Seoul Bans Uber and Plans to Launch a Competing App

While several major cities around the world are fighting the arrival of Uber as an alternative to traditional taxi companies, the government of Seoul, South Korea,

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Seoul Bans Uber and Plans to Launch a Competing App

While several major cities around the world are fighting the arrival of Uber as an alternative to traditional taxi companies, the government of Seoul, South Korea,

Welcome to the Talking Animal Cinematic Universe

You know the Star Wars universe. You know the DC Extended Universe. You know the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How about the Talking Animal Cinematic Universe?Movies and television shows allow us to peer inside other worlds, worlds where almost anything is possible. Sometimes these worlds are real.

Asus' new dual-screen laptop is totally bonkers

Imagine taking an Apple MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, then stretching that Touch Bar down to occupy nearly half of the space where the keyboard usually resides. That's pretty much what Asus' new ZenBook Pro Duo laptop looks like, and while we're not quite sure about the concept's usefulness yet,

The dancing in 'Aladdin' is an excruciating missed opportunity

Disney's highly anticipated Aladdin is here, but we know better than to expect anything groundbreaking from another needless live-action adaptation. While remake has pleasantly surprised most critics with colorful costumes and charismatic leads,

How to keep your phone safe at the beach this summer

Let's be real. You're going to take your phone to the beach. How could you not? So let's make sure it doesn't meet its untimely end there.There are three main issues to consider when beach-proofing your device: sun, sand, and moisture. You don't want your phone to overheat,

New iPhones might get dual Bluetooth audio, report claims

Upcoming iPhones might get the ability to send Bluetooth audio to two different devices. This is according to a report by Japanese blog Mac Otakara (via MacRumors), which cites sources from the Asian supply chain. SEE ALSO:

Get an extra 25% off the Private Internet Access VPN with this code

The fact that there's a multitude of potential threats to your personal information whenever you connect to the internet isn't really a surprise these days.

10 game-changing car gadgets, all on sale

Summer is just around the corner, finally. And that means so are vacations, weekends spent outside, and, if you're the proud owner of a vehicle, a few road trips. As you make the necessary preparations to navigate the road for long periods,

Rory McIlroy's Dad Cashes In on $171,000 Bet After Son's British Open Win

After golfer Rory McIlroy won the British Open on Sunday, his father, Gerry McIlroy, was a happy man — not only because his son won one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, but also because he raked in $171,000 from a bet he made on his son 10 years ago.In 2004,

This Two-Handed Controller Complements the Oculus Rift

While we may be months or years away from virtual reality headsets you can actually buy, it hasn't stopped creators from releasing new and different controller options for tackling the platform.Startup TrinityVR is targeting a lower price point for its just-announced Magnum controller,

Netflix Now Has More Than 50 Million Subscribers

Netflix surpassed 50 million subscribers for the first time in its second quarter, the company said Monday.The company added 1.7 million net subscribers for the quarter. In the United States, 36.2 million people have subscribed to Netflix's streaming service. Internationally, the figure is 13.



斯诺登接受美国电视台采访 称曾在海外卧底


【Maker Voice】原理简单到没朋友,手机壳CaseCam用镜面反射帮你完美自拍

Maker Voice是为关注新硬件的朋友们准备的一个栏目,初期的形态是每天一篇文章,梳理总结一天下来新硬件行业的精华内容,可能是有意思的产品,也可能是引人思考的观点,目标是让朋友们能用最短时间在这里遍览真正值得关注的内容。

High Tech Wages May "Start Triggering Inflation" In San Francisco

The tech boom is bringing some undeniable benefits to San Francisco: The city's unemployment rate has dropped to just 4.4 percent, employment jumped to an all-time high , and the region has some of the fastest-growing wages in the country.


现如今连索尼的Play Station平台都制作美剧,由《第九区》男主角沙尔托·科普雷主演的《超能力》发布海报,今年12月开始PS游戏机用户可以观看。



港版iPhone 6S大悲剧:确认不支持电信

在iPhone 6S和iPhone 6S Plus发布之后,笔者欣喜的发现除了国行版是全网通之外,美版、日版以及港版也均有全网通版存在。


伦敦、纽约和新加坡2015年12月16日电 /美通社/ -- WPP 集团旗下的全球媒体代理机构传立媒体(Mindshare)在全球各大最具声望的颁奖典礼上斩获头奖,让本年度完美收官。 (图标 - http://photos.prnewswire.


1“试想你要约一个刚认识的男孩子见面,但是中国人又总是害羞的,这个时候你会不会想着拉闺蜜一起去?”“嗯,好像是。”“是吧,其实DoubleDate就是一个让女的拉着闺蜜、男的拉着基友一起,出来吃吃饭、逛逛街的应用。”两个人太尴尬,六个人太嘈杂,四个人约会刚刚好,这也是余俊霖在大学时期创业社交网站得到的数据佐证——报名活动的人中往往四个人一起的比较多。余俊霖告诉36Kr,其实这种约会方式在美国、日本等国家很常见,经常看美剧、日剧的人就会发现。36Kr 还曾报道过Grouper这款“2×3”的社交应用。

魅族黄章登上人民日报 不忘初心传承工匠精神


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