Microsoft releases another patch for the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

The build 17763.168 addresses several issues related to Microsoft Edge, Bluetooth headsets, multi-monitor configurations, Brightness settings and more.

New Windows 10 Insider preview 18290 (19H1) ISOs are now available

The Windows team has also rolled out the ISO images for Windows 10 19H1 build 18290.

Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant will soon recognize multi user voices

Cortana will soon learn from and recoginize up to six individual voices as well as present information specific to each voice during interactions.

Windows Admin Center version 1809.5 is now available for Insiders

Microsoft released today Windows Admin Center version 1809.5 for members of the Windows Server Insider program, and this is a cumulative update for Windows Admin Center version 1809

December Patch Tuesday is out for Windows 10 versions 1809 and 1803, here’s what’s new

Microsoft has just released new “Patch Tuesday” updates for all supported versions of Windows 10, including the freshly-released October 2018 update.

Minecraft Bedrock update celebrates the arrival of… Pandas!

Minecraft players running the Bedrock Edition can now enjoy pandas, bamboo, redesigned cats and experimental crossbow enchantments.

A web developer’s perspective: Edge’s move to Chromium will increase productivity, but raises long-t

Last week Microsoft confirmed the unprecedented news that it’s rebuilding its Edge web browser atop the Chromium open-source rendering engine. It spells the end for Microsoft’s EdgeHTML engine less than four years after it first shipped to the public with Windows 10’s launch.

Microsoft releases Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business

Microsoft’s Surface devices are becoming increasingly popular in the business world, and the company is now looking to make it easier for IT admins to resolve any issues affecting the various models.

Microsoft’s Bing iOS app gets new camera search functionality

Microsoft’s Bing app has just updated to Version 6.31 on Apple’s iOS devices. In addition to some camera and performance improvements, this update also added the ability to search for text by using a device’s camera. Here’s the official release notes: Now you can scan,

The new Twitch app is now live on all Xbox One video game consoles

After some testing with Xbox Insiders, the new Twitch app is now available to all Xbox One owners via a free update to the existing app. This new official Twitch app loads significantly faster than the original one and features a smoother, more natural,

Fortnite video game gets an exciting new mode for creators called Fortnite Creative

The insanely-popular Fortnite video game will be adding a third mode today as part of the launch of Season Seven. Named, Fortnite Creative,



AllthingsD的延续 库克将出席WSJDLive

威锋网讯  《华尔街日报》将于 10 月 27 - 29 日举办一场科技大会 WSJDLive,将邀请科技巨头的高管和科技界有影响力的人物出席,蒂姆·库克就是其中一位。

安卓开发复习笔记——Fragment+FragmentTabHost组件(实现新浪微博底部菜单) - Balla_兔子



威锋网讯,苹果似乎已经收购了 Pin Drop 背后的小型团队,这是一个计划在本月底关闭服务的书签式定位应用。  

iOS 8.2 beta 2体验视频 听说很流畅挺稳定

威锋网讯,iOS 8 可能是苹果最重要的更新,但自从 iOS 8 发布以后它也是一个较有争议的话题,它带来了很多积极的方面,例如 Apple Pay,HealthKit 和第三方键盘的接口等,但频繁出现的蓝牙,Wi-Fi 和电池续航问题也使得它蒙上了一层阴影。

Dr. Evil is frickin' pissed about North Korea's Sony hack

Of course Dr. Evil is friends with Kim Jong-unMike Myers stopped by Saturday Night Live to reprise his villainous character from the Austin Powers seriesNaturally, Dr. Evil is frickin' pissed about the massive Sony hack,


中美的投资热度终于在教育科技这个行业上达成一致了。根据Edsurge的分析显示,今年美国的风投一共向教育科技行业注资 13.6 亿美元,这个数字创下了近年来的一次新高。



Sprint CEO Brands T-Mobile's Uncarrier Concept Bullshit on Twitter

The joys of a simple Twitter slanging match. Sprint’s CEO Marcelo Claure has taken T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s criticism of his new “All-In” wireless plan badly. It’s like being in a playground with very wealthy people.Read more...

这个上市了 100 年的公司,股价翻了 3.4 万倍 | 爱范早读

Facebook 推出人脸识别功能;双十一交易额 912 亿元;微软躲避美国网络监控;印度给了苹果一个机会。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。

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