Google praised and Apple scolded for handling of kids' in-app purchases

The CPC network and European Commission criticises Apple for not doing enough to warn people about in-app purchases or guard against children making unauthorized purchases.Read more:

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Google Cloud reveals further global expansion plans

Three new subsea cables will widen Google Cloud reach, with five new regions coming this year.

Global IT spending set for major rise in 2018

Gartner estimates predict spending increase on enterprise software and mobile devices, but not for PCs.

Majority of enterprise mobile devices 'still at risk' from Meltdown and Spectre

Only a small percentage of corporate devices have been patched, report claims.

China ramps up crackdown on cryptocurrency trading

After banning exchanges, the Chinese government is now targeting alternative platforms used to trade cryptocurrency.

AWS opens third London zone as EU growth soars

Both Europe and the UK has seen steady growth, Amazon says, as it launches 50th AWS global zone.

UK companies lag behind in securing cloud data

Germany is leading the pack in Europe, Gemalto report finds.

Microsoft and Alibaba AI beats humans at reading tests

AI software could soon play a much larger role in customer service.

Mobile app of the day: LinkedIn Connected

If you thought there was only one LinkedIn app, think again. LinkedIn Connected debuts on iOS to help you stay informed.Read more:

Amazon rolls out first Fire Phone ad

It has taken a little while, a surprising amount actually, but Amazon has released the first TV ad for the Fire Phone - the retailer's great hope to compete against the likes of the iPhone.Read more:

BitTorrent brings secretive new product to the testing ground

BitTorrent has been branching out over the past year, introducing new products such as Sync and Chat, but what will the organisation come out with next?Read more:



When Having Each Other Isn't Enough

How dysfunctional does your relationship have to be when getting carried off by a raptor—its talons cleaving into your skull—is such a decidedly better option than staying in for the night? You'll find out in kokooma's beautifully abstract animation, Each Other.Read more...

大学生开发新应用 让Android运行iOS应用

曾经 iOS 阵营中的多数用户都表示,他们会选择使用该平台是因为它的第三方应用的质量和数量。过去几年 Android 的应用数量和质量也都有所提高,这使得一些用户非常困扰应该选择哪个平台。  

Hashtag, Selfie and Tweep Have Been Accepted Into the Dictionary

Merriam-Webster has added more than 150 words and definitions to its collegiate dictionary for 2014, with many reflecting the collision of technology and pop culture.Some of the new words include "hashtag," "selfie" and "tweep," along with new definitions for words like "catfish,

苹果将裁退约1/3 Beats员工,保留多为开发和创意岗位

苹果收购Beats已经有一段时日了,过去两个星期,苹果高层都在解决Beats员工工作的问题,不过Beats 700的团队会裁员200人,保留的岗位大都属开发和创意类型。而一些关乎日常运营的岗位,比如财务、HR都在陆陆续续下岗之中。

Microsoft strips Windows 9 of Charms Bar to butter up PC users

Chinese whispers emanating from Chinaopix are suggesting that a major Windows 9 user interface overhaul will remove the Charms Bar from the operating system completely.Read more:

【一些事晚报】Flappy Bird 作者出新作 最有心机的IT大佬

8月20日 一些事 晚报 | 汇总今日最热资讯   1.【除臭剂+黄油碟=鼠标?苹果鼠标设计师谈工业设计!】曾帮助乔布斯研发苹果第一代鼠标,参与改进 Palm V 的前 IDEO 员工 Jim Yurchenco 在其退休当天接受了 Wired 的专访。

分形之列维(levy)曲线 - 叶飞影


Apple Sends Out Invites For October 16 iPad And Mac Event

Apple has just made official the event many were anticipating for October, at which it will likely debut new iPads and Macs, as well as launch the public version of OS X Yosemite, the latest update to its desktop operating system. It’ll happen October 16,

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