If you missed it: Microsoft job cuts, Windows 9 for enterprise, Lumia Cyan updates, and wearable tec

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If you missed it: Microsoft job cuts, Windows 9 for enterprise, Lumia Cyan updates, and wearable tec

Windows 10 Mobile news recap: market share, Surface Phone, and more

The holidays are finally upon us and things have drastically slowed down in terms of Microsoft news. However, important tidbits of Windows 10 Mobile news surfaced over the past few days. Let’s take a...The post Windows 10 Mobile news recap: market share, Surface Phone,

AdDuplex: Windows 10 Mobile running on 8.8 percent of Windows Phone devices

The guys over at AdDuplex have published their latest numbers for the performance of Microsoft’s operating system: Windows Phone. The report highlights how many devices are running various versions of the operating system, as...The post AdDuplex: Windows 10 Mobile running on 8.

Lumia 630 review: Microsoft's balance between value and performance with Windows Phone 8.1

Behold, the all new Lumia 630 Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone, touted as a high performance device with an amazing price tag (single-SIM for roughly $159). The device is positioned as a budget-friendly Windows Phone device that looks beautiful. Interestingly enough, on Cricket Wireless,

Microsoft responds to carrier availability questions about Lumia 950 and 950 XL

Over the weekend we reported that Verizon points the blame at Microsoft for the latest Windows 10 Mobile phones, the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950XL, only being available for purchase at AT&T and/or unlocked...

T-Mobile will soon release Windows Phone 8.1 only to Lumia 521 and Lumia 925

T-Mobile announces that other than the Lumia 521 and Lumia 925, no other Windows Phones will receive the Windows Phone 8.1 update. So, if you are on T-Mobile and have the HTC 8x, you will not be getting the update.

Microsoft reportedly dropping Windows Phone and Nokia brand names in favor of Windows and Lumia

A confidential memo has been uncovered, indicating that Microsoft is dropping the Windows Phone name, along with the Nokia name, in favor of something much more simplistic. The memo indicates that Microsoft plans to use Lumia and Windows as the new brand names.

Windows 10 Mobile news recap: New premium handsets coming, Lumia 950, and more

With Windows 10 for desktop nearing release, Microsoft has begun shifting focus towards Windows 10 Mobile. Let's take a look at this past week and see what big Windows 10 Mobile news story took place in a feature we like to call "Windows 10 Mobile news recap."

Microsoft's FY14 Q4 results: 5.8 million Lumia Windows Phone smartphones sold

Microsoft’s FY14 Q4 earnings are out. The company announced today that it sold 5.8 million Windows Phone-based Lumia handsets in the last quarter. But while this is not as much as what Microsoft had shipped the last time -- 7.4 million units -- the company won’t be bummed about this.

Weekend Recap: Microsoft and taxes, VLC for Windows Phone, Lumia 535 in India, and more

New in-meeting share experience is coming to Microsoft Teams next month

Microsoft is planning a big design refresh for the in-meeting Share experience in the desktop version of Teams. This should make it easier for presenters to find their desired content more quickly and easily.

Fall Guys isn’t coming to Xbox Game Pass despite the Xbox team teasing it on social media

If the Xbox team teased the arrival of Fall Guys on Xbox Game Pass on social media earlier this week, the game's publisher has since denied any plans to bring the game to Microsoft's game subscription service.

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ review: Windows Mixed Reality is one of Microsoft’s most underrated products ev

Back in 2017, Microsoft unveiled a newly rebranded initiative known as Windows Mixed Reality (which I shorthand as WMR.) With that, Microsoft’s partners like Dell, HP, and Lenovo,

Microsoft looks to bolster the self-driving car market with new Cruise and GM partnership

Microsoft appears to be re-entering the automotive market in a significantly greater capacity than it has been previously. A few years back,

Yammer adds diverse skin tones to reactions on the web and mobile

Microsoft has announced a new update for Yammer that brings the ability to choose diverse skin tones for reactions. This new inclusive reactions feature has begun rolling out globally to the web and mobile client, and it will soon be available to all users.

Star Wars Battlefront III rumors have a lot of fans excited for the video game sequel

The Star Wars Battlefront video game franchise has been getting a lot of buzz recently which has come as a bit of a pleasant surprise given that the latest game in the series, Star Wars Battlefront II,

Star Wars: Squadrons’ latest update is now live on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows

The latest update for the Star Wars: Squadrons video game is now live on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X family of consoles and Windows PCs. While this update doesn’t add any free content such those seen in the recent The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The High Republic updates, it does fix a […]

The top free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps and games as of July 20th

The Windows Phone Store is home to thousands of Windows Phone apps, with new apps coming in on a weekly basis. Let's take a look at the Windows Phone Store and see which apps are at the top of the charts when it comes to the free, paid, and trending categories.

Xbox One vs PS4 heats up: PS4 top-selling US console for six months running

We are eight months into the next-generation console war and Sony's PlayStation 4 (PS4) continues to be the top-selling US console for six months running. Microsoft recently unveiled a Kinect-less Xbox One option for $399, which matches the price of the PS4, in hopes that sales would improve.

Check out Microsoft's interactive Windows Phone 8.1 demo, see Cortana in action



Nathan Shields是一名华盛顿州的插画家和数学老师,但是他家有着每周一次的“特殊早餐”传统——为家人制作形状各异的薄饼!除了鲨鱼等海洋生物、兴致颇高的他甚至还只做过“星球大战”系列的饼干。





World's largest photo blog 'theChive' now has an official app on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone

theChive is a free, ad-supported, and universal photo blog app recently released to the Windows Store and Windows Phone store. TheChive refers to itself in the app description as “probably the best site in the world.” That claim depends entirely on whether you like similar sites (i.e.

编写跨平台代码之memory alignment - 行健

编写网络包(存储在堆上)转换程序时,在hp-ux机器上运行时会遇到si_code: 1 - BUS_ADRALN - Invalid address alignment. Please refer to the following link that helps in handling unal.....

Ask Slashdot: Migrating a Router From Linux To *BSD?

An anonymous reader writes I'm in the camp that doesn't trust systemd. You can discuss the technical merits of all init solutions all you want, but if I wanted to run Windows NT I'd run Windows NT, not Linux. So I've decided to migrate my homebrew router/firewall/samba server to one of the BSDs.


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我是继续被“算计的好开心”,每次发现粗暴之余,就立刻给个温暖的永抱,让你觉得他关心你。但是别忘记,任何一张额外 […]

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