'Once Upon a Deadpool' trailer has a charity tie-in

What's better than a Deadpool sequel? Two sequels, with different ratings, out in the same year! Once Upon A Deadpool will revisit Deadpool 2 "filtered through the prism of childlike innocence" – a.k.a. edited to fit a PG-13 rating.

Jaw-dropping video shows Virgin Galactic pilots blasting into space

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Stolen Tesla leads police on chase after owner finds it with Tesla app

Criminals might want to think twice before stealing Tesla. A man led police on a chase through Riverside, California, after stealing a Tesla from a parking garage. The moment the Tesla was moved from its parking spot, the owner knew that his car was on the move and that he wasn't driving it,

Uber wants to be the 'Amazon of transportation.' BMW and Daimler might do it first.

Two major car makers just out "Ubered" Uber. Last year, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said he wanted the app to do it all: individual rides, carpools, food deliveries, electric bicycles, e-scooters, self-driving vehicles, and even flying taxis. He wanted Uber to become "the Amazon of transportation.

Twitter cofounder Ev Williams is leaving the company's board

One of Twitter's cofounders is taking a major step back from the company: Ev Williams is leaving the company's board.“It’s been an incredible 13 years, and I’m proud of what Twitter has accomplished during my time with the company.

Period tracking app says it will stop sharing health data with Facebook

After The Wall Street Journal reported that popular period-tracking app Flo had been secretly sharing some of its users' most personal health data with Facebook, Flo is promising to make some changes.Along with a number of other popular health apps,

Drivetime trivia app turns your daily commute into a gameshow

Drivetime commuter trivia app$Free download on App Store or Google PlayView ProductThe GoodInteractive without being distracting • Designed knowing you are at the wheel • You might actually learn something • Available to play anytimeThe BadLimited content with a focus on current events • For heavy drivers • only 30 minutes of trivia per day • Meant for solo • adult drivers • so doesn't work well for carpooling • passengers • or young kids • Can be hard for app to pick up

This cat opening a door by himself is truly impressive

Videos of cats opening doors are always good, but here is a particularly good one.It was taken by Twitter user @steeleio_, who couldn't figure out why her roommate's cat was always able to break out of their bathroom. So she set up a camera on a shower shelf, shut the cat in the bathroom,

Mark Zuckerberg believes Facebook is at 'war,' report says

Mark Zuckerberg is feeling the heat.According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s founder and CEO believes his company is currently at "war.

The best dating and hookup apps for you

Hookup culture: also known as the thing that your parents and grandparents complain about because "nobody has a real conversation anymore." We all know that's not true. Online dating has had a massive impact on more people meeting and talking than ever before.SEE ALSO:

5 of the best dating sites for introverts, wallflowers, and shy people

Online dating is basically the best thing that ever happened to introverts.You can now scan for a potential partner without ever leaving the comfort zone that is your sofa. Of course, eventually you'll need to get up and actually go on a date. But until then, scroll away my friend. After all,



Notification在状态栏的显示 (简述) - answer_cp

首先要搞明白手机顶部的那个条叫状态栏(status bar),下拉后,那一片叫扩展状态栏(expanded status bar)。1.第一种使用方法(API LEVEL 11以下使用这种方式(不包含11))。区别api级别是因为,一些方法已经过时。






今年6月底,我有幸和国内一些优秀的投资人一起访问美国旧金山,在参加Google I/O大会之余,也拜访了很多当地很火的创业公司和孵化器。

【晨报】苹果发布iOS 8.0.1更新 因缺陷暂时停止推送

1.苹果发布iOS 8.0.1更新 因缺陷暂时停止推送 在iOS 8系统发布一周之后,苹果在美国时间周三下午发 […]

Microsoft-Backed Inlope Is An Interest-Based Local Social Network

Is there room for another social network in your life? Inlope, a Munich, Germany-based startup which was founded last year and has just launched its app reckons so.

Mitt Romney will box Evander Holyfield for charity. God bless America.

If your dream since the 2012 presidential election has been to see Mitt Romney get punched in the face, it looks like you're finally in luck. Well, kind ofThat's right — forget Mayweather-Pacquiao, because Romney-Holyfield just became the hottest boxing match of 2015.


众所周知,IE浏览器在Windows 10上将不再作为默认浏览器提供给用户,那么迎接IE浏览器的将是什么呢?最 […]

Us the Duo dropped by — and they were predictably amazing

How long does it take to become Internet famous? For Us the Duo, about six secondsIn March, the folk-pop duo became the first artists ever signed to a major label from Vine after going viral with their #6SecondCovers and insanely popular mashup of the top songs from 2014Last week,

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