Google praised and Apple scolded for handling of kids' in-app purchases

The CPC network and European Commission criticises Apple for not doing enough to warn people about in-app purchases or guard against children making unauthorized purchases.Read more:

相关内容: Apple that purchases they authorities free complai

IBM to sell seven major software brands to Indian firm

While IBM focuses on cloud computing, analysts are slamming the deal.

O2 outage caused by Ericsson software fault

Consumers, as well as a few services, couldn't use O2's cellular network.

Amazon targets airports for new checkout-free stores

Ecommerce giant wants to bring its cashierless experience to time-deprived passengers.

Mobile shopping now makes up a quarter of all spending

Clothes and accessories among the most popular items bought on smartphones, Mastercard finds.

2019 predictions: the year of SD-WAN

Throughout 2019, SD-WAN is set to further change the business landscape, unlocking the cloud’s potential and empowering businesses.

Japan to halt buying Huawei, ZTE equipment

Government set to revise internal rules on procurement to protect national cybersecurity.

What do the cloud wars mean for enterprises in 2019?

In reviewing a year of heated and varied competition, there are two key themes that have emerged as central to 2018’s cloud wars, and which help set the stage for 2019.

Mobile app of the day: LinkedIn Connected

If you thought there was only one LinkedIn app, think again. LinkedIn Connected debuts on iOS to help you stay informed.Read more:

Amazon rolls out first Fire Phone ad

It has taken a little while, a surprising amount actually, but Amazon has released the first TV ad for the Fire Phone - the retailer's great hope to compete against the likes of the iPhone.Read more:

BitTorrent brings secretive new product to the testing ground

BitTorrent has been branching out over the past year, introducing new products such as Sync and Chat, but what will the organisation come out with next?Read more:

苏联时代航天舱高价拍卖 曾送宇航员上太空


英特尔推新处理器 Retina MBA不再是梦想

威锋网讯 6 月 3 日消息,芯片生产商英特尔本周二在台北的 Computex 2014 展会上公布了全新的 Intel Core M 处理器,这是全球首款无需风扇的 14 纳米移动 PC 处理器。

Google I/O keynote gets interrupted by protestors and accusations of killer robots

This year’s developer conference keynote saw a woman heckling about Google lawyer Jack Halprin, and a man with a more colourful critique of the big G.Read more:

Yo Confirms $1.5 Million in Funding

Yo, the single-function app that became a cause célèbre over the past month in the tech world, has confirmed a $1.5 million round of funding with investors including Betaworks and Mashable CEO and founder Pete Cashmore.The app, created by Or Arbel, quietly rolled out in April,


编者按:德雷克•弗特(Derek Footer)是专注于拉丁美洲地区早期阶段科技公司的Origo Ventures的执行合伙人,圣地亚哥/ Baja地区硬件与生物科技生态系统开发公司HardTech Labs的CEO。

Tweet an Innovative Idea for Exploring a New City to Win a Trip to London

As advances in technology improve our everyday lives, they also make traveling more convenient. From jetlag-reducing apps and traffic maps to currency calculators and paperless tickets, gadgets are cutting costs and saving time every step of the way.See also:




B2B营销人员必须在整合数据以理解消费者方面取得较大进展,根据LinkedIn 和 Salesforce Marketing Cloud在2014年9月的调查,美国B2B企业高级营销人员中只有19%的人表示他们的企业完全整合消费者数据,还有同样多的人表示他们的企业完全没有整合数据;同时,62%的受访者表示部分整合消费者数据。




继去年联手展开企业应用合作后,IBM与苹果这两个科技巨头将在数字医疗领域里进一步联合,近日两家合作开发的Apple Watch健康应用已经推向市场。

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