Watch Two Teams Of Gamers Compete For $6.5M Right Now

It’s Monday which means you, my friend, deserve a break. As it turns out, today is the final day of The International 4, a Dota 2 — that’s a video game, in case you are quite behind — tournament that has a total prize pool of more than $10 million. The finals, which are live right now,

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Watch Two Teams Of Gamers Compete For $6.5M Right Now

It’s Monday which means you, my friend, deserve a break. As it turns out, today is the final day of The International 4, a Dota 2 — that’s a video game, in case you are quite behind — tournament that has a total prize pool of more than $10 million. The finals, which are live right now,

How The First American Dota 2 Champions Won It All

“I don’t know if anyone ever totally understands Dota.” Even the pros and the pro commentators recognize how complex a game Dota is. So if you didn’t quite comprehend how the first American team to win the Dota International championships did it, you’re probably not alone. Read more...

eSports Starting To Go Mainstream

An anonymous reader writes: eSports have never been more popular, and many large companies are starting to view them in the same light as traditional sports. The amount of money being thrown around is beginning to rival the money exchanged over sports teams.

With $5 Million In Financing AlphaDraft Enters E-Sports Fray

E-sports have arrived as a money maker for players — whose earnings can top $1 million — and brands — that are tapping into an audience of over 134 million viewers that could generate $612 million in revenue. Now these teams are getting fantasy leagues of their own,

Drug testing is coming to e-sports

The Electronic Sports League, the world's largest e-sports league, said Thursday it will begin randomly drug testing players at its competitive video game tournaments.See also: Esports (n.) has really made it. It's now in the dictionary.The e-sports organization,

Unikrn Picks Up $7M To Bring Betting To Esports

Unikrn, a startup focused on esports betting, has raised a fresh $7 million, bringing its total capital acquired to $10 million. Binary Capital led the infusion. Previously, Mark Cuban invested in the company. The startup, whose name is pronounced ‘unicorn,

YC Backed Instant eSports Is ESPN for Competitive Gaming

The worldwide eSports market has now reached 143 million viewers, but there is still no easy way to get up-to-date information on these competitive video game tournaments which include games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike.Part of the Summer YC 2015 class,

Here's Why MOBAs Are Taking Over the Gaming World

Games like League of Legends and Dota 2 have been inescapable forces in the gaming world, but those uninitiated to the genre might be left wondering why they're so popular.Both these games are part of a genre called MOBAs, or "multiplayer online battle arenas." Not only are they converting gamers,

New app treats esports like real sports: Scores, news, standings

Canadian sports media company TheScore is the first to release an app for esports — competitive games played with a high level of skill, treating them with the same interest and thoroughness as football or basketball.

10 Big Myths About Video Games, Debunked By The People Who Make Them

Today, more people than ever before are playing video games...but most people still don’t actually understand how games are made. Even for hardcore game aficionados, game development remains fairly shrouded in mystery.Read more...

Y Combinator bets on the booming podcast industry

Brew helps creators get paid to podcast with a subscription-based app complete with original shows.

Targeting payday lenders, Branch adds pay on-demand features for hourly workers

Branch, the scheduling and pay management app for hourly workers, has added a new pay-on-demand service called Pay, which is now available to anyone who downloads the Branch app. It’s an attempt to provide a fee-based alternative to payday lending,

Successful launch propels OneWeb to $1.25B in new funding

Following the successful launch and deployment of the first six satellites in a planned constellation of hundreds, OneWeb has raised $1.25 billion in funding to kickstart mass production. It’s a powerful endorsement of and ambitious plan to create an entirely new layer of global connectivity.

ClimaCell bets on IoT for better weather forecasts

To accurately forecast the weather, you first need lots of data — not just to train your forecasting models but also to generate more precise and granular forecasts. Typically, this has been the domain of government agencies,

Daily Crunch: Apple updates the iPad Mini

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1.

EU gov’t and public health sites are lousy with adtech, study finds

A study of tracking cookies running on government and public sector health websites in the European Union has found commercial adtech to be operating pervasively even in what should be core not-for-profit corners of the Internet. The researchers used searches including queries related to HIV,

YC-backed Basement is a social network for close friends only

The past few years have been a bit of a dark age for budding social media startups. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap and messenger apps took up all the time of their users, leaving little room for yet another social media platform. But the tide is shifting.

Project Fixup Plays Matchmaker In The Digital Age

There are almost as many singles in the U.S. as there are singles who’ve tried online dating. But all those winks, pokes, nudges and swipes are a waste of your precious time in looking for love, according to new dating site Project Fixup.

Australian Graphic Design Startup Canva Raises Additional $3.6M

Canva, a site that lets non-designers create graphics using drag-and-drop tools, has nabbed an additional $3.6 million in funding from Founders Fund and Shasta Ventures, as well as existing investors Matrix Partners, Blackbird Ventures, and Square Peg Capital.

Urban Compass Raises $40M To Expand Its Apartment Marketplace Beyond NYC

Urban Compass, the startup that runs an online marketplace for people to rent, buy, and sell apartments, announced today it has closed on $40 million in new funding. The round, which is Urban Compass’ Series B, includes participation from Advance Publications and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff,

30 Gnarliest Olympic Wipe Outs

Athletes train for years to become the best of the best. They strive through the harshest conditions for a chance to grasp at that coveted gold medal, putting their bodies and minds to the ultimate test.Some of these Olympic gladiators emerge victorious. Some walk away in shame.See also:

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【器世界】粗陶茶具 纯手工粗陶公道杯#器世界陶艺师游佳作品 精品粗陶茶具# 飘逸杯 粗陶粗陶茶具置于客厅、客房、书房,房子一角;闲来观赏它的古朴清雅,心情如此恬静愉悦……【粗陶茶具】并非做工粗糙的陶器才叫粗陶,真正的粗陶而是艺术家手工拉坯成型,会有胎体薄厚不均,或者器型非正圆形的情况,艺术家在烧制过程中为了达到艺术效果,加入一些纯天然材料,出现令人惊叹的效果,这正是陶艺的魅力所在,非产品瑕疵。

咖啡到家:Google Fiber帮你提供云端咖啡机功能

经过旷日持久的研究努力,Google Fiber的研究人员们终于找到了将咖啡与光缆通过比例结合,递送高速、新鲜的咖啡的办法。


9 月 8 日,阿里巴巴 IPO(首次公开募股)的大幕已经开启,业界对阿里巴巴集团近期一系列并购业务的效果也格外关注。据称,在即将于纽约华尔道夫-阿斯托里亚酒店)Waldorf-Astoria)召开的 IPO 大会上,业界将就 ... ...


【发布会后,苹果股价跌又升】9月10日凌晨,苹果发布会iPhone6、iPhone 6 Plus以及AppleWatch,其间股票围绕100美元关口股价震荡不止。截至收盘,苹果股价反弹至97.99美元,下跌0.37美元,跌幅为0.38%。iPhone 6尺寸分别是4.7英寸和5.

依然1799元 白色版魅族MX4来了


Xbox One日本销量惨不忍睹

就从目前的销量来看,Xbox One在日本绝对是一款失败的产品。9月4日,Xbox One在日本正式发售,它的首周表现却相当糟糕,据Gamespot披露,微软仅卖出了2,3562台Xbox One。x看来微软已很难复制上一代游戏机--Xbox 360的辉煌了。



Castlight Health Rises 2.7% On Stronger-Than-Expected Q2 Revenue, Minor Profit Miss

Following the bell, enterprise healthcare management company Castlight Health reported its second-quarter financial performance, including revenue of $18.5 million, and a per-share loss of $0.19. The street expected Castlight to lose 18 cents per-share net income, off revenue of $17.8 million.

Spring 通过工厂配置Bean - zoghin

1.通过静态工厂方法配置Bean要声明通过静态方法创建的 Bean, 需要在 Bean 的 class 属性里指定拥有该工厂的方法的类, 同时在 factory-method 属性里指定工厂方法的名称. 最后, 使用 元素为该方法传递方法参数.

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