billion led by the SoftBank megafund and Alibaba. SoftBank and Alibaba are existing investors in the business — the Chinese e-commerce giant led a $1.1 billion round last year,

Building in Facebook’s Menlo Park campus evacuated after bomb threat

A building in Facebook’s Menlo Park campus was evacuated after a bomb threat early Tuesday evening. Around 5PM, the Menlo Park police department warned people to avoid the area around the 200 block of Jefferson Drive as they investigated a bomb threat. Then they said 200 Jefferson Drive,

L.A. gets more moolah, thanks to Calibrate Ventures and its new, $80 million fund

Two years ago, a couple of VCs from Shea Ventures, a 50-year-old, L.A. -based investment firm, banded together to create a Pasadena, Ca.-based early stage venture firm called Calibrate Ventures. Investors clearly like what they’re building.

Huawei CFO accused of fraud is granted $7.5M bail

The decision concludes a three-days-long court hearing in which the judge and the public prosecutor debated whether Wanzhou would breach her bail conditions.

Wix launches a new suite of products for support, sales and marketing

Wix is taking a big step beyond website building today with the launch of a suite of products called Ascend. PR Manager Matt Rosenberg explained that just as Wix was founded with the aim of “demystifying and democratizing how you get online,” Ascend has a similar mission:

Proof of use: A new crowdfunding threshold for passionate users

Instead of a standard based on wealth, or even knowledge -- one based on users’ contributions of time and attention.

BlackBerry is buying Cylance for $1.4 billion to continue its push into cybersecurity

BlackBerry was best known for keyboard-totting smartphones, but their demise in recent years has seen the Canadia firm pivot towards enterprise services and in particular cybersecurity.

Musca is the winner of TechCrunch Battlefield Tokyo 2018

TechCrunch is in the heart of Japan and we’ve been hearing from some of Tokyo’s brightest entrepreneurs competing to win the Battlefield startup competition here. We’ve whittled down the group of 20 startups that have presented onstage for our judges,

Facebook has other ties to Definers, the GOP-led opposition research group

In the wake of a fairly catastrophic behind the scenes glimpse into Facebook’s high-level decision making, one question remains: Who brought a controversial Republican opposition research firm into the fold? In a long call with reporters on Thursday,

饮茶时间到 Tea Egg茶叶浸煮器设计

Tea Egg是由Made by Makers为丹麦哥本哈根的一家设计公司Normann Copenhagen提供的设计创意。

Mobile app of the day: Fleep

Fleep is a chat app for professional people, allowing them to get together online wherever they are in the real world. It comes complete with file storage and pinboard tools.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/04/07/mobile-app-of-the-day-fleep/

TechCentral Scams Call Center Scammers

An anonymous reader writes "At TechCentral, we get on average called at least once a week — sometimes far more often — by a friendly sounding Indian national warning us that our Windows computer is infected with a virus. The call, which originates from a call centre,

苹果的隐私声明跟以往稍有不同 或情况有变

在 iOS 8 正式上线后,库克再次在官网发表了一封公开信,强调苹果致力于保护用户的隐私,并会将政府对公民隐私的请求公开透明化。

Why mobile commerce is terrified you'll be banking on Apple Pay

Tom Levey of AppDynamics talks us through how Apple Pay threatens banking apps, and what banks can do to ensure that they stay relevant on people’s smartphones.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/22/why-mobile-commerce-is-terrified-youll-be-banking-on-apple-pay/


Shawn the R0ck 写道 "即将发布的DNFWAH Issue 4里的一篇文章对SmartOS的社区和安全做出了一份基础的评估。

投资人谈智能时代:一切才刚开始 未来有无限可能

北京2014年12月22日电 /美通社/ -- 智能设备可以取代传统设备、智能设备能拿到数据、数据能被开放利用、利用后又确实可以通过深度学习等方式得到前所未有的智能能力。

Sugr Cube :让音乐无拘无束

12英寸MacBook启示录: 电池革命很有必要

全新的 12 英寸 Retina MacBook 无疑是昨天苹果发布会的最大亮点,看过发布会视频的同学应该都还记得,苹果花费了相当一部分力气来讲述这款产品的电池:占据了超过 2/3 的内部空间,同时电池还采用了新型的等高线型阶梯式,尽可能增加电池的容量,以此来提高 MacBook 的续航能力。  

脸书已衰,“校内”重生?Friendsy说我们做的其实是校内版Tinder+Yik Yak


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