Argent, a smart crypto wallet app with a banking look, raises $4M from Euro VCs

One of the biggest problems for the mainstream adoption of crypto is the need for memorizing seed phrases, the inability to get your cryptocurrency back if something goes wrong, the list goes on. Until major issue like this are solved, crypto is going to remain a pretty elite game.

Scammers are sending bomb scares to nab BTC

A new scam is making the rounds that promises to disrupt countless offices and schools. The scam is simple: the scammers send an email threatening to detonate a bomb if they don’t get a certain amount of Bitcoin within a specified timeframe.

This early GDPR adtech strike puts the spotlight on consent

What does consent as a valid legal basis for processing personal data look like under Europe’s updated privacy rules?

The annual PornHub year in review tells us what we’re really looking at online

PornHub, a popular site feature people in various stages of undress, saw 33.5 billion visits in 2018. There are currently 7.53 billion people on Earth. Y’all have been busy. The company, which owns most of the major porn sites online,

Google Maps now shows nearby Lime bikes and scooters in 13 cities

Google has partnered with Lime to show nearby bikes and scooters in 13 cities worldwide. If there’s a Lime vehicle available nearby, Google Maps will show you how long it will take to get to the vehicle, the estimated price of the ride and total journey time.

Jennifer Garner and J.J. Abrams are making a limited series for Apple

More than a decade after the end of “Alias,” J.J. Abrams and Jennifer Garner are teaming up on a new limited series for Apple. The show, titled “My Glory Was I Had Such Friends,” will be based on the Amy Silverstein memoir of the same name,

Lyft is becoming a one-stop transportation app in these 3 cities

Lyft is turning its app into a one-stop multimodal transportation app in a few U.S. cities, the latest illustration of its transformation from ridesharing startup to a company that wants to own, or at least be a part of, every way people move from Point A to Point B, whether it’s cars, bikes,

Basis, backed with $133 million from top VCs to build a price-stable cryptocurrency, says it’s shutt

Earlier this year, we told you about a now 18-month-old, Hoboken, N.J.-based cryptocurrency startup working on a “stable coin” whose elastic supply would ostensibly expand and contract to keep its value at about a dollar instead of all over the map. The company’s big idea:

Last Chance to get a table in Startup Alley at Disrupt Berlin

Going once, going twice for tables in Startup Alley! Disrupt Berlin is less than two weeks away, and registration is about to close for startups looking to showcase their product or company to thousands of people on the Disrupt floor. According to Crunchbase,

HyperSurfaces turns any surface into a user interface using vibration sensors and AI

Imagine any surface, such as a wooden table, car door or glass wall, could be turned into a user interface without the need for physical buttons or a touch screen. That’s the ambition of HyperSurfaces, the London startup originally behind the Mogees line of music devices and software,

‘Cloud canteen’ startup Feedr raises £1.5M to provide office workers with a healthier lunch

Feedr, a food tech startup that delivers healthy and personalised meals to office workers as an alternative to companies setting up their own canteens, has picked up just over £1.5 million in pre-Series A funding. The round is led by London early-stage venture capital firm Episode 1.

C#编程总结(十二)断点续传 - 停留的风


未拆的礼物 字体设计


Unity Awards展区“点亮”Unity亚洲开发者大会

2014 Unity亚洲开发者大会·中国站的精彩日程及特色展区工作的落实正在火热进行中,目前已确定将设立Unity Awards专区,对在Unity游戏及应用大赛(大中华区)中脱颖而出的优秀游戏作品进行全方位的展示。

Sponsored post: Hear the future of media and marketing in just 5 minutes

The media and marketing industries -- interdependent and connected at the hip -- are in the midst of tumultuous change. “What’s next?” is the question at the heart of everything we do.    

LFI、RFI、PHP封装协议安全问题学习 - .Little Hann




Lionel Messi storms FIFA 15 official cover as UK launch date revealed

Just days after the World Cup fans’ last roar echoed across Brazil, EA sports has announced that FIFA 15 will hit UK shelves on 26 September 2014.Read more:


今天下午,有消息称联发科的旗舰SOC MT6795已经量产了,它采用的是和骁龙810类似的八核心架构,内置四颗Cortex-A57核心和四颗Cortex-A53核心,不过遗憾的是依然采用28nm工艺制造,基带也仅支持LTE Cat.4。

改进虽小但更人性化 iMovie新版本悄然发布

距离 iMovie 上一次更新已经是几个月前的事情了。就在我们仍沉浸在新品发布会的余韵中时,苹果悄然发布了 iMovie 10.0.7 新版本。  

AWS安全最佳实践#1:禁用root API访问密钥

这是AWS安全十大最佳实践系列文章,这些经验总结来自安全工作者和AWS工作人员的大规模AWS部署实践。其中大部分操作起来都非常简单,但却影响着AWS实践的成败。系列的开篇将主要介绍如何禁用root API访问秘钥。

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